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Fake accounts

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By cody8789 [Ignore] at 09,Mar,18 00:53   Pageviews: 201

I've noticed that a lot of fake accounts are being deleted. I think we should just leave them alone. If we got rid of fake accounts than over half the members might get deleted. Is this really what we want to do. Are fake accounts really harming this site. Should we be giving the members with fake accounts the chance to clear there sites of fake picture before we delete them. I pretty much can tell the fakes, and it's up to me whether or not to except them as my friends. Maybe we need to discuss this further before we do something that might hurt this site. I'm for giving a member a chance to verifying themselves before we delete them.

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By *jamie [Ignore] at 09,Mar,18 01:33
Hey I'm newfakeverifyme
By cody8789 [Ignore] at 09,Mar,18 01:35
Jamie, I know your really a young Hott girl faking to be an older guy
By *jamie [Ignore] at 09,Mar,18 01:40
so now you know
By Dev01 [Ignore] at 09,Mar,18 05:39
Jamie you fake you....
By *jamie [Ignore] at 09,Mar,18 06:14
Oops got caught
By mr_blue [Ignore] at 09,Mar,18 05:53
By cody8789 [Ignore] at 09,Mar,18 18:58
Maybe we need to ask Jamie to put his cloths on so we could verify that it's really him
By *jamie [Ignore] at 10,Mar,18 01:19
dream on cody not happening I just stay fake...
By Skittles [Ignore] at 16,Mar,18 10:29
Tell that cunt Dev to give Jamie his jean jacket back!!!
By cody8789 [Ignore] at 16,Mar,18 20:51

By Dev01 [Ignore] at 09,Mar,18 06:01
Codes we love you bro but this question has been pondered for at least ten years. Generally fakes dont pay money. Back in the day was alot of point shifting but as i said before... the site had a way of regulating itself. On saying that alot has changed. Nimda needs to get something for his input. Meaning a site dont run on love and goodwill. Servers cost alot and so many other things.

If members dont want to pay fine but when a business runs at a loss its not feasible to run just like any business.

Sorry for going off on a tangent... people Will be paying for facebook very soon, oh yeah its a given. All social media is turning this way. I hope more can pick up a paid membership soon or this site will die regardless of fakes... just my opinion
By luckyjoe [Ignore] at 09,Mar,18 11:59
I agree about paying something Dev, if itís not a membership it should be points.

On Codyís point all fakes are used for something, you never get a fake that is not used for the following.

1. To cause trouble

2. To fuck someone over

3. Some perverse reason to want to have a female account when they are male (excluding for points 1 and 2)

4. To gain points for free

I should know on points 1 and 2 as I was once the fakemeister on here lol

You can be what you want on here, there is no reason to be what you are not. You can be straight, bi, gay trans or any other thing you choose gender wise. So just be it...
By cody8789 [Ignore] at 09,Mar,18 18:57
I agree with verified members only in picture of the month, how about a non member that shows a verification picture with date, name and a picture of themselves comparably to the pictures on there page. I'm just making suggestions, whatever you all decide is fine with me.
By Dev01 [Ignore] at 10,Mar,18 00:52
By cody8789 [Ignore] at 09,Mar,18 19:04
Dev, I'm Allways listening to what you have to say and I Allways agree with your responses, and I respect your opinion more than any1 on this site. I never feel your going off on a tangent, keep speaking your mind, I Allways want to hear what you have to say. And by the way,myour wife kisses great
By Dev01 [Ignore] at 10,Mar,18 00:52
By Dev01 [Ignore] at 10,Mar,18 00:53
And lucky your 110% right mate
By Skittles [Ignore] at 16,Mar,18 10:32
Some here should lose their ability to verify... they just rubber stamp it to look important to others.....

Fakes- 10 points, one pic, newly registered, opening their own chat room right away, using the emoticons like a seasoned member.. .but claiming new... All telltale signs of a really fucking stupid and technically inept faker

Others registering as sluts to worship some old gag with a photoshopped knob and frog legs.. Give me fucking break!

By BigLonelyGuy [Ignore] at 15,Mar,18 22:32
Over all I dont care about the fakes. The fakes I do care about are the one photo advertisers for cam shows who do nothing but log in.

By mr_blue [Ignore] at 09,Mar,18 04:26
Don't care about the male fakes, it's the female ones.
What happens is, someone has pics on another site where they show their face,but when asked for a verification picture,cannot fulfill a simple request...
So we should let that person stay,if that person pics are filling up all the categories, if it's a fake at the top,so then the real women don't post,so real women here get shit,cuz the men think they are fake anyway, I've seen the abuse the women get here.It's a knock on effect,and you know this, being a long time member.
Fakes bring more fakes,male side I don't care,female side,yeah I do,fed up of the genuine women here getting crap or their pics being bumped off by fakes...and the site is primarily about pics,not pretending to be a female.So if the pics show up somewhere else,they can expect to be asked if it's them...
By bella! [Ignore] at 09,Mar,18 11:52
I've always felt that SYC members were scrutinized more than SYD members.

Okay, so you do not like it when a SYC profile is established that is deemed to be "fake". Alrighty! How is it any different when a SYD member uploads a picture of a body part that does not belong to him? And why should the feelings of a genuine man receive different considerations then the SYC members? What about the SYD members that post exclusively, predominantly or any girlie parts in their gallery, how should they be viewed?
By mr_blue [Ignore] at 09,Mar,18 15:43
I look at the female sections,and that's where I see the fake internet pics,or pics that are not supposed to be there and deal with it,you look at male pages,search the pics, I'm sure there are hundreds of male fakes,men interested in men for sexual gratification, don't seem to care who is behind a profile here, it's about popping their nuts...
You see an internet pic, it's up to you what you do.
Everyone is different..

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