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Horny adventure with a sexy young stud im going to be his first real playmate

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By Rambo420dnpfun [Ignore] at 27,Feb,18 05:55   Pageviews: 114

Im lucky tonight i msged a young guy who posted an ad on locato he is from little river near geelong so i just had a shower and i am going to his house as he is home alone his parent are away and he wants to play he is 22 years old and has met up with a few guys but hasnt done much other then masturbate together with them and he has sucked 2 cocks he sed and he enjoyed it he has never actually made a guy cum from giving them head and he really wants to have cum in his mouth he sed he hasn't ever had a cock in his ass but i had him fingering his ass by the end of our messages last night he is very slender and tall with boney build his body is not very hairy he is lucky he has pale white skin and baby face but i was surprised by his cock it was rather large it is just over 7 inches and it bends to the left when he gets hard it isn't very thick though it like a bent pencil it is tapering off at his knob i am looking forward to having some fun with him tonight im trying to convince him to let me film us and take some pics together i am packing some sexy outfits for him as i talked him into dressing up he is got some party favors to get us maybe into a very different level i enjoy it on the odd occasions a few lines makes it a different level and a few drinks with it makes for a messy evening i am nearly ready just moisturizing my legs with some coconut milk and i had to shave between my ass cheeks as i missed it in the shower he was saying he had a thing for tradies so i am in green high vise panties and i tide up a work shirt as a crop top i slipped a pair of black thigh high nylon stockings on and i am goin to where some work boots ill slip a pair of trackies on for the road and a jacket so when he sees me i think he will be surprised i cant wait to have him dress up and we lay together on the bed enjoying every inch of each others body sexy 4 play as we strip each other off and get to take turns pleasuring each other sucking each other til we have cum the first time then clean each other off and recharge the batteries abit and have a drink before getting back to play time and we would both stay nakedafter we were undressed at the start its so nice to relax naked just talking and its fun to talk dirty to the second round of playtime is when i would like to maybe get my cock in his ass but im ok if he doesn't want to but he sed he definitely wants to fuck me which i will enjoy

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By steve3095 [Ignore] at 25,Apr,18 02:17
So how did it turn out?

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