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Cabin Fever, Winter 2017-2018

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By Mazinga [Ignore] at 10,Mar,18 07:14   Pageviews: 62

Yes, I'm suffering from Cabin Fever.
I'm so sick and tired of being stuck indoors
this winter season, especially NOW
with these recent late winter snow storms hitting
my region right before Spring.
I can't wait for Summer to get here!

I don't mind spending time home alone edging for hours
during my time off work. At least I can get my
rocks off whenever and however I want to, anytime,
day and night, without someone there being squeamish
about how I like to please myself...

...But that can only go so far, and do so much.
I need LIVE M E A T all over me like the warmth
of the summer sun all over my naked body.
I need to spoon and be spooned after a hot session,
just laying there in Gandalf's arms and tickling
his bushy beard with my tongue and fingers!

You can tell I've been grumpy all over the boards
and threads lately.
I need an old hard dick on me and inside me so bad
the scarcity and lack of it really hurts.

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By AussieMan187 [Ignore] at 10,Mar,18 07:33
You like a Gandalf type huh?
By Mazinga [Ignore] at 11,Mar,18 06:16
Yep! I have a co-worker who looks like Gandalf/Tommy Chong,
he's got long hair and a thick bushy beard... I fuckin drool
every time I see his beard, darn I wish I could have his beard
brushing my balls while he sucks my cock!
By AussieMan187 [Ignore] at 11,Mar,18 07:18
You should make a move on him, mate
By Mazinga [Ignore] at 13,Mar,18 18:13
Believe me, I really would. But I'd rather let things
take their own course at their own pace otherwise I'll
come off as being pushy, and I'm assuming that he is
a Straight guy-- so I have to respect that.

I call him "Papi" in private whenever we're alone,
but never in front of our co-workers.
And he loves the way I brew coffee, not too strong
or too weak- just right. lol

I've only been employed there 6 months so far.

I was told that he "hates women"... but that could
simply mean that he doesn't like working with women.
We had a female employee a few months ago, and he had to
train her through our warehouse... he had already felt
annoyed by her failure to pay attention to details about
the job. We simply pick tobacco products from stock
and deliver them to local retailers. Easy job!

Anyway... Later on she quit and moved on to a better job.
He was so happy that she was gone.
He even told me that he would rather work with me
alone because I learned quick and I get
the work done.
By AussieMan187 [Ignore] at 14,Mar,18 05:20
He could be just a womaniser. One of those "root 'em and boot 'em" types, not into men, but doesn't like women either. Or maybe he is gay.
By Mazinga [Ignore] at 14,Mar,18 15:54
Nah, I don't think he's gay... if he is, he certainly
hides it extremely well.
He seems like a very "kept to himself" type, friendly
but doesn't talk about himself much... one of those types
with whom you'd have to have known him for years before
becoming close or best friends or even fishing buddies
with him.

"Womaniser"... it's possible, maybe? He's got the ol
'dirty ol man' looks that could make young chics wanna
sit on his lap and fool around with him in a
trailer park scenario!
He's probably got a stash of rubber pussies at home.
By AussieMan187 [Ignore] at 15,Mar,18 03:14
I bet he watches a TON of porn. He might even be on here!
By Mazinga [Ignore] at 15,Mar,18 12:17
It's possible... I've never met a man who Doesn't
watch porn (unless he is religious). lol

As for Him being on here... I dunno... it's possible.
I'd rather be surprised in person, like a Ruler
flexed and stuttering on the edge of a desk... in... "Boioioioioioiiiiiiiiiinnnnng!"
By AussieMan187 [Ignore] at 17,Mar,18 19:37

By up-for-it [Ignore] at 10,Mar,18 09:05
I am sure Gandalf wouldn't have a problem coming to your cabin.
I have seen him reach other secluded places!
By Mazinga [Ignore] at 11,Mar,18 06:22
I would welcome Gandalf to my cabin anytime,
as much as I welcome Santa Clause once a year...
...if only I could hold my load all that time
in between visits!
By up-for-it [Ignore] at 11,Mar,18 06:27
That would be a big load to shoot!I am sure they would love that. But don't try it, you would missing out on too much fun
By Mazinga [Ignore] at 13,Mar,18 18:00
yes, you're right about that!

By pifad [Ignore] at 10,Mar,18 12:44
Geez, I wish I was closer. Here, we are having those same crappy late season noríeasters and heavy snow accumulations. Like you I can only go so long playing with just me. Summer canít get here soon enough
By Mazinga [Ignore] at 11,Mar,18 06:19
I hear ya! This late winter season weather totally SUCKS!
I'm a Summer person, I love to be outdoors just strolling
through the bike trails commando in my cut-off
pajama "shorts", then I can hide in the foliage and
masturbate while I popper up.
By pifad [Ignore] at 11,Mar,18 22:55
Not a fan of poppers, for health reasons. That said, I too enjoy strolling through the park trails commando in shorts. Best is when I encounter a like minded guy, we hit it off and head to the foliage and get some good old fashioned man play.
By Mazinga [Ignore] at 13,Mar,18 17:50
Understood, poppers aren't good if you have respiratory
problems or other health issues.
I just use them only for a couple hits when I resume
edging for the first time again after a week or two
of abstinence.
Some guys are hardcore "popper-pigs", but I can't use
poppers as much because I have mild ED.
But, yes, Man-play in the woods Rocks!

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