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My first time

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By Lynn461 [Ignore] at 14,Mar,18 16:44   Pageviews: 80

When I was young, I enjoy walking naked in the woods and skinny dripping (and I still do). I found an isolated spot in a wooded along a creek, very hidden from the road and public. After spending a few days in the area, just sitting and reading, I had not seen anyone. So I thought I had found a good area for my favorite activities. I started using the area for my strolls and swimming.

One summer morning, I decided going walking in the woods and swimming sounded better than going to work. Went to my spot, stripped, went for a walk, then a swim. I returned to the bank and laid out in the sun. I think I took a short nap and woke to hear someone walking through the bushes. 2 Men appeared. One said to the other, I think we found our play mate for the day. I realized what they meant. I told them I was not gay, just here to swim. One answered, not to be shy, we know why you are here, you are and appear ready for some fun. One of them walked over to me, pulled me up, ran his hands over my body and told the other one, he is going to be nice to have. He put his arm around me and pulled me close, still running his hands over my body. The other one started undressing; then he reached over pulled me against him, and started running his hands over my body, he grabbed my behind and said to his friend, he has a nice ass. I afraid; but body did fell good touching mine. I told them again, I was here for a walk in the woods and a swim.

After the second guy was nude, the one holding me, turned me toward him, took my hand and put on his dick. I pulled it away, he put it put it back. Told me to start stroking it. By that time, I was afraid not too. I started stroking it, it felt kind of nice.

The second one came up behind me and started rubbing his dick between my ass cheeks, I could tell he was ready. After a few minutes, the guy facing me, forced me to my knees and started trying to put his dick in my mouth. I resisted him, he held my nose closed and told me to open my mouth. I knew this was going to happen, I so I opened my mouth and let him slide his cock in.

I started sucking his cock, thinking I just need to get to over. But after a few minutes, I found I was enjoying his cock. It felt so nice and warm in my mouth. I start trying to get it in deeper. I knew this was turning me on, and my dick was getting so hard.

Just then, I realized the other guy had kneed behind me and was inserting his cock into me. I struggled trying to stop him; but he pulled me on to his cock. He started to stroke his cock in and out. At first it hurt, then I realized my body was moving back and forth with him. I discovered it was very pleasing to me, I wanted his cock in me. I loved the feel of his body against mine. I was surprised how much I was enjoying myself. They both came almost at the same time. I surprised myself that I let him stay in mouth. I enjoyed the feeling of him cumming. When his friend cum, it felt so nice. As he started cumming, I found myself tighten my muscles around his cock, pulling him deeper into me, trying to pull everything into me. I did not want him to pull it out; I loved the feel of him cumming in me.

I had not realized it; but I come there for sex. I discovered I loved and wanted cock and I wanted to have sex. Not just any sex; but to have sex as a bottom and be used for my pleasure and his. I had never felt this much pleasure or desire before. I was excited by sex we just had. I could never imagine how wonderful it would be. I had never felt this turned on. I had never felt like this before, I actually felt sexy and desirable. I wanted to have them again.

After we finished, we went in swimming for a while, playing around in the water. When we came out started again. It was even better the second time. I knew what to expect and what I wanted them to do with me. I was eager for it to happen and let them know. I walked over to them and told them if you are going to have sex with me; I want to be kissed.

One of them said to me, see we knew you were here for sex. We knew that you were trolling. They said one of the rules was, that if a person was naked, then they were offering their body for sex. I was not sure what they were talking about and decided to ask later.

We started again, this time I immediately took his cock in mouth. The only time I let it out was when I turned to the guy behind me to be kissed. My first French kiss was the icing on the cake. It completed the experience. The second time I found my body reacted even more. I could not get enough.

The guy in front of me, when he was ready to cum, pulled his cock and shot his cum on my body. It felt kind of of nice as it dripped down my body.

I could feel the guy behind me was ready to cum, I made him kiss as he came. His kiss and his cumming in me, sent a thrill through me. As he kissed me, I realized I was cumming. It made me feel complete.

When we finished, I went in for a quick swim, came out to discover they were getting dressed. I surprised myself, I told them no way, I was not done with them. We did it again. I pulled one of them against me started kissing him. This time as we kissed, he introduced me to something new. He started rubbing my breasts and licking my nipples. Just when I thought it could not get any better, the first lick came, I thought I was going to jump out of my skin. Each time was better than the first.

After we finished, I asked them, I said I understood I had been naked and the rule was that if I was naked; I was looking for sex; but since they did not know me; why had they thought I had come there for sex and why had they come there? I found out something I had not know. Several men knew about this spot and would come out looking for sex. When they saw me naked, they assumed that what I was there for. They said they had found me naked, and thought I was offering myself. They said they in the beginning, they thought I was just shy and nervous, just needed to be encouraged. That is when I told when they started I was virgin and had not been there for sex. When we first started they were **** me against my will, but then I come discovery I was enjoying their cocks and wanted them. I never asked, but I like to think they had been attracted by my body and that I was sexy.

I walked over to them, grabbed their cocks, pulled them to me and kissed them, then said Thank you for the very enjoyable time.

I had enjoyed the morning; and wanted to have sex again; returned to the spot a few times. I had discovered I loved a nice cock and loved having a man use me for sexual pleasure. I also found I loved the feel of his body against mine, taking his cock in my hand, tuning him on, then using him for pleasure and letting him use me.

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By kebmo [Ignore] at 16,Mar,18 03:16
Great story. I'd be there every day lying in the sun naked.

By #497186 [Ignore] at 15,Mar,18 00:43
impressive blog very erotic x

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