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It was late in the evening on the 4th of July

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By ixelfou4r [Ignore] at 06,Mar,18 22:00   Pageviews: 94

and amateur fireworks were still going off from time to time in the distance.

The four of us were pleasantly buzzed and floating around in the pool after a long day of eating and drinking. It was just myself, my wife Sasha and another couple, our friends Mika and Aaron.

The other guests left long ago and Sasha and Mika were wading around the pool with their tops off. They floated on their backs, looking at the night sky and their breasts faced the sky along with them. Aaron and I watched them, glanced at each other and slowly, casually made our way towards them. We all had an idea of what would happen. Even though we didnít exactly plan on it, weíve had group sex twice before this occasion, so we instinctively knew that tonight was a good night to do it again.

Aaron and I came close to the women and supported them from below. I held up Mika and Aaron held up my wife Sasha. Supporting Mika from below allowed her to fully relax and not worry about staying afloat. With my hands supporting her back and ass, I pushed her up slightly so that her large tits were fully out of the water. Although it was a warm night and the pool was heated, the slight breeze still made her nipples hard. I leaned down over Mika and took her nipples in my mouth, one after the other. I could see out of the corner of my eye that Aaron was doing the same thing to Sasha. We were in the shallow end of the pool so I could stand while supporting Mikaís floating body. I leaned over and kissed her on the mouth, her tits pressed against my chest. Her wet hair stuck to her neck. I was getting hard under the water. I was not paying close attention to what Aaron and Sasha were doing, but I knew they were kissing and touching each other too. After a few more minutes of floating, kissing and licking nipples and breasts we decided to get out of the pool and head to drier land.

We stepped out of the pool. The menís erections were pushing against our swim shorts and the women were wearing their bottoms but their breasts were out in the night air.

Itís always exciting to touch a woman or man who is not your wife or partner. We dried each other off outside with towels that were left by the pool. I wrapped Mika in a towel and felt the curves of her body beneath it. Aaron gently dried off Sasha and the women did the same for us men. They pulled down our swim shorts and patted our now hard dicks dry and also made sure to dry behind or balls and our whole bodies. We were excited to go upstairs.

We collected our bathing suits and made our way upstairs to the large bedroom on the upper floor of the house and closed the door behind us. Here were two couples, naked, the menís dicks hard, the womenís tits beckoning, their wet hair hanging down over their necks and shoulders.

We all knew each other and have slept together before so we understood each otherís desires and fantasies. My cock is considerably larger than Aaronís and he loves sucking on and admiring mine. With Mika and Sasha sitting on the bed, watching with interest, Aaron and I got down on the floor; Aaron on his back and me on top of him in the 69 position. Aaron wasted no time taking my hard cock into his mouth and it was suddenly wet all over again. His mouth is a much more pleasant wetness than pool water. I took his cock in my mouth and we sucked each other while the women watched us, smiling and touching each other. They rubbed each otherís legs and playfully touched each otherís tits, all the while keeping an eye on the men on the floor.

Aaron and I loved performing for Mika and Sasha and we sucked with vigor, moaning loud. I was on top so I was also thrusting downward, filling Aaronís mouth with cock. I snuck a glance at the women on the bed and saw that they were now making out, with their tits pressed together. They held each otherís faces and touched their tongues together. Their hands moved downwards and explored each otherís bodies, rubbing breasts, pinching nipples, rubbing legs and finally going in between each otherís legs. They collapsed giggling on the bed and Aaron and I released each otherís cocks and joined them.

We were all naked and on the bed and began to touch and kiss each other, me and Sasha, Mika and Aaron, Sasha and Mike, me and Aaron...

Before long Mika grabbed Aaron's and my cock and began to lick them, while Sasha rubbed her back and ass. She licked our cocks, one after the other, holding them both in her hands. Aaron and I looked in each other's eyes, our cocks rubbing together across Mika's lips.

Mika laid on her back and opened her legs up to Aaron, while I stayed where I was. Mika's mouth didn't leave my cock. Mika was moaning and sucking while Sasha laid next to her and touched her, kissed her shoulder, and pinched her nipples.

I pulled my cock out of Mika's mouth and gently motioned for her and Sasha to lay side by side, which they did while giggling to each other and lightly kissing. They laid on their backs and spread their legs open for us.

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What a nice relaxing hot time.

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