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Sensitivity Problem

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By thebeewolf [Ignore] at 17,Mar,18 14:07   Pageviews: 89

I love getting sucked to completion. Who doesn't? There's nothing better than having a cum-addicted cock whore throat my dick, suck my balls, and even rim my hole. Especially if I can make the pleasure last a long time before I cum. But there is one thing that can go really wrong sometimes. You see, the head of my penis becomes extremely sensitive the moment I start squirting.

When I'm fucking a woman, this is not too much of a problem. I just stuff it in her as far as it will go, squirt everything in her, then ease it out. When getting blown to completion, though, it's really kind of up to the cock sucker what happens when I cum. Almost all of them want to keep sucking even after I'm done. I get that. They want every drop. But some of them seem to be able to do it without irritation and some definitely do not.

You'd think that letting a guy know about this would improve the outcome. Especially if he's done me a few times and knows about this problem. But the thing is, it doesn't really seem to help. Even if he knows, he doesn't seem to be able to ease up.

What gives? Any advice would be appreciated. There's a lot of good cock suckers out there who can't seem to avoid giving me that bad ending. Help!

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By ferret7615 [Ignore] at 18,Mar,18 13:16
Oh man, same thing with me. I am so sensitive once I cum and want the cocksucker right off my shaft. Also once I cum I am not too interested in getting either the gal or guy off! I know that is selfish of me but that's my M.O.
By thebeewolf [Ignore] at 18,Mar,18 13:31
Maybe get them off first? And then just sit back and enjoy your reward
By ferret7615 [Ignore] at 18,Mar,18 14:08
I know you are right on that issue, have to learn and share more.

By kebmo [Ignore] at 18,Mar,18 05:37
When I swallow I always position his head at the back of my throat after he cums and just let it sit there for a moment so that feeling goes away all the while keeping his cock warm and wet. After a reasonable time I suck it some more and swallow any residual cum. I suck it until it's completely soft and after that I feel I've done a good job and enjoyed the process myself.

By nekekal [Ignore] at 17,Mar,18 19:39
I am with you. When I orgasm, the head of my cock becomes so sensitive, that movement is almost painful.

As you say, when fucking a woman's cunt, it is only a little problem, unless she is on top. If I am on top, I just thrust in as far as I can, cum, and hold still while I can get over it. If she is on top, I hope that she cums before I do so that she will be interested in just sitting on my cock while I cum.

But getting a blowjob, I want the cocksucker to keep sucking. But not immediately after I cum. Just hold my cock in their mouth for a few seconds, then suck more. I have found that the best way to deal with this is just to tell them. Or hold their head while my cock is sensitive.

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