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Fixing Mila- An SYC Special Presentation

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By Skittles [Ignore] at 08,Mar,18 15:12   Pageviews: 78

Mila oh Mila..... you are like a used car.

But not to worry, we will make you new again. Take as two examples of the technology we intend to use:

1. Humpty Dumpty- Fucks sake, he got put back together again.

2. The Six Million Dollar Man- He was repaired and made stronger, faster, and better than ever.

The Team of Site Experts Assembled:

1. ValentinoBoss- Expert Clit Surgeon

2. *Jamie- Cunt Lip Specialist

3. Dev01- Tit Surgeon- Right Tit

4. Cody8789- Cunt Tester

5. LuckyJoe- Tit Surgeon- Left Tit

Surgical Procedure- "The Plan"

Legendary site member and Clit Expert ValentinoBoss had the task of removing the old, dodgy cunt. This included the pelt, lips, clit, and other sub-cunt parts. It would be difficult procedure but he was up to the task. Reconstruction would be a very long and technical procedure. However, ValentinoBoss would use his clit model Bjuk as a guide to restore greatness to Mila's off brand cunny. This part of the process would take nearly 7 hours of work to be done. Meanwhile, *Jamie was standing by to bring his skills to the table. He was running late (typical Vato) but arrived and got to work.

*Jamie had several roast beef sandwiches to use as his guide. He found just the right slabs and crafted a brilliant set of cunny curtains. Just the right size and colour. He was also in charge of putting Mila's scalped pelt back on. It was extremely hard work.

Dev01- This Aussie cunt really had a fucking mess to sort. Mila's ancient tit parts more closely resembled a fried egg hanging on a nail. He would need to deploy all his skills but said, fucks sake, if they can get a Qantas A380 in the air I can make these tits fly too. His main aim was not to make her tits look like the site walrus. That would be a failure to launch. He was assisted by Luckjoe to expedite and divide up the work load.

The Outcome.................

ValentinoBoss took care of business and the clit was a near perfect replication of Bjuk's clity. The rest of these site cunts, well...

Dev01 and LuckyJoe both arrived on the piss and spent too much time fooling around and drinking even more during surgery. Poor Mila ended up with one DD tit and one C cup tit. Her tits looked were fucked. Liked having two left shoes. How the fuck would she find a bra?

*Jamie-- well he was too busy chatting on site and only had one had to do his procedure. Mila ended up with inversely installed cunt lips- And her pelt? He sewed in on her arse cheeks. She had a fully functioning backwards cunt.

Our tester Cody8789 arrived post surgery, and despite her off brand tits, inverse cunt, he said he would totally hit that.... with a cinder block.

This was more fucked up than Apollo 13.

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By cody8789 [Ignore] at 08,Mar,18 17:51
Where do you come up with this imagination , I laughed so hard as I was reading it
By Skittles [Ignore] at 12,Mar,18 19:25
Doing the lord's work here

By valentinoBoss [Ignore] at 08,Mar,18 23:09
missing bjuk

By *jamie [Ignore] at 08,Mar,18 22:29

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