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Unexspected and cought short

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By Likedick [Ignore] at 26,Feb,18 23:56   Pageviews: 155

Today was going to be so much like just another day at the hospital !
I have a 1 in a million rear **** disorder. Now I often have to go in & get **** taken & tested.
Oh just so you know itís not h I v or aids. & no Iím not looking for sympathy.
This condition affects lots of folk. Some of you may even have it. Any ways b4 I go off track.
I arrived at the hospital needing a pee. N I mean like about to loose control of my bladder. Wet myself n be covered in my own pee. Ok I donít mind pee as long as itís worm n not covering my clothes lol. Now the toilet was about 5 mins away & I new Iíd have no option but to drop my trousers so Iíd pre-loosened my belt.
Well the toilet was a stool n 2 urinals. Great I thought. Well I pushed down my trousers down but not fully. Now I know I should of worn boxers but grabbed a thong that looked more for a woman then a mans ?? I just managed to pull out my cock n balls when a guy walked in looked at my ass n stood beside me. ( nice out isnít it. ) then looked at my cock as what felt like forever as pee was still gushing from the end of my cock. He pulled a fatter longer looking cock then mine out n started peeing. I looked back at my dick still gushing & felt a hand on my ass ! Now I had bags of time & was now peeing with a semi. I looked at him then his now hard cock.
I was up for this but didnít want to get caught. I took hold of his swollen cut cock n gave it a tug just a few strokes then bent over n started sucking on his smooth head.
Fuck it taested good. He pulled out & then went down on me. I could feel my hole cock throbbing in his wet worm mouth as he took my full cock in. He then stopped long enough to say fuck my mouth then back on my cock he sucked. Well I wasnít gonna say no. I started fucking his mouth n forgot about the door as I face fucked him. I was getting a good rivem my balls slapping against his chin feeling the tip of my swallow cock touching his thought. Wen in walks a guy and saw us!!! Shit fuck !!!! The guy walked into the stool & my cock sucker was gone. I mean walked out as he zipped up. I sorted myself out balls full swollen cock throbbing & nowhere to stick it.
As I washed my hands the guy in the stool turt n said pitty I interrupted you & your fella !
I hezently said thatís ok & looked up in the mirra. Only to see him wanking wanna cum with me touching cocks if I cum on your cock Iíll suck it off so I can swollen both are cum loads. I stepped in with him & started sucking him he pulled me up n grabbed his hairy cock n wanked like fast. With his other on my ass he pulled me close & I felt him cum over my cock n balls as his fingers touched my hole just dipping inside. He then looked at his watch n said fuck Iím late the mrs is waiting outside. Well I was totally fucking hard with a mess to sort out & with 10 minuets to my own appointment. So I sorted myself out n went off to get my bloods sorted n get a jag or two.
So after all that I thought Iíd go back to the toilet n see if I could nick one out.
Shit out of luck as there was a cleaner in n it was closed off. Sodís law I thought. Oh well off to the shops I went.
Now not being in my home town I had 2hrs till my train & then an hr for the bus then another two busses before a 20min walk before I was home. So I was gonna have to forget about dupping a load Now Iíd shopped traveled 90% home & just the walk home now. Well now Iím needing to pee again. Now itís late aclock with a public toilet about 10mins into the wood by the old pub that got burnt down last year I new there was no way I wasnít gonna get all the way home without wetting myself. So I just considered it. Iíd get a shower on getting in plus Iíd cut the lane to the back door. Planed I thought?? Mmmm na canít new trainers. ( tits I said out loud ). Ok Iíll have to stop n pee & even thought Iíd have the right place & if anyone did come along theyíd walk past without even seeing me.
So on I walked. Now about seven houses down from mine is an ally. It cuts up to mine n itís never used. Me n the guy whoís house it actually belongs to ever use it cos all the gardens are walled off.
So Iím finally there out of site I can finally pee. Bliss relief ahhhh yeah. Well I look up n see the guy inside his house at the window naked I mean butt naked!!! ??? Heís doing some keep fit yoga tipe stuff. Well I never I thought but after watching him as I peeíd seeing his cock n balls bounce up n down I got a bit of a stiffy. So I started wanking I must of stood watching for about 10mins watching till he disappeared. Next I new he is stood behind me still naked. He had not only seen me but seen I was wanking. I turned round in shock let go of my dick & shot my cum across his belly. My cock throbbed n more cum hit his cock n balls. I grabbed my spunking dick as another load splattered against his skin. He moved closer as more of my hot sticky salty spunk hit his cock n balls. For a second I thought he was gonna kill me but no he rapped his arms around me and said ( I hope youíre going to suck my cock now youíre spunkís all over me!!! Well I felt so relieved I didnít waist any time his semi hard partly cum covered wasnít waisted & I even let him cum on my ass. Before he cut back into his garden he has said he would love to suck me in his garden & have me cum in his bum. Heís up for cock fun any time. So Iím off round his on Friday for a long sucking

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By cruisebi [Ignore] at 04,Jul,18 15:59
Big day out bud! hahaha (sounds hot!)

By penisluvr54 [Ignore] at 24,Apr,18 02:38
hot story. A a lucky neighbourly find

By purple1 [Ignore] at 04,Mar,18 04:38
Hot story.

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