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The Crown- SYC 2012 Season 1 Episode 4

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By Skittles [Ignore] at 01,Mar,18 21:43   Pageviews: 16

I joined SYD and created my profile, proudly displaying my small sized knob, red bus, and bicycle pictures. Once this was sorted, my main aim was to try out the main chat room. It was filled with very popular members, larger cocks, and ladies I would never shag. It was a dangerous time for me yet exciting at the same time. Click, I entered the main chat!

Out of nowhere, a member called Everready called me a cunt and told me to get to fuck. He even put me on The List! It was followed by several middle finger emoticons. Other members howled with laughter and the attacks continued. A member called Breed really was my arch nemesis in chat. He really let me have it. I was endlessly attacked, even when not online. I could read the chat logs and see the vicious nature of the attacks on me, my wife, and my less than royal sized knob. The Australian members were some of the worst I have seen on site! Nothing was off limits to these rotten Aussies. To that point, a member called Deno said I had a face that looked like a bucket of smashed crabs! What the fuck does that even mean!??

Much like Andy Dufresne on "The Shawshank Redemtion" my first years on SYD were the worst. Very tough. My page was trashed: Pissing dogs, shit, dirty underwear, and anonymous comments that are were so rotten, site decorum prevents me from posting. That and my state appointed psychologist advised me to repress these memories forever. I had to do something and quick, or my time on SYD was fucked off! But what to do? The chat and the attacks moved too fast for my feeble mind to process. But wait!!! If I could work through all the orders at Waffle Hut surely I could handle SYD chat!

I found a single ally to help me. A good member from Florida called Maint-Man. He was my personal aegis, guiding me through the mire of chat. Maints knew I was close to being broken by the Aussies and that rotten Scotsman. So, he attempted to level the playing field and helped invent the Domination Game. It was a good place for me to lurk and to exist on the site. My whole life revolved around making fakes so I could keep to the shadows and buy them as subs. This was a lot of detail and passwords to keep track of. Get to fuck if I could create and work with a spreadsheet. So again, I turned to my lighthouse: The Waffle Hut! I used the ordering pads to track my subs and the ticket numbers kept things organised. My loyal subs also helped keep my ego inflated and to make other members think I was so popular. These were my formative years on SYD. It was my finest hour at nearly 50 years old that I became a man. Nuts dropped and I was the King of SYD! Many haters attacked me and tried to take the crown. But it was all I had. No chance I would give it up.

Life at home was not that great. Mary was a real drag and I needed time and space to operate my kingdom of cock and cunt. Even worse, those rotten Aussies and the site tough Scotsman were on different time zones. My page was trashed overnight here in the US, my subs shagged and purchased. I needed more help! Mary needed to be kept away whilst I operated the kingdom so I set up my SYD Throne upstairs. Her wheelchair could not go up the rickety stairs so it was a perfect perch to run things. The only other distraction were the endless calls from bill collectors. They were relentless. Didn't they know I needed to spend my money on site points?

My domination game victories continued and my popularity soared exponentially. Even some of the Aussies started to be nice to me and Deviant started what would become The Office. It was a group Skype call where the inner circle of my kingdom would come to discuss important issues. It was a great time and I really felt part of something. My drinking was getting bad and we were enjoying Office time when I had to take the worse piss of my life. It just was not possible to put things on hold so I did the only normal thing a hillbilly would do: I opened the window and took at piss from the second floor. But I fucked up and my small knob started pissing on my floor. Nearly fell out of the window perching myself to relieve the pressure. The other members were all laughing out of control and Everready took a fucking screenshot and posted it in main. In many ways, this single act was the start of my downfall.

The events that unfolded in winter of 2012 were some of the worst times in my cock kingdom.

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