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My Lusty Life Before The Internet

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By Mazinga [Ignore] at 06,Mar,18 11:11   Pageviews: 57

My first venture into Computers and the Internet
was around early 2001. So even before that, while
those were becoming popular, I was busy doing other
things besides jerking off every few days...

I didn't even know what "Edging" was, but I was surely
taking my time learning how to sustain my orgasm
through masturbation and fucking rubber homemade
"pussy" objects. lol

The occasional Friday night VHS porn parties
and porn magazine ogling at a friend's place;
although nothing much ever happened between us
except for the boners in our jeans.

My only sexual-social outlet was during gay
private gatherings outdoors once every summer,
from 1997 until 2003-- so I made sure that I was
having loads of fun out in the woods whenever
such opportunities presented themselves.

The rest of the time back home, it was the ol'
bar scene (before the NY State Indoor Bar/Restaurant
Smoking Ban went into effect).
I enjoyed a cigarette with my beer and hanging out
with buddies who would later come back to my place
for some hot action.
Ah, but the Smoking Ban killed it for me.

Back in my younger years I was also busy as a musician
playing in rock and metal bands... I enjoyed being
star-gazed by guys in the mosh pits who wanted
a piece of this action; and on occasion I've been
lucky to score a few back-stage/parking lot
blowjob swaps from willing guys,
as part of the perks of being a Rocker-dude
with a discrete wild side. lol

It was just me, I guess, sex was much easier back then;
because you actually had to be Out and About on
the scene and mingling with the crowd to score some
good lay along the way.
There was no way you could just sit at home and expect
all the action to come to You.
Presence was Everything.

Nowadays, everyone is an "Alpha Male" behind the
mouse and keyboard, and probably without ever leaving
the safe space of your own home... "bigger than life"...
"All That"... "the Perfect Male Adonis"...
...the Craigslist queens of their own illusions and
unrealistic fantasies.
That shit makes me wanna puke my fuckin guts out...

I wish that just for once, these days, guys who go online
looking for hookups would come and cum As They Are
instead of perpetrating frauds of their true selves
(not all are Perps, but MANY are...)
and perhaps they just MIGHT get what they want.

I'm happy we now have the Internet.
But sometimes I wish it had never existed...
...because, for the most part, we've become
so Untouchable.

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