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Friday night out

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By 0421rg [Ignore] at 28,Feb,18 07:11   Pageviews: 145

It was Friday and had been a particularly tough week at work that week so I decided to go out for a drink that night. Whilst standing at the bar I noticed an attractive lady with blonde hair good legs nice round ass and a great pair of tits standing a little way away from me also at the bar. I picked up my drink and walked over to her. We began to talk and I could tell by her accent that she was probably Dutch. We continued to get to know each other better finding out a lot about each other and after a few more drinks I thought what the hell and leant forward to kiss her. To my delight she met me halfway and our lips met. Her mouth opened and our tongues explored each other. We kissed passionately for quite some time. Then as we broke she told me she needed to go to the toilet.
Feeling so horny by all this kissing I wasn’t going to miss out on what I wanted that night – a good fucking – so I slipped something special into her glass whilst she was away. When she came back she continued to drink her drink but then said she started to feel sleepy. As it was getting fairly late I suggested that I call her a taxi and walked her out of the bar. It wasn’t long before she did actually fall asleep in my arms. I hailed a cab and we went back to my house.
She was wearing a short skirt, heels, and a nicely fitting blouse showing off her magnificent tits. I got her through the door and took her to my living room. There I took off her skirt and panties (after sniffing them) and got a roll of duct tape. I taped her thighs together and her calves together. I taped her wrsits together and then taped her thighs to her wrists. There was no way this slut was going to escape.
I then picked her up and put her ass up on my sofa propping her against the arm so she wouldn’t fall over. Although her cunt was very inviting (lovely full lips and a hairy bush) it was her tightest of all holes I wanted – her asshole. I licked a finger and shoved it in. Fuck, she was tight. I was going to enjoy this! Then I took a dildo lubricated it up and shoved it inside her tight hole. I could see her sphincter opening as I shoved it in. she didn’t make a sound – out for the count! Good!
I shoved it in and out several times so that it would lossen that strong muscle up ready for my stiff cock. I undid my trousers, pushed down my pants, lubed up my cock and took out the dildo. Quickly I shoved the head of my cock inside her and buried myself deep inside her tight hole. It felt so good. With my cock nice and slippery and her hole slippery too I soon began to find a rythym and began pumping hard and fast in her asshole. She murmured a whimper – I lifted up her head she was still out. Good – I continued to use her tight asshole for my own pleasure. Pumping in and out… harder and faster. Oh fuck the feeling was too good if that can be possible. Soon I could feel my balls swelling – and I knew I was going to cum. And with that I suddenly made a final very very hard thrust and my cock began spurting my cum deep in the slut’s ass. Spurt after spurt – I lost count how many.
I withdrew and took her panties and wiped my cock clean with them. I opened her handbag and found a gas bill with her address on it. I rang for a taxi, dressed her again and put her cum drenched panties in her handbag so she would have a nice present later….. The door bell rang – it was the taxi. I put her in the cab, gave him the address and some money and just as the taxi pulled away she began to wake up… I went back into my house very content.

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By #541037 [Ignore] at 28,Feb,18 12:18
I think I know who she is xxxxx

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