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The Crown- SYC 2012 Season 1 Episode 2

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By Skittles [Ignore] at 28,Feb,18 18:41   Pageviews: 38

We pulled into the truck stop. It was filled with drivers and classy gals. I was naturally intimidated by the wealth and power of the truck stop. Leroy continued to sip away on his own drink looking so sophisticated as I continued to chug my wine to get my courage up and my arse loosened. I could not help but wonder what magic juice he was sipping on so I finally asked. It was VSOP and cost $4.99 a bottle. All I could think was wow, that sure was an expensive habit. Would I ever have this kind of liquidity in my wallet?

Leroy applied the air brakes and asked me if my balls had dropped yet. He said my voice sounded like Mickey Mouse with a cold finger up his arse. Leroy offered up a glass of what he was drinking thinking it would help my balls and to grow some hairs on my girlish chest. As soon as I tasted the VSOP, it made me feel like a Hercules, or at least Under Dog. It was delicious and made the zipper on my jeans go down. Leroy said to hold off because he needed to eat dinner before he had his desert.

He paraded me into the truck stop like a gimp on a leash. The other truckers yelling out prices for a piece of Leroy's leavings. I guess translated, meant my used arse after Leroy split me open like a tree at the logging camp. At first I was upset Leroy was trying to pimp me out, but a lad has to make a living somehow. Leroy sat us in a booth. It was red vinyl and did not even have many tears. It was fine dining and Leroy being the gentlemen, ordered our meals. It was a feast made for a future cock site king. Fried chicken, shakes, fries, and some apple cobbler that was bubbling hot, just like my back parts. Leroy would see my arse looked like a tore up cobbler for sure! As we sat eating, I again wondered how someone could afford all these fancy eats.

Leroy cussed me and told me to eat faster, or I would have to make my dinner to go. Even with my feeble brain, I knew that meant he was ready to have me pay for my miles, again. This was an expensive toll road and my mouth and arse were being taxed to the limit. As I shoved the greasy chicken into my mouth, the bones were arousing me. Something had to give and always the lady, I hurried and excused myself to the restroom to get myself prepped.

With only a few minutes in the restroom, I took off my capris and underwear and mounted the sink, like a crow on a power line. I had to dunk my small balls into the sink while I scrubbed up my hind parts. Several other truckers were queued up to use the restroom and started banging on the door. I jumped off my perch and ran out of the restroom, but as I looked back the driver was using my ball wash water to clean his beard. I wanted to tell him the water was tainted, but knew he would have beaten me silly.

Leroy was waiting for me and gave me a look like made me feel like the prize pig at the county fair. He took my hand and we walked me out of the restaurant and made me squeal like a pig for everyone as they howled with laughter. We got back to Leroy's semi and it just happened so fast. He grabbed my small framed body and kissed me. All I could taste was Kool's and the watermelon he had with his dinner. It was true romance! Leroy pulled out his knob and it was HUGE!! It looked like my forearm, but thicker and of course black. He demanded to see my package and I could feel my cocktail sized weiner shrivel up.

The first time Leroy saw my mini-knob, he asked if I had been in cold water because it was shriveled. In my mind, I was cursing my own knob for being inferior. This was the early 80's and lube was not easy to find. Leroy was smart and asked the cook for some grease from the friar. Leroy greased up my hind parts and buried his huge knob into my arse. It was like a hot knife going through a stick of butter. I giggle with glee and pleasure as Leroy turned my arse into a Texas oil rig: deep drilling and messy!

This was the start of my road to being king of SYD! Next stop: Seattle!

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By Angelofdeath [Ignore] at 01,Mar,18 18:57
Fine dining... lmfao

By #548464 [Ignore] at 28,Feb,18 21:07
SYC season 1 episode 2?..come on! CSI New York season 6 episode 4

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