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Dusseldorf sauna

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By alanhuk [Ignore] at 13,Mar,18 16:30   Pageviews: 98

Dusseldorf Gay Sauna

A trip to Dusseldorf was just the opportunity I needed to go to another sauna!
I had planned my route across the city from my hotel to another district via the efficient tram/metro system.

As I sat on the tram, I decided that if only a guy and I were in the sauna together and he laid “flat-out” face up or face down I would move over and caress him!
In preparation, I had totally shaved my under arms, chest, stomach, pubes and arse.

After finding the door to reception (!) the helpful receptionist showed me to the open narrow changing room with lots of lockers and a long bench, all on the ground floor, there were other guys getting dressed as I stripped off down to my normal black thong, placed everything into the locker.

I now felt very comfortable, so I set off to explore. Everything I wanted was just beyond the locker room, 2 rows of open showers and a large open circular shower, rather like a carousel with a central chandelier!
Two Saunas, one at 90degC the other at 60degC with a large window looking into the row of showers so that we could look both ways – into sauna from showers and vice versa – interesting!

Nice open showers with lots of hot water are always my first stop – then into the hot sauna!
Only a few guys in there but the more I looked, almost every guy was fully shaved – (only saw one guy with a few pubes). Half of the guys also wore a cockring, mostly metal but a few rubber ones!
It’s very sexy to see mostly smooth guys with cockrings – it got me excited I admit!

A few guys came in for a few minutes and left, the younger ones (and half the guys would be 30 years old or less) seemed to just pop into the sauna, pose for a few minutes and then leave – repeating it every few minutes!

I moved onto the Jacuzzi – only me in – nice and warm but as I was the one that pressed the waterfall button, the first deluge was cold - but soon warmed up!.
With little action, I moved over to the 60degC sauna – not very large with a glass door and window into the showers!

A few guys were in for a few minutes and then left – then a guy came in, mid 40’s I guess and I offered to sit up on top deck to allow him in – he just said “it’s OK” and went and laid “flat out” on lower deck at the side of and lower than me - I was on the upper deck. Then I realised we were the only ones in the sauna – so... I leaned over and saw he was totally shaved other than a little hair under his arms, his head was resting on his hands – face up!
He was also wearing a dark coloured metal cockring, balls held tight, his thick uncut cock semi erect, resting on his thigh - he looked stunning!
I stoked his ankle from my position above – he just moaned!

I waited a minute or so but he did not move or say anything so I jumped down and stood over him – running both hands from his ankles to his chest along his wet (from shower and sweat) body.
I drew circles around both nipples without touching them and like mine, the small nipples became hard and proud.
I moved my hands to his neck and face – then moved to kiss him – first his neck then his lips – he responded in kind!
I moved my tongue down to his sweaty, salt (sweat) flavoured nipples – really hard now – as was mine and my cock!
I looked down his body and the earlier semi erect cock was now throbbing pointing to his face, held with his balls off his body with the cockring!

I continued down his smooth body to his navel – tongued it then I moved my hands only to his tight rather cool balls! The other hand grasped his veiny uncut fully erect cock – it felt amazing!
I slowly slid his tight foreskin down revealing a superb large head! He was moaning a little now as I fingered his pee hole and cock head – still playing with his balls.

I continued for a few minutes, his cockhead was so large I could not slide his foreskin back to masturbate him – but he was leaking precum by now anyway!
I continued fondling his balls then onto his taint – more moans – he moved his legs apart and I continued down to his asshole – warm, wet and yes, fully shaved!

After few more minutes he decided to leave to take a shower – whispering “Danke” as we parted!

As I looked out of the window to see him in the shower, a young, slightly chunky guy was looking at me – we both smiled but he did not come into the sauna.

I went into the shower briefly later and then into the steam room.
The only light was through a glass door – and as I went further in it became obvious that it was a fairly small labyrinth steam room with very little light as you wandered around the various corners.
The young guy was in but seemed to be fondling another guy!
From a very dark corner was the distinctive sound of balls slapping on thighs with a gentle moan keeping in time with the obvious cock movements – very erotic in the near pitch dark!
I found myself shoulder to shoulder with a 40year old and we both just put an arm around each other’s necks and fondled the other’s nipple!
He quickly ran his free hand down by chest and stomach to my now erect penis. He continued with my nipple play (as I did to him) and pulled my foreskin back. I did the same to him but he sort of only wanted me to finger him rather than masturbate! He gently then more rapidly wanked me off – I soon exploded over both of us! He pulled his cock away from me – but held onto mine! The young guy came over to us and I quickly fingered his nipple – he did the same to me!

It was a brief encounter and we all parted – me to get a shower to clean up then to get dressed!
As I was dressing, a slim young guy came in, stripped down to his cute briefs, then removed them to reveal a nice pert rear and a totally shaved body with a nice semi erect uncut cock. He then squeezed himself into a nice flat style steel cockring and headed for the showers – I almost decided to strip off and join him!

A great morning, more than happy to repeat the experience!!
Please tell me if you have experienced the same!

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By Jepp [Ignore] at 02,Apr,18 05:59
very hot story....Regards from Düsseldorf
By alanhuk [Ignore] at 02,Apr,18 07:56
thx for saying!! Have you been to Phoenix?
If I go to Dusseldorf again I will enjoy another naked morning!!!

By ferret7615 [Ignore] at 15,Mar,18 13:50
Glad you had a great fucking time!

By andy99 [Ignore] at 14,Mar,18 15:00
Wow, sounds great.

By uncut46 [Ignore] at 14,Mar,18 04:49
Great expierience, Al. That´s why I enjoy gay saunas too.
By alanhuk [Ignore] at 14,Mar,18 06:10 to meet you in the sauna!!!

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