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By younghardcock13 [Ignore] at 01,Apr,18 18:00   Pageviews: 65

I have a very strong fascination with all things anal penetration in regards my own ass, especially butt plugs. I live for the deep, thick girth inside of my tight little ass that I eagerly allow to penetrate my body and fill me entirely. I love the moment when I achieve total penetration and I am suddenly completely plugged for hours to come. My gf is really fond of cutesy little jewel plugs and plugs that are just barely long and thick enough to remain in place and keep her plugged. I on the other hand absolutely must be filled by my plugs, no less than 6.5 inches deep with at least 5.5 inches of solid girth. Me and my gf are both huge fans of animal tails and we each have several very similar tails for the purpose of matching each other, but what is unseen is the fact that my tail comes from a massive plug that is several times larger than my girlfriend's little button plug. My gf tends to prefer tails that are longer in length and hang down from her ass to between her legs. She LOVES her red fox tail that is about a foot long and she is also quite fond of her beautiful horse tail which hangs from her butt all the way down to the middle of her calves. She has incredibly long thick hair that she calls her mane and with her tail she loves to act like she is a horse. On the other hand you have my butt plugs. She prefers to have much more of a tail than a plug and I prefer MUCH more of a plug with a tail that is just 3 or 4 inches coming from a 6 or 7 inch plug. My gf greatly prefers one particular tail for me the vast majority of the time and over time I have grown exceptionally fond of her preference of me being plugged with a fluffy little bunny tail that is just a small 3 inch poof ball that stays fixed in place directly out from my butt hole, perfectly splitting my cheeks. So routinely my gf is a beautiful, comfortably and lightly plugged horse with long magic hair and I am powerfully and sometimes overwhelming plugged with an adorable bunny tail that has penetrated me in the most complete way possible. As I type this my ass is currently stretched full with 7 thick inches that are completely hidden behind the adorable little bunny tail that pokes off my body and my gf is barely able to feel her tiny plug.

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