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The Crown- SYC 2012 Season 1 Episode 6

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By Skittles [Ignore] at 03,Mar,18 11:04   Pageviews: 22

I woke up from my post waffle shift nap filled with rage, stress, and concern. What was going on in my SYD Kingdom? My job was fucked, my wife a candle cunt, and my loyal serfs rebelling? What had I done to deserve this? After all, I had so little and life was just being cruel. King of SYD was my destiny. What was my next move? Of course! Consult my most loyal members for help. They would know what to do!

As king, I organised my skype call with my closet confidants... oh wait, confidant. Luv69. She was so much smarter than me and I knew she would help get this sorted out and would smash these rotten cunts. Things were so south that I even reached out to a very good member called JOhnS for help. He ran the cunt site panel and would be a good ally to have. However, that popcorn making movie fuck up was no use at all. It was hard to believe someone had a more fucked up job than me, but it was true. Movie theater idiot! Fuck him. I was the king! Let him scrape the gum off the floor!

I had been amassing site points with my TeddyBear profile and it would take every last of those 39,000 points to stop these haters. Haters are gonna ha-te! They were jealous of my power and prestige. We would need to strike hard! Harder than my 3 inches of semi-hard boner. Before we could launch our attacks, the unthinkable happened! These site assholes really smashed my cunt. To this day, I am CERTAIN it was a group of the most rotten Aussies on their fucking continent. These site cunts ordered pizzas and wing dings to my house! To MY house! It was embarrassing because like where the fuck would I get $50 in cash? They refused to accept a check from me due to some cash flow issues between my financial institutions. The pizza fuck even laughed when I started to write a check. Not knowing what to do, I offered the delivery man use of the Red Dragon for the weekend. It was all I had to offer for payment. It would also mean having to take the city bus to my job. After a long weekend my car was returned. It smelled like pepperoni, weed, and butt sex. My Red Dragon was desecrated! I could hear the laughing all the way from NSW!

In a cascading series of site failures, my castle was being destroyed and in this case, almost literally. One of these site fucks called a demolition company in for a job to bulldoze my house down. What the fuck!? Thankfully it was just an estimate. What would have happened if the dozer was ready to push my shack down? One little nudge and my not to code house would have crumbled like a overused sofa in a crack house. I also believe rotten Aussies were behind this and suspected Deno.

I tried to reassert my power on site and decided to attack a new member called FairyDust. It was the worst mistake of my life. Even worse than Yamamoto's fucked up battle plan at Midway, I showed weakness and she trailed me for years. I could not stop her. She was too smart and too popular. It was a very dangerous time for my kingdom. It felt as if Fairydust was organising a coup d' etat! Not wanting to go out like King James II, I tried to keep things in order. But alas, I was just a short order cook.

Things were looking grim. I just did not know what my next move would be... and site cunts were attacking me 24/7.

In retrospect, it felt like my waffle iron was losing power.

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