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The Crown- SYC 2012 Season 1 Episode 7

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By Skittles [Ignore] at 03,Mar,18 13:32   Pageviews: 32

After the disastrous attacks on my kingdom, castle, and cocking up my Waffle hHouse job, I really did feel I was owed something. I voted for fucking 0Bama and did not get a phone or site cooperation points! It was nearly shift change at the WH and time to put down my royal spatula. Chongo was due in for his shift any minute and I would dispatch myself in the Red Dragon to get on my SYD computer at home. The excitement was building, but in the back of my feeble mind I was worried what was I going to walk into at home? Would there be a surprise attack I would never forget? Shit!

The Red Dragon raced home smoking most of the way. What the fuck did that pizza guy to do her? No time to worry about a blown tranny (well, not THAT kind of tranny- I like a lot!) I rolled up to the castle and drove over my own weed filled lawn, skidding to a halt. I nearly smashed Mary's wheelchair ramp! Fuck these site cunts have me rattled! I logged into my virtual kingdom and holy fuck, I was outraged!!! I saw a new member called SeaWitch. It was Luv69 and she, this is hard for me,was disparaged in a way I will never forget. Old members will recall she was turned into a fucked up mermaid meets Wizard of Oz witch. Although I could never prove anything, this treachery had the earmarks of FairyDust written all over it. I saw her in my nightmares. But who the fuck knows. I had a lot of enemies at this point and just blamed people at will. Paranoia was one of my best attributes along with intelligence, and business acumen.

Luv69 became enraged as well. Plus, she was not getting the 3 emoticon kisses she needed in chat from members. Luv69 blamed me for not protecting her from site cunts and what she did next put a sword up my arse. Remember my bank Teddybear? Yeah, she deleted it!!! Now, I had nothing to fight with and worse yet, chat was now filled with at least 7 fake profiles using my name!! I was being beaten and humiliated daily, hourly, and down to the fucking minute!!! My lifelong work and goals were being destroyed. That fucking Skype Gang! God double fucking damn those people!!!

Episode 8.... might be the final show.

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By cody8789 [Ignore] at 03,Mar,18 20:46
I can't wait to read ep. 8. Hurry up and write it
By Skittles [Ignore] at 04,Mar,18 13:39
8 probably out Monday night...

By Dev01 [Ignore] at 04,Mar,18 00:25
Where was the pissing out the window bit?.
By Dev01 [Ignore] at 04,Mar,18 01:08
Sorry i forgot that was in Season 1 episode 4 . The good ole days
By Skittles [Ignore] at 04,Mar,18 11:55
We would never miss the pissing window scene

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