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Message In A Bottle

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By Mazinga [Ignore] at 30,Mar,18 18:44   Pageviews: 42

OoooKaaayyyy, so Craigslist is Dead. No tears shed.
What's a guy gotta do to suck some good cock now?

I was never a frequent flyer on CL, but I've had my share
of hot m4m fun as well as some embarrassing moments there.
Still, I miss the spontaneity of replying to ads posted
by guys who were ready to go on the fly and arrived at
my place within the hour for some hot man dude action.

I've browsed the CL M4M Personals mostly for the
pastime of reading ads no matter how sexy or how
stoOopid they were... like reading a favorite magazine
while sitting in the bathroom taking a ShEEit. -lol-
But that good cock, though. I really miss it.

I reside in an all-male rooming house. Why?
Because I'm a frugal guy who likes cheap rent.
My place is right next door to our City Hall and
the Police Department combined. It's not anything
like Beverly Hills, but it's definitely not anything
like Compton or Hunts Point...

My 3-story apartment building has single rooms.
A shared bathroom on each floor, and a common
kitchen in the basement. It's usually quiet here.
Most of my co-tenants are older guys around my age
and older, and a few younger guys... all Single,
or with girlfriends, and Me as the discrete metalhead
rocker-dude cocksucker. Everyone here keeps to himself.

So many nice looking older men here, and I'm feeling
temptations to drop hints to these guys that I'd
like to suck their cocks.
But I'm NOT gonna straight-out say so!
I left a small note under one guy's door, but it seems
he still has no clue who left him the note; and it
seems he's not interested in getting sucked by a guy;
and I'm obviously NOT getting Anywhere.

SoOo... I took another approach: "Recycling".
Rather than toss away my empty half-ounce popper jar,
I'm writing tiny messages on the label.
I also include my email and phone number so that
any of these sexy old farts can discretely contact me
either way.
I then plant the message popper jar on a ledge
inside the shower stall of the 2nd floor bathroom,
because my favorite older neighbor guy lives
on the 2nd floor and he is HAIRY as a fuckin
Koala bear B E A S T!
But I do know that SOMEONE on the 2nd floor will
find it, and it could be either Hit or Miss.

Bitches leave their cakes out in the rain...
I leave my popper jars in the shower stall.

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By redbear [Ignore] at 30,Mar,18 19:42
You deserve to get lucky just for your ingenuity !
By Mazinga [Ignore] at 30,Mar,18 19:48
I wonder if Einstein was ever as lucky!

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