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Check All That Apply

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By Mazinga [Ignore] at 01,Apr,18 04:34   Pageviews: 56

Stormtroopers really suck ass.
They really do!
If our local Police Departments sucked ass
as bad as Stormtroopers, we would all be in
such. dEEp. shYit!

Why on Tatooine's green grass does the Empire
and the New Order call those useless grunts
"Stormtroopers" is beyond me.

They are such LOUSY shots in any shootout, even at
such close range.
They'd fuck you deep in the ass and STILL MISS.
They hit everything else in the room BUT their target.
Nah, fuck that, they Can't even hit the side of
a Death Star... FROM THE INSIDE!

And so, to make up for that clumsiness, they just
wing it and shoot at Anything; for the sake of
keeping the Star Wars episode flowing.
They don't waste time tippy-toeing through
anybody's two lips, they just WING IT and go in
with all triggers pulled.
They just Check All That Apply, and let the FORSE
try to sort all that mess out later.
Otherwise our rebel heroes would all be dead,
and the Star Wars franchise would be Done already.

Git Er Done-duh-Done, ya know.


SoOo... what's the lesson here? READ:

No matter what you do in bed, and in general life,
even if you might think that you suck ass at whatever
it is you're trying to do, just WING IT.

You might turn out to be very good at it, or you
might turn out to suck ass at it, just WING IT.

Don't waste any time making a bigazz Science Project
about it, just WING IT.

Even if you fail, at least you weren't afraid
to just WING IT.

There is a time to do shit right, and by the numbers.
There is a time to be meticulous, because you take
such pride in your work.

And there is a time to check all that apply,
and just WING IT.

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By up-for-it [Ignore] at 01,Apr,18 07:09
Good one,Yes just wing it!

I waited too long because ithought i would suck at it!
Turns out that was the intention!!!
By Mazinga [Ignore] at 01,Apr,18 13:05
By up-for-it [Ignore] at 01,Apr,18 14:22

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