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Male Specific Question

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By NiteRider [Ignore] at 29,Mar,18 06:08   Pageviews: 104

Hey Guy an Gurls

There are two, well at least two sexual acts ninety nine & nine tenths percent most males can Not do to Self. Suck their Dick and Fuck themselves with their Dick.

Yes, I have viewed a few instances/photos that appeared legit of a male sucking themselves, one male was so flexible he appeared to have a portion of his lower spine missing, another male success was facilitated due to having an exceptional long Dick combined with greater flexibility than normal. Although, the second of the two "Can Not DO's" is also difficult if not impossible for the majority of males is..........................................................

"Go Fuck Yourself"

Question, Have you or do you know of any Male who has actually Fucked himself? Not Urban Legend but proof positive verification via a NOT Photoshop ed, legit photo of a Male Fucking Themselves. Not sticking the Tip of their Dick to their rectum but inserting their Dick into their rectum. ANYONE, Got photos? Share Plez and your thoughts on the topic too.

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By smokieb69 [Ignore] at 05,Apr,18 04:00
i can (and do) suck my own cock
I have tried the self fucking, but am not really successful - but i have chatted to guys who can (and seen the evidence in pics)

By NiteRider [Ignore] at 29,Mar,18 22:36




Difficult if not for a photo to believe a Very Small Soft Dick can expand, lengthen so much. A Grower for sure. When I was young I disliked my Dick being so small when soft, showering at the Gym, Bikini Swim Trunks leaving nothing to the imagination other than a very small soft Dick, Surprise, Surprise Ladies an anyone else interested, not so small when Aroused. Now I could care less, actually, I Like Me just as I am cause it has allowed me to become who I am. Enjoy

Oh yeah the soft photo


BTW, I did not immediately take the photos once the deed was done, about thirty minutes later the photos were taken which is evident, noticeable from the color of my Dick, I have had an erection for a lengthy time. Unique, stimulating, although, with any sexual related experience, Yes, it requires a certain amount of physical energy expenditure to accomplish.

By licksipsuckit [Ignore] at 29,Mar,18 18:42
yeah lve seen one here, his name is longthomas and he can fuck his own arse, yeah l know its a hard thing like self sucking, but he does manage to do it.. and l guess mostly because he has a nice long cock, heres the proof and this man is a really nice bloke too, has always been lovely and polite to all.. and has a great selection of hot shots *lix*
By NiteRider [Ignore] at 29,Mar,18 22:08
Thanks for sharing the Info an the photo, Lix.

Now I know I am not the only aberration in attempting this and succeeding.

By nekekal [Ignore] at 29,Mar,18 14:09
I could suck my own cock. It was work, and not that comfortable, but I could get more than just the head into my mouth. I have quite a bit of cock.

But there is no way I could fuck myself. There is not much distance between my cock and my assholes and it would have required a serious bend in my hard cock and that just was not going to happen.
By NiteRider [Ignore] at 29,Mar,18 17:07
Fortunate you were to be able to do a self-suck. From the few attempts as a young man, years ago to suck myself, I can imagine the difficulty involved.

I assume you did this when younger, much younger during an era when instant photography/video was not readily available but I gotta ask, any photos of your feat?

I am not unusually tall, not bragging but for height, weight, etc, my Dick when erect is disproportionately larger/longer compared to my height, lessening the distance from Dick to Ass. Surprisingly, there is not a significant amount of twisting of one's Dick involved in fucking yourself. The distance between Dick to Ass with the length of one's Dick in relation to over-all body size appears to be the primary factor of whether it can be done just like it is for self sucking along with flexibility. I do not do it every week, may be once , twice a month on average sometime less. It is a pleasant sensation, assuming you are into Prostate play. Very distinct feel one my Dick pressing against my Prostate each time I do it along with there enough length to allow for minute In/Out movement of my Dick which accentuates the Prostate/Dick sensations.

I have often wondered if others have done this too or was I an anomaly in doing so. Hopefully, others will share their thoughts on the topic and there may be a few who have done this too.

Usually it is a 'Spur of the Moment' when I do a self fuck and don't have a camera in reach. A few months ago I was in the mood to do it and had my camera available to do some photos of the process. Yep, took some photos of a self fuck and most of the photos are of good quality/detail.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, experiences, hopefully, others will also contribute to the conversation, sharing their experiences too.

Oh, do you know if it is possible to attach a photo within a text such as this?

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