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Why I show my cunt on the internet, a very brief illustrated essay

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By SmoothWetandPierced [Ignore] at 31,Mar,18 22:27   Pageviews: 534

As you may have noticed, I really have a thing for showing my cunt. I will never reveal my identity, meet people (including anywhere online other than this site), precise location, personal info....I love the fantasy of it. I love the anonymity of it. I love that many of you walk around wondering if the women you pass on the street, or any that you know shave their pussies, who is pierced, who may be hiding what.

In real life, only one person gets to look at my cunt at a time.....why not show it off? I'm very bisexual and....not only have I often been told by lovers that I have a sexy pussy...I'll say it...I like my pussy. I'd eat and grind against a cunt like mine. Such is the thing one only admits to namelessly on the internet.

I stumbled upon sites like this one a couple of years ago and discovered how turned on I am by this. I know that I've made hundreds or thousands of people come by looking at my bald little slit, pierced clit, and big lickable nipples. Your comments make my cunt wet...it turns me on that I turn you on.

I love it that you play with yourself while you stare at my cunt and titties. And you wonder..do I know her?

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By Filly [Ignore] at 24,Aug,18 06:33
Life is too short, our genitals censoring victorian society too restricted, the pleasure gained by showing off too great and the urge to feel free too strong to refrain from showing your nature's given fantasticly designed sacred bodyparts to the rest of the world.

Once I found out I enjoyed showing off in anonimity on the internet on a site like this one about 10 years ago, I never stopped doing that. Keep enjoying yourself with doing that and the thought of others pleasuring themselves on you and your pussy!

By littlegazg [Ignore] at 14,Jun,18 14:20
you have an awesome body and amazing tits. did once find pics of someone i knew on the net- so hot knowing i had seen her tits and cunt and she had no idea

By pornlover59 [Ignore] at 16,May,18 19:26
it is an awesome smooth cunt that you show and its even hotter that you like to use&hear "cunt"

By pornlover59 [Ignore] at 16,May,18 19:24
I have &drooled over your pics for about 52minutes!

By cjayce [Ignore] at 15,May,18 04:32
You have a gorgeous cunt, well worth showing to the world.

By #556616 [Ignore] at 13,May,18 16:20
I absolutely love looking at your cunt

By Thickandfat [Ignore] at 10,May,18 13:30
Super fucking sexy and hot awesome pics you have a great looking pussy that looks delicious

By #555315 [Ignore] at 23,Apr,18 18:39
This was a very hard read. Those images kept speaking to my heart and a very appreciative cock. Nevertheless, a hard 😏 read. IF you ever consider writing names of admirers near your pussy, PLEASE consider me. Iíll frame it!! 🌹❤️😍💐

❤️Hugs and kisses❤️

By kre8tor69 [Ignore] at 23,Apr,18 18:11
Yes you do have a very sexy cunt as you say. Thanks for the fine pix of it for all of us out here to enjoy!

By dura2000 [Ignore] at 21,Apr,18 17:07
I love looking at your cunt, I love a girl that loves showing it off, I see you often donít wear panties.

By Cal123456 [Ignore] at 20,Apr,18 13:38
You have a nice shaved pussy 😍😍😍 brilliant 👍🏿

By #547185 [Ignore] at 19,Apr,18 16:40
that yummy pussy is so fucking hot im sure wondering and fantasizing bout how you would tastse

By Jesse81 [Ignore] at 18,Apr,18 20:21
I'm stoking it to your fantastic pussy.

By XXXKing808XXX [Ignore] at 11,Apr,18 21:12
Love it

By #481653 [Ignore] at 09,Apr,18 22:02
This is an excellent blog.... i completely agree with the anonymity part... that is the biggest turn on for me too. At this point i want to say that, wow, You have a stunning cunt and sexy tits... i too, often wonder about the kinky secrets random people on the street or even friends and work colleagues are hiding. I wonder if our paths will unknowingly cross somewhere completely random, like on a flight, and we will never know. Thank you so much for sharing your hot photos and sexy thoughts... all us men are very grateful. Carry on enjoying thus.

By Poodle2noodle [Ignore] at 09,Apr,18 16:54
I don't have time to wonder

By corona [Ignore] at 09,Apr,18 14:34
Lovely sexy pussy perfect

By Pussywatcher [Ignore] at 07,Apr,18 18:08
Yes your pierced Pussy make me horny by fap

By lawrenceo [Ignore] at 03,Apr,18 03:24
Love the large brown areola; I could cum just looking at those.

By steve3095 [Ignore] at 01,Apr,18 18:36
Well said. I walk passed women every day and wonder what she's hiding. Does she reveal all and love the sex she gets? Would she take me between her legs? I certainly think all these things when I see your beautiful nude pics. Thanks for sharing yourself.

By t-rex [Ignore] at 01,Apr,18 18:24
Keep up making us crazy 😘

By Rockncocks [Ignore] at 01,Apr,18 12:21
Your pussy and tits are gorgeous! I think Iíll wank to them now

By DarkMax [Ignore] at 01,Apr,18 05:42

By #538346 [Ignore] at 01,Apr,18 05:38
Either way your stunning to view and I enjoy your body so much, viewing your shots gets me so wet and horny and I fantasize about you every time

By Kondomonster [Ignore] at 01,Apr,18 00:44
👍🖖 I hear ya. It would be a little awkward for me knowing the person in front of me has seen my asshole and they ain't my girlfriend. 😀

By Shyjones [Ignore] at 31,Mar,18 23:22
Wow, very honest and Hott!! Your pussy looks Yummy btw.

By HunterAce [Ignore] at 31,Mar,18 22:31
Well said and very true

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