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How to approach m2m anal intercourse

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By mikeinaz [Ignore] at 24,Mar,18 14:22   Pageviews: 175

A guy on here recently confided that he’d just gotten fucked for the first time. He said it hurt at first, but then it was super hot. I was glad that he found the courage to do something new, and I decided to write this for other men…

Thanks to anonymous websites like this, a sudden explosion of men are admitting that they have a fantastic-feeling prostate at the back end of their dick and want some action there. It seems when 90% of men think about trying m2m anal sex, they fantasize about being the bottom, not the top. ‘Tops' for m2m sex are harder to find, in case you havn't noticed.

I suspect it’s because the idea of just laying back, throwing their legs up and getting 'done' isn't the kind of abandoned thrill that a lot of guys ever get to experience. They were taught that their job in life is to be the heavy lifter for the pleasure and screams of someone else. So, it's an incredible new high to just let someone else do the driving for a change, while you take it all in and let go like on a rollercoaster.

Here’s some important stuff about the physical action of m2m anal sex. This is “sex education” to think about by yourself, whether you intend to top or bottom, not to philosophize about when you’re already with a guy and have a hard-on:

Usually newbies have no clue how to approach “getting it in” a guy’s (or woman’s) ass. An anus isn’t as “automatically” receptive as a cunt is. Some newbies will try to just jam their erection at an anus as quickly as possible, maybe even missing the mark a couple of times. The rush to insert is usually due to fear of going limp if there’s too much fussing around because of the receiver’s protestations of pain.
So for some, ”taking it” = "grin and bear it" if not downright getting “sexually forced”.. the R-word you can’t type here.
The anal sphincter is naturally shut tight and involuntarily resists being forcibly opened by surprise, and it signals “STOP” and “PAIN” if forced. And once the PAIN alarm goes off, it takes awhile to get calmed down, so a hot experience ends up as way more of a fearful struggle than it ought to be. Furthermore, an initial botched experience can ruin your desire to ever try anal again.

The solution is to do like the song says: “Relax, don’t do it!” … not yet.

Instead: Plenty of foreplay and gentle, ‘feel-good’ wet finger tapping and probing –and if both parties agree: tonguing– around the anus and ‘cajoling’ it to open up to pleasure. You’ve gotta both actually take time to enjoy this part, not rush through it. Along with that, keep both of your dicks excited about what’s happening and involved. Unless the bottom is experienced at accepting a stiff poker, the state of his penis is probably a better indicator of his eagerness than what he verbally says to you. It’s no secret that a lot of guys are lousy communicators and prefer to just clam up. So, if his unit really goes south, feels cold, and seems to have completely left the premises, reset and go back to doing more of whatever makes you both hard again. This doesn’t mean you both lost the day, you’re just trying to get there too fast. Rinse and repeat.

A turned-on anus "wants" to open VERY willingly if FIRST well lubed up, tickled and played with and 'attended to' lovingly –just as if it were a clitoris– with only a finger tip at first and then with a lot of wet tongue-probing. You've already taken an enema and are fresh and clean as a whistle, right? The last thing you need is some bad aroma and unspoken-of embarrassment about it putting the freeze on things.
Always insist that the finger poker have short-clipped and smooth-filed finger nails. Long nails hurt and tear anal tissue easily and spoil not only the moment but also allow entry for infection. Again, too many souls will grin and bear such crappy treatment, but will have long since have mentally fled the premises.

As the receiver, once you're 'warmed up' and your anus is really liking being opened up, counter any tendency to cringe against entry by deliberately doing the opposite: gently PUSH as if on the pot as his VERY WELL-LUBED cock, dildo or whatever enters. Be KIND to yourself and DON'T ALLOW yourself ever to be entered cold-turkey or with a dry cock with just a swipe of watery spit on it... unless you genuinely like the R-word.

Being the Bottom is all about letting go, submitting, and allowing yourself to 'BE pleasured' BY someone else... so...
I don't know how other men think, but my opinion is that the Top is a selfish loser unless he’s 100% attentive to and cares about his Bottom's cock. Make sure that the bottom remains turned on moment by moment and be willing to masturbate him and keep him hard and well lubed if he wants that. And always make sure he gets off, either while fucking or right after without having to be asked to do this. Often any desire to get a partner off evaporates after we cum. We’ve all been there.. But leaving your partner 'un-cum' is just really rotten form, even if you never want sex with the dude again.

I, for one, don't like getting fucked –or anything else– if I get the feeling that all the top cares about is getting his own rocks off and not mine just as much. In fact, I believe in complete equality between two men.. if one guy is willing to do something, the other guy should at least be willing to try to reciprocate in the same way, even if it never actually comes to that. In other words, no one is really a top or a bottom as far as importance and self-worth goes. It’s a contract with two equal and opposite sides.

Guys need to teach each other and pass skills and positivity forward.

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By mikeinaz [Ignore] at 14,Jan,19 10:24
Thanks to all of you who leave a comment. I'm interested in your feedback.
....And perhaps you'll tap the on my profile page if you get something out of my writing?

By Uncutandsexyfit [Ignore] at 23,Jun,18 11:02
I love being the top as I get so horny and throbbing rock hard pleasing my bottom. Knowing that I am causing him so much pleasure is a complete turn on for be. You are right on with your info. The guys I have played with love my upward curved cock as it can message the prostate gland very well. I have made some bottoms cum without touching their cock due to my upward curved cock. Don’t get me wrong I have enjoyed being a bottom really every top should bottom so it helps make you a better lover for the bottom. I love man ass it is the biggest turn on. But it is so exciting to top a guy and watch him enjoy it as much as you do being the top. I love it when the bottoms eyes roll back and you know they are loving your cock as much as you love his beautiful sexy ass. I feel it is very personal and intimate when two guys have anal sex. If done right it is awesome for both guys. Tops need to appreciate a bottom as much as a bottom appreciates a top as you are correct again there is less tops available. My sexy hot latino bottom makes me crazy horny and most of the time I have the pleasure of two-three fucks because I respect him and love his beautiful sexy bubble booty. I always make sure he is getting what he wants as much as myself. Nothing like hours of hot man2man sex and love making.
By Kissme1212 [Ignore] at 25,Oct,18 15:12
Thank you so much for sharing I really appreciate it. You describe perfectly what I want!

By Kissme1212 [Ignore] at 25,Oct,18 15:09
I really love you so take and words of wisdom ! Thank you for the great information. I feel like you know me, and that’s a good feeling as a bottom

By onthelose [Ignore] at 02,Apr,18 23:02
This is so true and well put. Porn is the main culprit when it comes to dry anal sex. There are no lessons on having good anal sex for either the top or bottom, so when someone takes the time to inform the rest of us it often does a lot of good. I have learned from experience that after having anal sex a few times, especially with larger than average guys , I did loosen up somewhat. Several butt plugs ,one larger then the other has helped me not be so tight.

By pifad [Ignore] at 29,Mar,18 02:42
Good info

By up-for-it [Ignore] at 28,Mar,18 17:16
I am new to m2m sex, so this is good information for me and hopefully for anyone in the future wanting to top me.

Thanks for writing this!

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