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Just a funny story from a few years ago *lix*

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By licksipsuckit [Ignore] at 20,Mar,18 01:01   Pageviews: 570

has anyone ever been profiled while online??? A few years ago, l was approached by a dude from a dating site, that told me he had an exceptionally long cock, and was offering me some hot steamy sex. That ticked a 'big' box on what l was looking for from a sexual partner, as looks arent important if theyre got the equipment and are good in bed, and after talking for a few days, he mentioned he had 2 teenage sons, who also happened to have large cocks and they were willing to do a foursome with me and their dad.. At this point, the 'TO GOOD TO BE TRUE' alarm went off in my head and l began to humour him and asked for some pics.. He sent me a picture of two lads, both looking very different to each other, one blonde and tall, one brunette and short, and not looking like brothers in any way, shape or form, so l reverse searched the pic to find that his 18 year old boys would have to of been 8 when the shot was taken and sven and hans the back packers, werent real aussie sounding names lol, but l thought ld see how far this joker would go. He ended up sending me a picture of himself, he was just an average looking dude, so l figured it could have been him and and he more than likely didnt have a 10 inch cock, but l guess he was hedging his bet, that if we made a date, he paid for a room and l travelled to see him, that l would just fuck him because ld gone that far.. So we arranged a meeting at a nice little country pub, that had rooms and l was half entertaining going there, only they didnt sell lobster and caviar, or meals over a hundred dollars a pop lol, just so l could turn him down. But l couldnt be bothered going to that much trouble to teach this dick a lesson, so l just didnt turn up, after he emailed me a few times, wanting to know where l was, l let him know that l had searched the pics and all but his head shot turned up as monster cocks on multiple others sites and one of the pics was so well known that ld already seen it many times on other sites .. He proceeded to call me a bunch of names and even emailed me for another few weeks after going through all the different emotions of getting angry, appologizing and back to name calling and the like...
so has anything like this ever happened to anyone here?? lm guessing because lm very frank and specific about what l wanted at the time that he thought this was the only way he could get a meeting with me.. l still to this day have a good laugh about it from time to time *lix*

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By poedee [Ignore] at 29,Mar,18 17:57
I'm living proof my friend. Btw, in native American alone and the last person to see my cock said hell no your not getting that around me! And im only 10.3 hard. Everybody wants to be somebody. Your the real dill! Your friend poedee
By licksipsuckit [Ignore] at 29,Mar,18 18:38
yeah when l see a big 10 in cock, my face lights up and you cant wipe the smile off my face *lix*
By poedee [Ignore] at 29,Mar,18 18:42
Lol luv ya!!!

By mrfister1326 [Ignore] at 27,Mar,18 06:06
The loudest one is usually the most full of shit!
By licksipsuckit [Ignore] at 29,Mar,18 18:38
yeah that's true, my 'sounds to good to be true' meter went off the scale with this one *lix*

By Sussexbigboy [Ignore] at 25,Mar,18 03:43
Lol wow! Stay away from them ones
By licksipsuckit [Ignore] at 29,Mar,18 18:37
lol, yeah l always checked everyone out l was potencially was going to date *lix*

By Indianbi1993 [Ignore] at 23,Mar,18 07:16
Indians dont have a big dick....Will you ever date an indian?
By licksipsuckit [Ignore] at 23,Mar,18 08:02
l have a man, for now lm very happy with what l have and he has a 6 inch cock.. *Lix*

By Hornypoett [Ignore] at 21,Mar,18 04:18
There always were and will be posers trying to "gain something" over lies but the real funny thing is how their vanity makes 'em dumb enough to do such acts that only revealing their lack of self esteem.
By licksipsuckit [Ignore] at 21,Mar,18 04:39
lve always been extra careful with dudes claiming to have huge cocks, it comes with the territory and as long as they think they can gain something from it, they'll keep trying l guess. lm just happy aussie never made wild claims about himself, he was very open and honest all the way along, had nothing to hide and that's why we get on so well l guess. *lix*
By Hornypoett [Ignore] at 21,Mar,18 07:00
That's the real thing to adore!.. A body part can only count as a plus and it's nothing without a good soul.
By licksipsuckit [Ignore] at 21,Mar,18 17:39
yeah, lm a 'what you see is what you get' kind of girl, l don't see the point in pretending, you'll either like me or not .. you've known me for many years Poett, l haven't changed much, only gotten fatter as the years rolled by *lix*
By Hornypoett [Ignore] at 21,Mar,18 21:28
Might be so but I never thought of it that way, I'd say you're still looking tasty as the sweet wine as of your younger days, while that sweetness kept in hand, even may went a tad bitter, you're now probably much "stronger on volume" and precious like a neat brandy!..

By twowarmtts [Ignore] at 20,Mar,18 08:45
Sweetie, I'm sorry,,,I don't have a dick,
By twowarmtts [Ignore] at 20,Mar,18 08:46
By licksipsuckit [Ignore] at 20,Mar,18 20:21
lol, if l met you, ld ask you for an autograph, you are so much like a young Angela Lansbury, its a wonder you don't get mistaken all the time. *lix*
By twowarmtts [Ignore] at 21,Mar,18 19:01
Once in a while

By RickyW2009 [Ignore] at 21,Mar,18 04:55
He was a dick in the true sense of the word. I'd like to exercise my cock in you, but it would there would be long and sensuous foreplay first so that we'd both be very ready for it. The very thought makes me feel horny.......
By licksipsuckit [Ignore] at 21,Mar,18 05:06
yeah, there will always be dicks in this world, and with the invent of the net, it just made them closer at hand, ld been stranger dating for many years and was well prepared for people like this, l run my own race and if people couldn't meet a few basic requirements, l didn't waste time on them, l'd only ever ask once for good pics, and most couldn't do that. l don't know many blokes that could send me pics of their sons dicks, or naked shots, let alone fuck with them.. its a shame there are so many fakes around these days, makes it hard for the real blokes to get a look in *lix*

By Mr57tommyg [Ignore] at 20,Mar,18 05:13
Nice job hope he learned his lesson, I tried many of these sites looking for real ladies and have zero luck. Keep hunting. I wish I still went to Australia because I would love to meet you.
By licksipsuckit [Ignore] at 20,Mar,18 20:24
yeah there aren't many real women on line, l don't need to look any further, l have a great bloke with me now .. *lix*

By shuyguy [Ignore] at 20,Mar,18 05:07
Lol thatís why I donít trust anyone online. Donít mind a cheeky banter and some pics but most are fake lol. Well done you xx
By licksipsuckit [Ignore] at 20,Mar,18 20:22
yeah l don't trust either, lve always checked and rechecked everyone lve met *lix*

By alanhuk [Ignore] at 20,Mar,18 13:53
sounds creepy...yuk!
Glad you did not meet!
By licksipsuckit [Ignore] at 20,Mar,18 20:21
yeah he was a creep and didn't deserve my presence *lix*

By Big_Balled_Artist [Ignore] at 20,Mar,18 07:48
I was 19 walking in the main bar street with some friends and a 50+ years old man missing a lot of teeth, sitting at an outside table said "Hey Raptor"(Raptor_G was my name everywhere) can I offer you a drink?" I said no. He replies "I've got some hasch and some coke if you come to my place. I say "fuck off", my friend looks at me, are about to say something but he replies, angry "I saw you naked online, internet whore!" we just kept walking. My friends asked me tons of questions that day
By licksipsuckit [Ignore] at 20,Mar,18 20:19
lol, aussieman and I are still waiting for someone to call us *lix* and Aussie, now we're together lm sure we're more recognisable, but it hasn't happened yet, and lve always been licksipsuckit and still have not been approached other than by my dates as lve arranged along the way *lix*

By Gary1960 [Ignore] at 20,Mar,18 05:31
I would love to hook up with you but i would disappoint you in the sack
By licksipsuckit [Ignore] at 20,Mar,18 05:40
such honesty is hard to find, when every man in the world has 'exactly' what l need lol, funny how l ended up with someone that never told me if he was ok in sack, l was just lucky he was exceptional *lix*

By PoloFields [Ignore] at 20,Mar,18 02:59
By not showing up, you did teach him a lesson. Keep it real.
By licksipsuckit [Ignore] at 20,Mar,18 03:31
yeah but l could have taken it to another level lol, *lix*

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