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The Crown- SYC 2012 Season 1 Episode 3

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By Skittles [Ignore] at 01,Mar,18 18:33   Pageviews: 21

With Leroy in the rearview mirror and Seattle looming, I had to sort how to eek out a living. It was just as I turned around, I saw hope: A help wanted sign at Waffle Hut- no experience required. It was a match for me for sure! I immediate pranced into the WH and asked for an application. It was my first stop to being a gourmet chef!!!

It was heart wrenching to hear the things the manager told me. My spirit was broken by Wally the manager and my arse broken by Leroy. A hot mess I was indeed. Despite the endless diatribe of insults and obscenities I did land a job here. Assistant busboy, night shift. My main aim was still to get that mighty spatula and sling up the waffles for the masses. The work was tough and the hours long and yet I met my future wife, Mary. She was so beautiful and we shared a lot of cigarettes on our breaks. We fell in love and in the summer of 1992, we got married.

We were now dual income Waffle Hut family. With the readies in the bank, we got a flat and I continued up the Waffle House food chain gaining a promotion to side cook. It was Spaulding's kitchen and he ran it like a Nazi. He taught me all I know today. Eggs, batter, chicken, and grease. These were the tools of my trade. Mary even got me an engraved spatula. Times were looking really good for us both. A downside of my promotion was I did not work the same shift as Mary. Even worse, she now worked with Rico our star server. Could never catch them or prove it, but I know he put his island cock into her on a daily basis as Mary was always looser in the cunt after work.

Work was going well and we saved up for 6 years to get my dream ride: A 1996 Red Firebird. I just did not think it was possible to get such an expensive car. The sales manager said it was my lucky day. He had a demo model used by the dealership owner on steep discount. The caveat was the owner had used it to pick up prostitutes down on at the port. The backseat was a mess and the roof liner was stained with cum. I just thought it an intrinsic part of such an automobile. We were still apart on the price, but Mary took care of that by sucking off the finance manager and letting the mechanics finger bang her arse. The love she showed me here was incredible. We drove off the lot holding hands and knowing that in twenty years, she would be paid off and all mine! We of course stopped to fool around on the way home. I wanted to add my own load to the roof liner, but my weak cum barely got airborne. It was like a dust shot.

Work continued to go well, and in 1998, I was again promoted. This time to head cook. This was amazing news and I was very proud of my work habits and skills with the spatula. Our district supervisor reminded me the only reason I was head chef was that Spaulding had failed his dr-ug test. That night, I went home and told Mary about the promotion and left out it was not based fully on merit but bad luck for old Spaulding. Life was really good and even Mary found a new job at the toothpaste factory.

We found a house near the airport and moved in, it was 1998 and we were truly on top of the world. The Red Dragon was in tip top shape, I was slinging more waffles then ever, and Mary's job at the toothpaste factory put us on the map. Despite all this, I knew I wanted more. I knew I wanted to be the boss, or the king of something.

After getting settled in for the first night, we turned on the telly and saw that President Clinton was being impeached for shagging his intern with a cigar. He was disgraced like all democrats, and just then, I felt this news was an ominous sign of things to come.

The very next day Mary reported for her shift at the factory and was hit by a forklift. It was bad. It was very bad. The driver was a junky and was high as a mother fucker and pushed the right skid right up Mary's arse. It damaged her arse, spine, and all her cunt parts. The latter being completed destroyed. The condition of her spine was unknown but would put Mary into a wheelchair for the time being. Our world was shattered and I went on a cock and scotch binge further imperiling our finances.

We managed to get by for many years, but Mary could not get out of her wheelchair. I was her caregiver and was doing my best to take care of her and our house. Meanwhile, the Red Dragon was getting older and needed a lot of work. It just sucked. We entered a period of many rough years but kept on going. It was in 2008 and I was surfing the internet for cocks, when I found SYD. It had just launched and something just told me I would return to stardom.

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