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who likes masturbating to videos of themselves masturbating?

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By brian2 [Ignore] at 28,Feb,18 09:55   Pageviews: 71

So happy with this question of the day. The vast majority (433 people) said yes!

I do a lot and I thought I was maybe a bit weird. But for members of SYD I am normal.

This is probably my favourite.

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By Walker [Ignore] at 11,Jan,19 14:30
I use to be able to suck my own cock and make myself cum. Now i make videos and watch myself cum time after time to get hard. Mirror watching is also good fun. I do enjoy being watched too, and watch others.

By #545362 [Ignore] at 15,Mar,18 17:50
I think my personal fantasy would to be able to make an identical clone of myself to use as a sex partner ! I'd know exactly what to do to pleasure my cloned self and vice versa ! And yes , I love jacking of f to my own wank videos as well as in front of a mirror.

By allin4oral [Ignore] at 04,Mar,18 20:25
no, not weird, just the way WE like to get off.

By #550700 [Ignore] at 03,Mar,18 06:41
I do all the time!!!

By bi_44 [Ignore] at 02,Mar,18 15:17
Brian, I've masturbated to pix and videos of myself. Nothing wrong with getting excited watching yourself in sexual activities.

By Jack1999 [Ignore] at 01,Mar,18 09:28
Yes, I love jerking off to my own pictures and videos! I feel like I am somewhat sexually attracted to myself

By #541788 [Ignore] at 28,Feb,18 17:49
I often cum watching myself cum and pee

By Wayne74 [Ignore] at 28,Feb,18 17:26
I was quite surprised when i found myself turned on when i watched my own video of myself wanking. Soo naughty, very kinky but ooohhh so fucking hot.

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