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humiliate me

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By Juicygeraldine [Ignore] at 20,Mar,18 01:07   Pageviews: 413

i will do anything you can think of

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By 70seeker70 [Ignore] at 09,Apr,18 22:05
For the ultimate humiliation, I would have some friends over to have their way with you. Every orgasm would cum on your face. Soon, your face would be covered in cum. I would then make you walk naked, with the cum dripping from your face, to the place where you are employed. You would walk around to make sure everybody saw your naked body and your cum-covered face. On your way out,I would make you suck the janitor and allow him to fuck you. With him in your cunt and his friend in your ass you would soon be filled with their cum. I would make you walk naked back to your home, this time with the addition of cum running down both of your legs. Think about it. Picture in your mind the faces of your co-workers as they enjoy seeing your pussy, ass, tits, and of course your face. Do you feel humiliated?

By Jim65 [Ignore] at 04,Apr,18 21:31
love to strip you naked and slap my cock across your face

By 6sense [Ignore] at 04,Apr,18 19:08
i want you for fuck allnightlong

By Elcho [Ignore] at 03,Apr,18 15:57
While u r laying on the bed face up, im grabbing ur head to the edge and standing with an almost hard cock gonna make u swallow it completely, balls on ur nose and ur tongue out making room for my now fully hardened fucks ur throat. Ur neck bulges when its all the way in, i see it and feel it with my hands through it. That is gonna make me shoot a huge amount of warm semen really fast, so take it and breath later, injection of cum in the choking bulged neck it's not humiliating but an honor!

By willywonka [Ignore] at 01,Apr,18 09:58
I want you to ride my face with your wet, lace panty clad cunt

By 4everanedger [Ignore] at 31,Mar,18 18:16
I want to control your orgasm

By qhaos [Ignore] at 30,Mar,18 00:43
Anything? So i cam ask you to pull back my foreskin after a piss and clean my cockhead with your tongue?

By dura2000 [Ignore] at 26,Mar,18 19:40
I would love to lick your cunt clean after I have cum in you.

By Joe_Inda [Ignore] at 26,Mar,18 02:05
Would you strip naked, write "just for Joe" somewhere sexy, take a few pics of the process and post them for me to tribute?

By Sussexbigboy [Ignore] at 26,Mar,18 00:49
Fart in my face ?? Make me sniff & inhale your ass!! Make me your little but slave.... piss on me ..whatever u want!?! I will then reward you with my massive hard dick!!

By dura2000 [Ignore] at 25,Mar,18 18:19
I would love to get a pair of your panties after you have been fucked and had them on all day afterwards.

By Pearlboy [Ignore] at 22,Mar,18 21:09
I want your cunt so bad .i will give it the attention it deserves. Not softly and lovey but real hardcore and raw . I wanna ram my cock down your pretty throat till you are gasping and clawing for air .you have no idea how drained and satisfied you would be. I will make u drip and squirt like never before babe .u will beg for a break but i wont stop till i am sure you have had a life changing experience. Yes i am cocky but after 300 little slits i reckon i know how to treat them and yours is so fkn special i need to have it

By drumrboy [Ignore] at 22,Mar,18 19:31
I want to see your clitoris swollen and aroused!

By #437938 [Ignore] at 22,Mar,18 16:34
I would love to see a pic of me eating your pussy after you get fucked by a group of men & filled you with their cum!

By Alittlecock [Ignore] at 22,Mar,18 06:30
your too beautiful to humiliate but i would happily fill any hole and cover you in my thick creamy cum anyway!

By nekekal [Ignore] at 20,Mar,18 13:25

I have good imagination. Strip naked, let a large dog lick your tits, and shove his cock into your cunt while you suck a guys, mine for example, cock.
By Juicygeraldine [Ignore] at 20,Mar,18 23:17
By nekekal [Ignore] at 21,Mar,18 12:51
Picture would be great. If you need more ideas let me know.

You did say anything.

By MeetmyfriendGreg [Ignore] at 21,Mar,18 00:29
Lick my asshole while my cock pounds between your boobs and I eat and finger your pussy and asshole

By t-rex [Ignore] at 20,Mar,18 22:52
Suck my cock until I cum all over your face

By beingcurious6 [Ignore] at 20,Mar,18 17:57
Marry me?

By Mr57tommyg [Ignore] at 20,Mar,18 05:14
I love getting my balls licked while I eat pussy, you up for that?

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