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"TENTING" In Bed (As an edging Technique)

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By Mazinga [Ignore] at 20,Mar,18 15:36   Pageviews: 85

Us guys know what a tent is... when you're lying in bed
and your cock stands up vertically hard its form looks
well defined beneath the sheets.

Feels good, doesn't it!

Now... take that stiff erection to the next level:

Hold your cock at its base between your index finger
and your Middle finger.
Feel that warm stiff cock base literally Hum with
such body heat between your fingers...
Now, gently flick the head of your hard erect cock
side to side, back-n-forth, in circular motions,
randomly in any direction, against your bed sheet.

Feels so good, doesn't it!

Continue flicking slowly. Let the gentle friction
of the bed sheet gently rub your cock head.
This works with any sheet as long as the fabric is
micro-smooth and NON-abrasive.
Satin, and 100% Polyester bed sheets work best for this.
Fleece blankets are fine as well.
Quilted comforters with smooth surfaces are also good
for this sort of cock tease.

( Do NOT use comforters that are quilted with
feathers inside them, unless you wanna get pricked
by any protruding feather barbs )

Let the bed sheet rest loosely over your cock
as you continue flicking. Oooooooh yeah!
Relax your body and keep your legs spread
wide apart.

Do you remember how good those pillows felt
when you humped them as a young boy for your
first time dry-edging?
Well, old man, here comes That good ol
pillow-rubbing feeling again.
This time, tenting your bed sheet...

Feel the randomness of the bed sheet rubbing your
cock head and shaft in all the right sweet spots.
By now your PC muscle is twitching and your
ass is puckering uncontrollably...
Curl your toes. Breathe slow and deep, and exhale
slow and deep, from your core; let out a few
sighs and moans, even your eyes will roll back
into your skull from that pleasure threshold
and the cock head sensory overload...

...that's how a woman feels when she rubs
her clit with her fingers and miscellaneous objects.
In your case, as a Man, you're rubbing your big
throbbing stiff "clit" against your bed sheet.
Take your time. Don't rush it.
Your cock was made for Teasing. Tease it right.

Your pre-cum is rising. DON'T let it leak out.
Hold it back. Enjoy that dry gentle friction
of the bed sheet rubbing and door-knobbing
your tight bulbous cock head.
Feel the bluud flow make your cock more rigid
with every flick and rub.

Now, gradually flick your cock faster at any
given random moment.
Then slow the flicking pace down a bit.
When you least expect to do so, flick your cock
faster against the bed sheet.

At this point I will leave the rest up to You.
Cum... as you are.


After you've tried this "Tenting" alone for a while,
grab your wife or girlfriend and have her straddle
you in the reverse cowgirl position so that you can
see her ass and pussy from behind...
...and "Tent" her pussy the same way, until she is
dripping Wet all over your cock.

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By soharditspurple [Ignore] at 11,Apr,18 20:35
My wife really gets off I rub her "little" clit with my "big" clit and I love the feeling of her phat pussy lips engulfing my cockhead
By Mazinga [Ignore] at 11,Apr,18 23:57
I've seen many amateur videos of that type of tease-play
on Xtube and Xvideos, and it looks HOT!

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