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Baring on the Highway

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By bigboypel [Ignore] at 18,Mar,18 21:14   Pageviews: 124

So, I was travelling to Newport News for work today...6 hours in the car, might as well make it more exciting. On the way out, stopped to fill the gas tank and run the car through the wash. While in the car wash, decided to remove my shorts and drive half-naked.
During the trip, I ran into construction traffic for about 30 miles. I figured - since we're all stuck in this mess, I'll put on a little show cor anyone with a taller vehicle than me. Sincd we weren't moving fast, it was easy to stroke my cock as SUVs and trucks inched past. A few of the truckers laughed, some gave a toot of their horn.
The fun was just beginning. A Chevy Suburban carrying a group of rather attractive women pulled up along the side of my car. The woman driving gasped at first site, but continued to watch as a wicked smile came across her face. Before I knew it, she had included her passengers in the happenings, and the windows were opened for a clearer view. Not wanting to disappoint - I opened my windows and took in their words of encouragement. Now, the traffic was not moving at all. This was my chance to safely finish myself off for their viewing pleasure. I thrusted my hios upwards and strooked my rock hard cock fast! The women yelled out and screamed with delight as my balls tightened and I erupted with blast after blast of hot cum.
I caught my load in a napkin that i readied for the explosion, then turned to the women in the car next to me, only the hear their cheers and applause. Knowing that I had just given them their Sunday afternoon entertainment, I smiled , waved, and thanked them for allowing me to give them a trilling show in the traffic.
Shortly after that, the highway cleared, and I continued my drive. There were a few other shows along the way, but those will be other stories.
Enjoy your work week!

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By Sicilian1 [Ignore] at 02,May,19 07:17
Great story, I love stroking my cock on long drives. Never had an audience like yours, but I have had a few truckers watch me.
By bigboypel [Ignore] at 02,May,19 17:32
Had one that was beside me in construction zone for a while. Gave me a honk once i pulled away

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