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By mahak [Ignore] at 23,Mar,18 03:26   Pageviews: 98

I was 26 and she 22 . Arranged Indian style marriage . We were not known to each other and had not even seen before marriage . Our marriage was to be completed by 11.30 in the night and by 4 am we were scheduled to move to my home from her home. I was bit tired due to travel and sitting for long hours before fire for rituals . I was excited to see and enjoy her . But due to heavy cloths was unable to get fair assessment of her figures ,which I had apprehension that her boobs may be very small . At the earliest I wanted to have an idea about it . Else her colour was very fair and good height .
After 11.30 we were taken to one room and given some refreshment and left .I was not sure for how much time we we were left alone as many kids were coming and going . Being her home I didnt wanted to appear to eb indecent and too much in hurry ,though my cock was definitely raring to go . I was mentally trying to keep my erection to the minimum possible . Suddenly she closed the door and I was bit nervous . I took her in my arms and laid her down. My god ....I was getting uncontrollable ...her deep milky navel was awesome ....i kissed her very gently...I took her upper part Sari beside and was mesmerized to see her cleavage ...I could not believe my luck..I had never seen ,even in movies also, such a beautiful ,beautifully nicely shaped boobs...I kissed her in the cleavage ..she resisted ..thinking my may spoil her dress ..as we had to go out shortly for some more rituals before final rest for few hours....but she could feel my cock ..it was not beyond control..i wanted to masturbate immediately so that i could control and have a gentlemen's image before her and many other spy watchers..i pressed her boobs ..and felt like heaven..suddenly someone knocked laughingly...and i had to unwillingly leave her ....for time being...will share more TILL SHE AND I CUMMED if liked and commented by you

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By JackHammer [Ignore] at 08,May,18 08:42
I like. More please.

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