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Same Dumbassed Questions, Different Dumbasses

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By Mazinga [Ignore] at 31,Mar,18 09:07   Pageviews: 46

A couple years ago, a local guy sold me one of
his own fleshlights from his collection
(it was clean, but I sterilized it myself after purchase).
He recommended me a group site which he belonged to,
known as JackinChat. So, I joined the site.

Trust me, JackinChat is abso-fuckin-lewtly
NOTHING to write home about.

First thing I did was browse for other members who
were local to my area. I found very few other locals,
and we corresponded through private messages
about the possibilities of meeting up.
But them guys were just all Sex talk and No action.
So then, Fuck it.

Second thing, the site attracts so much fucking
SPAM on an almost daily basis.
Each time that spammers get banned from the site
they come back under different usernames and
different IP addresses.

And thirdly, too many DUMBASSED younger members
at JackinChat always try to hint about topics
of barely-legal teen porn and young Disney bitches.
When they get called out for it their stupid argument
is "but she's about to turn 18 tomorrow!".
Someone PLEASE let me borrow a baseball bat!

At first, the site looked interesting.
I browsed the forum threads and read up on many
interesting topics there...
For as long as I've been a member at JackinChat,
I've chimed in and replied to so many topics
that I could have written BLOGS all over that site.
I should have been a famous Author by now!
The struggle was THAT REAL, okay.

Ah, but here comes the REAL STRUGGLE:
I checked JackinChat's topic history of threads
dating back to as far as 2000-whatdafuqever...
...ALMOST EVERY TOPIC seemed like the Same question
asked over and Over and OVER again by so many
dumbasses, in different variations and wordings!

Wow... just wow... how many fuckin times and in
how TOO MANY fuckin ways can a forum queen ask
"how big is your dick?", and
"what does sucking cock taste like?", and
"what does holding a cock in your hands feel like?",
and "how do you masturbate?", and "how do you cum?",
and "how often do you masturbate?", and
"how thick is your cum shot?", and "group meetup?",
and "which celebrity would you fuck?" and
"what other porn sites do you visit?" and
"what's your favorite porn?", and
"would you go down that dirt road and fuck
that third goat on the right?", and so on,
and so on, and so on, and so on, same questions,
and So Fuck-king On! Grrrrrrrrr!

I'm surprised that I'm still a member of that
truly BO-ring fuckin site.
The only reason I haven't deleted my account
from that site is because I'm anxious to meet
any local guys who are all Sex talk, NO action,
and like to ask the same dumbassed questions in
200,000,000,000,0001.27 different variations.


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