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Edging, and ED: How I Cope With Me.

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By Mazinga [Ignore] at 19,Mar,18 21:24   Pageviews: 53

YES, I have ED. It finally caught up with me after
my Hernia Repair surgery in 2010... but the surgery
didn't have anything to do with it.
I guess I had developed it from decades of rough
and abusive masturbation-- and riding bicycles with
narrow hard seats during my younger years working as
a bike messenger in downtown Los Angeles, CA.
I am SO Not kidding.

SoOo... how do I cope with my ED?
At first, I used to take over-the-counter pills
such as "Black Ant" (Google it).
It helps, but it's useless while I'm hitting poppers
during my masturbation (and Buddy-Fuck) sessions.

I've stopped using such pills almost a year ago.
Now I'm relying on natural non-medicinal methods
of arousal with much more gentle masturbation
to get myself Up and Going.
Read on...

I'm an edger, but I also like to abstain for
several days... at least a week... or perhaps
even longer until I KNOW that I'm very horny to cum.

I can't cum in a timely manner when I'm with a partner.
And usually I have to coach him how to make me cum.
Other times I can deliberately hold my load at will
in order to sustain my pleasure threshold.
I just have to coach the guy on how to handle me.
In my experience, few guys take direction quite well.
Other guys are extrrrEEmly talented that they need
no direction at all, and I achieve some mind-blowing
intense orgasms while at their mercy!

For the record, I've also had my share of ED moments
with guys as I've tried to fuck their tight asses,
or fuck their mouths; and I've come away embarrassed.
But I won't let that drag me down.

I can cope with my ED by myself, or I can ask
a buddy to help me- thus HE becomes my Edger.
If the guy is really good with his hands
and mouth, I like to hold my load at will just to
enjoy His ways of stimulating me as the actual Edging
while I try to sustain my goon state for a while.

I've noticed that I'm ready to cum sooner,
and then my loads shoot better, after a lengthy period
of Abstinence. So, I follow that route and cut down
on my frequency of masturbation.

I have ED; so, if I masturbate too frequently
then I have difficulty staying hard or I shoot "duds"
(small gobs or drops of cum).

When I make a point to abstain, I seriously Abstain.
For me that means NO touching my cock... no porn... sexual thoughts in my head... for however long
I plan to abstain.
Could be days, or weeks, but I really Abstain.
That way when I've finally broken my abstinence my
cock is Horny as Fuck the instance that I finally
touch it for the first time again--

--and I don't just jump right into a quick bate;
I eeeeeease into it slooooooowly starting with some
light feathered touching and teasing of my cock in its
most sensitive spots while controlling my PC muscle
from involuntarily twitching during the random
touches and sensations.

That's right, PC muscle Control.
When that muscle twitches, it forces your cock
to throb.
Try to allow that muscle to relax so that your cock
will throb on its own just from the bluud flow to
make it become firmer and harder.
When you thrust your hips forward as though you
were Fucking, your ass "puckers"... THAT is also the
work of your PC muscle.
Try to thrust while keeping your PC muscle relaxed...
... OOOOOohh it feels Too good!

Also, DON'T forse your cock to throb by flexing
your PC muscle. When you do, it interrupts the
bluud flow to your cock as those muscles tense tight
around your network of penile veins and arteries.

It's okay to throb your cock while you're fucking
the wife or girlfriend.
But when you're just jacking and edging alone, allow
your cock to throb on its own, and try to relax
your PC muscle.

The best position for this is Lying Down on your back,
in bed, legs apart, so that your body is totally
relaxed and limp.
Subtle body movements near your torso and legs
can often cause the PC muscle to flex.

Also remember to breath/exhale slowly and deeply from
your center abdominal core, and through your mouth.
The same way that you breathe while Slow-Fucking.
Breathing through your mouth sounds Sexy as Fuck!

You should have the room completely silent.
No background noises, no phone calls, no doorbells
ringing, no radios playing. Total Silence, so that
you can Listen to your body and your cock.

Still keeping your body completely relaxed, curl your
toes inwards and hold them there tight... feel how
that curl makes your cock feel harder?
Now relax your toes, and then curl them outwards,
then inwards tight again... do that WITHOUT flexing
your PC muscle.
Mentally Concentrate all of your sensitivity onto
your cock.

During this stage, my pre-cum is rising up my shaft;
and so I like to play a Denial game with it of
"let it rise, but DON'T let it leak out"...

Those of you who are Heavy Pre-cummers Know that
ticklish "burning" tingling sensation your cock
gets when your pre-cum rises up the shaft towards
your cock head, and your cock head is buzzing
from that sensory overload!

You should be Gooning, eyes and toes curling wildly;
your body writhing with such uncontrolled pleasure
and climaxing at the PONR (Point Of No Return)
by this moment in time.
Go on, continue edging until you can't take it
any longer... then let that load Fly!

I cannot suggest anyone to abstain for ___ days
or whatever lengthy periods of time, because many
of you have partners and spouses to attend to.

But, if you Do abstain, just relax and concentrate
on those detailed sensations- and DON'T RUSH through
them just to shoot that load out so soon.
Enjoy that climax and pleasure threshold while you
can still Feel it. PATIENCE is Everything!

Hope this helps!


PS: I'm NOT Dr Ruth nor a "Sex Therapist"! lol
I'm just relating methods that work for me, based on
my years of practice and personal experience with them.
And I don't care whether I'm right or wrong,
I'm just sharing this with y'all.

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By #545800 [Ignore] at 25,Aug,18 03:37
Hi there I've had ED since a fatal accident in 2009 I've tried various tablets over the counter and prescription but every time I take one I get a allergic reaction and end up back at doctors, so I've had to rely on watching porn and then I only get a semi erection, when I jerk off I cum quickly and straight away I'm soft again.

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