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My Meatotomy

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By tinywhensoft [Ignore] at 26,Mar,18 19:02   Pageviews: 57

I had a really small meatus that made it harder than necessary to pee. When I saw so many great examples of modified dicks I finally settled on a meatotomy. I cut in several steps but now have a wonderful big opening.

I had to open it all the way through the glans before the restriction was removed. A benefit I had to discover is how great it feels to rub the two separated wings of the glans against each other. It's a great way to cum quickly if I want to.

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By #437938 [Ignore] at 28,Mar,18 12:18
Thanks! what is the crush and cut method?
By tinywhensoft [Ignore] at 29,Mar,18 16:09
The best source would be to Google "meatotomy" and look through the references. There's one that will appear fairly soon that describes the procedure in detail, including how to use lidocaine to deaden pain.

By #437938 [Ignore] at 28,Mar,18 09:45
I'm glad it worked for you. I've thought about doing it myself but a little scared. How long was the healing process?
By tinywhensoft [Ignore] at 28,Mar,18 10:03
Healing was fairly fast. It's "usable" right afterwards, but I wait at least a week or two before having sex.

Each time I kept it clean and used antibiotic ointment. The crush and cut method works well and there is no significant pain afterwards. I used a small hemostat to keep the slit small. Be sure to sterilize the instruments and clean your dick thoroughly beforehand. If you numb it with lidocaine cream beforehand then the clamping is also pretty painless.

I did it using four small cuts but would have done it with fewer larger ones had I known how much I'd love the result.

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