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By 0421rg [Ignore] at 06,Mar,18 03:23   Pageviews: 118

I pulled up at the disused factory. “What are we doing here?” she asked. “It’s a place where I know we won’t get distrubed” I replied. We both got out and walked to the main door which was unlocked. I opened it and guided her in. we walked along the entrance corridor and then turned left into a conference room. Standing in there were 11 other guys – friends of mine from my ‘club’. She looked shocked. “What’s going on here?” she asked looking a little panicked and worried. “I think you know” I said with a smile. “ I don’t mind fucking you but not them!” she shouted at me. “Well that’s where you’re wrong bitch!” I shouted back. With that she started to run out of the conference room and back to the front door – too bad I had locked it on the way in. we all stood and watched as she ran past the conference door down the long corridor clearly looking for a way out. Being gangbanged wasn’t on her agenda obviously.

She continued to run and we started to all leave the conference room and slowly follow her. In her haste her shoes fell off but that only helped her to run faster. She turned left through a pair of double doors marked ShopFloor. Expecting there to be machinery and other places to hide you could imagin her shock when she flung the doors open to find it completely empty except for a stain ridden matress in the middle of the floor. She was clearly very very distressed at this time.

As she had been running her purse fell out. I opened it – her driving licence was in there. Her name was Mila Beijne and she was Dutch. “ Stop running Mila Beijne – there’s nowhere to hide”. We followed her in and chased her around the floor until two guys caught her. Holding both of her arms outstretched they presented her to me. With a knife I cut her jacket off, then cut each button off her blouse until it fell open – her big tits held captive in her bra. So fucking hot. I cut the front of her bra and her tits spilled out. Then I ran the blade across her stiffening nipples. Then down her belly to the waistband of her skirt. I cut this with the knife and it fell down. She was naked – a fine figure with a trim bush. Mmmmm.

The two guys walked her over to the matress. She struggled but to no avail. I told them to push her down on her back and restrain her arms. Two more guys pulled her legs apart and held onto on her ankles. I knelt between her legs undid my trousers took out my stiff coch and rammed it inside her wet cunt. Other guys stood around taking their cocks out and began to wank. One was too premature and blew his load over her face. I began pumping hard and fast in this nice tasty cunt that was mine for the taking. She felt so good and it was not long before I could feel my cum surging through me and filling her cunt. I withdrew and said “She’s all yours guys!”.

With that I stood and watched as the guys took their pleasure. Two held her legs apart and two her arms as one then plowed his cock into her cum soaked cunt. fucking her hard as another guy then held her mouth open and forced his cock down her throat. he held her nostrils closed as her pounded her. you could see his cock bulging her throat as he did so. she was struggling for air wriggling and clearly distressed. he let go of her nostrils momentarily and she gasped for air. he squeezed them tight again and continued raping her throat until with an almighty thrust he blew his load down her throat. She gagged and baulked with every spurt. The guy in her cunt clearly found this very horny and he quickly rammed deeper inside her and shot waves of cum deep inside her cunt. Guys standing around her were wanking their cocks... blasting their cum over her as it landed on her face and her tits. Two guys even stood either side of her and pissed all over her. She was certainly getting used and **** like the slut she was turning out to be. One in her cunt, with one in her ass and one in her mouth. Filling every hole. Guys cumming over her tits and her face. In her ass and in her cunt. Down her throat. All of them having their turn to use this slut. Covering her in white sticky cum. Before too long they were all spent. She lay there on the matress crying. I looked at her in that state. Thank fuck I was first I thought.

We left her there and walked out.



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