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Kinky Quiz "Borrowed" from Raven_Fucks

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By BearBen_SYD [Ignore] at 16,Mar,18 23:37   Pageviews: 84

Kinky Quiz "Borrowed" from Raven_Fucks (Thank You XxXxX)

1. Giving head do you spit, swallow or ewwww a penis in my mouth no way!!?

I am a swallower. I'll milk every last drop.

2. When you cum do you moan, scream, giggle or no sadly I have never achieved orgasm?

I usually moan with the proclamation "I'm cummingggg" ; once, as I was riding a long thin cock, first ever hands free cumming.. I was laughing cause it felt so good.

3. Have you ever fucked outdoors and if so did you like it?

I have fucked outdoors a few times...more if I could!!

4. Would you be more likely to fuck a guy you aren't attracted too out of a) pity or b) he offers you $

I don't pity fuck, so he better have many $$$.

5. Describe your last lesbian encounter in detail, including your technique performing cunnilingus and who achieved orgasm.

Never had a complaint about my "oral pleasure" giving. LOVE my face flooded with cumjuice!

6. Do you have any exhibitionist tendencies?

I have.

7. Have you ever let a man stick his wangdoodle in your poop chute? Did you **** it, enjoy it, meh or orgasm?

I love it in my poop chute all the way to orgasm.

8. What do you think about when giving a blowjob?

How it feels in my mouth, breathing & not gagging

9. Have you ever tasted semen?

Many times

10. Do you have any kink or fetish interests like bondage?

I have many.

11. Would you rather go shopping at Target or take a mustache ride on a handsome dude?

I'll always pick a mustache ride over a shopping trip.

12. If you could tie up a celebrity of your choice and only pull him/her out of the cupboard to fuck now and then who would it be?

Vonderful Vonder Voman Gal Gadot & handsom hubby Yaron Versano

13. Are those tits real? If not, how long have you had them? How much did they cost?

N/A but my nipple piercings are real

14. If you could change one thing about your body or appearance what would it be?

My stomach or height

15. If you had a chance to be twice as smart or twice as sexy which would you pick?

Sexy, because I'm already a smart arse

16. If you aren't into greek, can I stick my thumb in your ass while we fuck and try to feel my penis?

Fuck my ass with your finger in? OK

17. Ever engage in group sex? Were you the one who yelled "Oh yeah, showstopper!"

Love group sex & usually not yelling too loudly - paper thin walls!

18. When where and at what age did you lose your virginity?

16 in the Cleaners closet/toilet at High School with 13 J*****n B****y on my fleecy lined lumber jacket during a break in dress rehearsals for our school musical Noahs Flood... hesian bags were our costumes, it had been raining & the smell of wet hesian was heavy in the air as my prayer was answered/virginity gone!

19. How many guys / girls have you been intimate with in your lifetime? (don't say 5 we will know you're lying)

47 years of sex.... married twice... at least 100 each sex by now

20. If the world is ending in 20 minutes and we were trapped alone in an elevator could I get a blowjob?

Only if we 69

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