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By soccermomaudra [Ignore] at 29,Mar,18 15:47   Pageviews: 288

My Dad was going away for the weekend with his buddies. They were heading to my Dad's hunting cabin. My parents had been fighting again. I knew they needed some space for a few days. I didn't understand why they fought all the time. My Mom might have been in her late forties but she had this hot body. I was nineteen and I would have fucked her as often as I could.

There were more than a few times I would stroke myself on my bed. My thoughts would be on my mother. I wanted to feel her big tits in both of my hands. I ended up blowing a few loads thinking about having my Mom. It was Friday morning and my Dad had left on his trip. Mom was in the kitchen making coffee. She had her bathrobe on. I walked up behind her and put my hand on her back.

"Scott, you scared me!" She said.

I could feel that she didn't have a bra on. I kept rubbing her back and then her shoulders.

"What are you doing?" She quizzed me.

I didn't reply but I put my arms around her waist. She tried pulling away but I found the belt on her robe and I got it loose. I think my Mom was totally shocked when I worked her bathrobe to the floor. I didn't waste any time. I freed my shorts with one hand and let them fall to the ground.

Adult image from soccermomaudra

"Please Scott, stop this!"

There was no way I was stopping now. I began to rub my semi-hard cock up and down my Mom's crack. I could tell I was finally getting to her. I could swear she was pushing back against me. I reached for her tits and I cupped them with both hands. My mother was moaning by this time. I was grinding against her bottom. It was just a matter of minutes before the head of my cock found her opening.

I pushed into my Mom with one swift move.

"Oh fuck!" My Mom blurted out.

I managed to bury my dick deep into my Mom's wet passage. I got her to lean over the kitchen counter. I started to fuck Mom as hard as I could. Mom's pussy soon had me in a death grip. She wanted my cock, alright. She pushed back as I pounded her hole with my fat prick. You could hear those squishing noises as her wet pussy gripped my rod. I took my Mom hard that morning. I was going to make sure she want my cock from now on.

I found her ripe melons and I squeezed them both. That made my Mom cry out. I gave my mother hard thrusts with my hard dick. She loved every minute, I could tell. It seemed like we fucked a long time there in the kitchen. That probably wasn't the case. I knew I was getting close. I had no idea if my Mom was on birth control or not. There was no way I could just pull out our first time together.

I grunted and then let loose with my load of cum. Mom stood up straight and screamed.

"Oh my God!"

There was no way I could stop now. I kept shooting strands of my seed into my Mom's belly. She gripping me with her pussy and got all of my love offering from my throbbing cock. I must have filled her for a good ten minutes. I was full that day. Once it seemed we were finished I leaned in and kissed my Mom's neck. Mom was shaking from the fucking she just took from me.

I soon pulled free and Mom turned around. I looked down to see a pool of our juices on the floor. Mom ran quickly into the bathroom. I walked back to my bedroom in the meanwhile. I was still pretty hard when Mom walked into my room.

"What made you do that?"

"I was horny and you and Dad are always fighting. I figured that you needed fucked," I told her.

I thought she might be mad with me. Instead, she looked down at my slicked up prick. Mom got onto the bed. She climbed over top of my midsection. She began rubbing her wet slit across my dick. It didn't take much before I was fully erect again. Mom took hold of my shaft and brought it to her wet gash. She sunk down on me and we fucked a second time.

This time her pussy still had some of my cum left inside. Mom did most of the work. She rode up and down my fat member. I pulled on her asscheeks at first. I soon moved my hands to her tits. Mom's nipples were like hard rocks in her chests. I soon found out that Mom loved to have her tits played with. She said she orgasmed hard that way.

We went longer the second time around. Mom was more vocal with my cock resting deep in her belly. I told her that from now on I was going to fuck her anytime I wanted to.

"Yes, yes! I need your cock in me Scott!"

I did cum in my mother again. It wasn't like the first time but it didn't matter. This time was for her. Mom said she had multiple orgasms as she rode my dick. We ended spending lots of time in bed that weekend. Mom said her pussy was raw but she needed to feel me taking her greedy pussy. I had Mom get on all fours as I fucked her from behind. I reached out and pulled on her long hair as I drove my cock in to the hilt.

Mom shouted with delight as we explored each other. I made her get on her stomach as I wedged my prick in between her thighs. Her ass bounced up and down as I gave her the fuckings she craved. By the time my Dad finally got back we were all fucked out. There was this cooling off period between the both of them. Whenever my Dad left the house for a couple of hours, Mom was in my bed and I was fucking her.

I even got to fuck my Mom's ass. I don't think she was happy about it but I had to have her every way possible. I had to take my time because Mom was so tight back there. anal plaything soccermomaudraI finally got my dick inside the whole way. Once I did, I gave my Mom a hard fucking. Yes, she did scream. I was going too hard, she said. Mom was so incredibly tight. I did manage to loosen up her hole that first time.

I did blow a huge load into her bowels. Mom just collapsed after I dumped my hot cream into her ass. We have talked about what will happen next. Dad doesn't seem to want my Mom sexually these days. Mom wonders if my Dad might have some woman on the side. It all works out for me. Maybe Mom will break free of my Dad and we can be together, just her and me.

Until that day arrives, I plan on being in my Mom's pussy every chance I get.

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By #554716 [Ignore] at 25,Apr,18 18:02
Fucking hot mmmm

By soccermomaudra [Ignore] at 11,Apr,18 11:52
thank you for your comments

By poedee [Ignore] at 29,Mar,18 18:44
To bad you got mebhard and bo one to see it explode. Love you pics btw! Rock on sexy

By #552396 [Ignore] at 29,Mar,18 17:54
yeah, i got hard too, good story,

By coyote7666 [Ignore] at 29,Mar,18 16:59
Dammmmm you have me hard while reading this....

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