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Job interview

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By 0421rg [Ignore] at 27,Feb,18 08:01   Pageviews: 150

I own my own company and at times it can be tough trying to organise everything so I thought that I should hire myself a personal assistant. Of course I thought that it would be best if this person were a woman as they’re much more organised than men. So I put out an advert and had a number of applications. One came from a lady called Mila – she seemed very experienced and so I invited her in for an interview
She came very well dressed. Her blouse though was quite tight fitting and it was clear that she had a good pair of breasts under there. She had long legs and was wearing heels and a mid length skirt. She looked very professional
I invited her to sit down opposite me and when she did so she crossed her legs… her skirt rode up slightly and I couldn’t help but notice that she was wearing hold up black stockings. I even got a glimpse of her thigh – I guess she must have noticed me looking as she adjusted her skirt back down again. I was struggling to concentrate on the task in hand as my cock started to twitch in my trousers.
We began to discuss her experience it is was obvious that this job would be easy for her to do. I had made up my mind very quickly that she was the perfect candidate for this job.
“Mila I want you to go over to the filing cabinet and file these documents in the accounts file in the bottom drawer”. I gave her the documents and she walked over to the cabinet strutting her hips wiggling her ass in that tight skirt. That did look good. Then instead of squatting down she bent over down to the bottom drawer. Her skirt rode up – fuck she had no panties on either. She had an incredible ass soft and round.
I knew then I just wanted to fuck her there and then. “ Stay there a minute” I said. “I have something else for you”. I walked over to her and as I did so I was undoing the zip on my trousers. I grabbed her hand and pushed it inside. She needed no telling and began feeling my stiff cock. I dragged her back to the desk as she rubbed me through my pants as we walked. I pushed all my documents off the desk and pushed her back onto it sitting upright. Running my fingers through her hair I placed my lips on hers and her mouth opened up allowing my eager tongue to enter her exploring her forcefully.
I ripped her blouse open and tore at her bra. Her beautiful tits fell out. I leaned forward and began sucking on her nipple then biting it gently then harder as my hand squeezed her other tit and nipple hard. Then I leant back, I pushed her onto her back and pushed her legs apart. I undid my trousers and pushed them down. I took my cock out of my pants and pushed them down also. Then I took my stiff cock in my hand and rubbed it up and down her swollen fat cunt lips before ramming it deep inside the woman who I now knew would become my slut assistant. I was overcome with the moment and pumping harder and faster knew that soon I would blow my load inside her. Her cunt so warm wet and welcoming and feeling so marvellous wrapped around my throbbing cock. I grabbed hold of her hand and placed her fingers on her clit. “Finger your clit Mila so we can come together. But you’d better be quick I won’t last much longer”. The slut did as she was told and rubbing her clit she began to cum before me. I could feel the spasms of her cunt orgasm around my cock shaft and this brought me to my point of no return very quickly. With several powerful thrusts my cock burst inside her shooting spurt after spurt of cum deep in her cunt.
“Well Mila I can tell you that you have been successful and have passed the interview. At last I have found someone to help me personally – very personally!”

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By onthelose [Ignore] at 28,Feb,18 17:09
This had better be fiction because here in the US men are under attack for doing just what you did. I and most men don't see anything wrong with the whole story, true or not, but women have decided to ruin as many men as they can. The problem with what you say you did is, you have left yourself open to blackmail and prosecution just for being a man doing what men have done from the beginning of time.
By #541037 [Ignore] at 02,Mar,18 07:28
I am not one of those women... xxx I like to dress sexy and teasing (miniskirt) ans show my curves. So I know men will be men and I don't blame them.

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