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By shaven_dude [Ignore] at 20,Mar,18 18:38   Pageviews: 112

Hello bate friends!

As you can see from the hundreds of photos of my cock and ass, I love to take photos and post them online. I do the same with my video collection where I've posted over a hundred videos of myself in various masturbation and ass play situations to my XTube profile under the same name, shaven_dude.

I'm not always shaved completely, but as you can tell, I'm definitely into man scaping. What I love is this community, however. It's so great to be able to post this intimate private mometns and share them with you. Then to find out that there are SO many people into the same thing and love to watch my videos and look at my photos!

I've tried to find descriptions of online exhibitionism, but none of them seem to have been updated to keep up with what we all like to do here, share pics of our dicks and comment and masturbate to others pics. Every description of an "exhibitionist" is the old type where a dude exposes himself to someone who doesn't see it coming and there's the element of surprise. I've NEVER gotten that! I mean WTF?? Why would I want to show my dick to someone who doesn't want to see it? Let alone blind siding them with my dick?

Anyway, I love showing off here and reading all of the comments, and figuring out how many people have viewed my pics. It's all so much fun being an online exhibitionist! You expect to see dick pics on this site, and it delivers!

Be sure to catch me live on cam too! I often jerk off at

Peace and love everyone!

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By smallstuff [Ignore] at 03,Apr,18 15:41
I love your pictures

By Badjohnny911 [Ignore] at 27,Mar,18 00:09
LOVE looking at your pics! SWEET cock, balls & ass!! Keep posting them!! I`ll have to check out your Xtube videos!! Very hot I`ll bet!

By poker5er [Ignore] at 25,Mar,18 15:19
Always watch or try to see you CB shows jerking that nice cock and seeing the cum. always try to catch any new adds you do to the profiles on xtube and SYD.

By louther [Ignore] at 22,Mar,18 10:11
You have a great tool to work with and put on a good show which helps too! I also like to post and also cam to cam jacking with others.

By #269759 [Ignore] at 21,Mar,18 16:36
similar here... knowing that someone is watching (i like or getting off to my pics and vids is a huge turn on

By bi_44 [Ignore] at 21,Mar,18 15:56
I agree with you - it is fun being an online exhibitionist. It really turns me on to know people are looking at and maybe jerking off to my pics. Your pics are very hot - especially the ones of you shooting your loads. They always get my cock twitching! Thanks for posting.

By redbear [Ignore] at 20,Mar,18 20:05
Im a big fan!! Your cock is gorgeous your body is hot and your handsome as can be!!! Thank you for showing your self to us!! Certainly a treat!!

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