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First sex

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By gdrew [Ignore] at 17,Mar,18 11:05   Pageviews: 69

First Sex With a Friend I was an 'early bloomer' sexually and had a neighbor that was **** or ****. I was almost thirteen, at the beginning of the swim season one summer. In the "change room" at our local swimming pool he noticed my maturing sex-package, and commented to the effect of, "Wow, you've got a nice one!" I think I replied nervously with something like, "Yah…You too". A couple days later, he invited me over to his house. Both his parents were attorneys, and had gone to their office for the day. He said we could go to his room which was on the third floor of their large Victorian home. I kinda' had an idea, and sure enough, as soon as we got into his room he told me he was horny, and asked if I was too, because we could jerk off together if I wanted too. This guy was one of the 'big kids'…Good-looking and popular in the neighborhood. I remember feeling almost as if it were a treat being asked. Soon, we were both naked from the waist down, fondling ourselves. His cock was a bigger than mine and had more hair around it, or at least it looked that way since he had a darker skin and darker brown hair. He noticed, and it made me feel good when he commented that the head of mine was bigger than his. He wasn't circumcised and peeled his skin back for me to get a good look. His cock was at least an inch longer than mine and obviously thicker, but mine's head looked quite a bit bigger than his. He told me we should sit on his bed and feel each other's if I wanted to. We did. I can't remember how we performed, but it must have been working, because after a few minutes, a drip appeared on his slit. I knew it wasn't pee, because it had happened to me a couple of times. He told me how it was pre-cum anyway. He had some tissues on his nightstand and cleaned it up. It wasn't long, and some appeared on mine. He passed the tissues to me. We talked about doing blow jobs. He told me he had done them with Mike, another big **** in our neighborhood. He said he'd do it to me first, and he did, for one minute. It felt really good of course. Now it was my turn. As I got into position, I noticed a big drop of stuff starting to slide down the shaft of his cock. He saw it too and likely figured I wouldn’t want to suck him with that stuff on it. He wiped it clean and I started. It wasn't as bad as I thought it might be. In fact, I kind of liked the way it felt in my mouth. I didn't do much, but I remember feeling along the edge of his tip with the tip of my tongue. I could tell he liked that because I felt his cock tighten a couple of times and he got really hard. Near the end of my minute I felt some of that pre-cum stuff come out in my mouth. I didn't like it because it was salty and I figured it was mostly pee. A few seconds later my minute was up. I took one of the tissues and put my spit with the stuff in it into the tissue. He sucked mine and I remember to this day getting nervous about thinking I would ‘cream-off’ in his mouth it felt so good. Looking down and seeing him actually sucking me looked so hot. I made it and we continued to play and a few minutes later we were both getting super horny, and sucked each other again. Both of us drooled in each other this time. He told me I did, but he didn't spit it out. I still spit, and continued to until late that summer after a guy actually ‘creamed-off’ in my mouth. After doing our second blow-job, we both said how horny we were and decided we would do what he called sixty-nine. I was on top and doing it this way I noticed we were looking straight at each other’s balls and into each other’s ass cracks. We did it that way for about a minute and I told him we better stop because I was starting to get.. ‘that feeling’. It was time to cum by jerking each other off. We both lay back on his bed in the sixty-nine position and started the process. I noticed how easy it was to do his because of how the skin went up and over the ridge of his cock head. I was circumcised and mine didn’t work that way. After a couple of minutes, I made his squirt. I watched and really enjoyed seeing several spurts of his white stuff come out onto his tummy, and a whole bunch more come down onto my hand. It was my first time seeing another guy cum and I was the guy that caused it. I could smell his sperm and noticed it smelled just like mine. I remember wondering if it tasted like mine too. He of course went to cleaning himself up and told me to finish because he wanted to see me cum too. Making him cum and watching it had gotten me wicked horny, so as I started to pump myself I knew it wouldn't take me long. I also liked the idea that I had someone that wanted to watch me cream-off. The strong tingling started and I knew I was starting to cum. The white spurts started. One small spurt followed by several more, making it all the way to my chest. I couldn't believe how much cum I got. Even my buddy was amazed and noted that I got a lot more than he did. He actually went to his bathroom and got toilet paper so that I wouldn't use all his tissues cleaning up my white mess. It was my first ever major orgasm and I was actually proud of the results. To this day, I remember how I could actually feel my cum shooting up through my cock. It had been a good day. The first of quite a few where sex with my neighbor and on occasion a few of his high school friends took place...And I was invited. I had quite a few guy on guy experiences right up until around age twenty. As it turned out, we were all bisexual except for one guy that ended up completely gay. I still prefer pussy, but I have had some wonderful sex with men. I wish it was easy to have sexual encounters with guys as it is with women.

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By up-for-it [Ignore] at 17,Mar,18 17:33
Hey i love these first time stories!
They do make me wonder why i missed out on those!

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