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The Hotel....

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By Derby_Dong [Ignore] at 02,Apr,18 05:11   Pageviews: 69

Well, the day didn't go at all how I expected.

The night before, I got a message..... "deverstating news, looks like I've started my time of the month 10 days early!!".

Quality and maybe an excuse?!

I thought we've been out before on the end of that time and she's always been super horny. Her bloke wouldn't have sex with her as he said it's, I don't care! lol

I thought fuck it and got some big (red) sheets for the room bed.....just in case!

Went out, had breakfast and some other stuff, then finally got to town. We sat in the room and talked, then she went out to see a "friend" - woulnd't tell me more!

I had a few pints and eventually, she said she'd meet me! Most of the day now seemingly gone at nearly 5pm!!

WOW. She'd been and had all her hair and makeup done....look AMAZING with a tiny little dress on!!

Went out to some bars, had an amazing time and drank/ate until we were pissed as anything.

Got back to the hotel and I said I'd give her a massage....whcih I did and she fell asleep A nice day, but total writeoff.

3am.....I felt her moving me.....looked over and she was smiling at me, dissapeared under the quilt and started to suck my cock!!! I ALWASY wake up there was plenty to work with lol.

She was going at it, until I pulled her her back up and said I want to fuck her! She was like....are you sure???

I whipped my blankets out and threw them on the bed.....and we just fucked every single way imaginable!!! We must have woken up half the hotel. It was amazing....but it looked like a murder scene after!!! lol

Took the chance to go into the shower together, had a nice long hot shower, washing each other down.....lots of touching, kissing and stuff.

Then in the morning, we woke up and just carried on at it.....just all over the room, fucking amazing. The thing that caught her by surprise, was that as we'd just had showers....I knew she was spotless. She LOVES me going down on I thought fuck it......incredibly shocked I had - her bloke wouldn't even go near her, let alone go down on her......made her cum a couple of times, then she just put her fingers down and finger fucked herself....while I was literally centimeters an incredible private showing....she told me to wank myself off on her after, so I did and she made me cum all over her shaved pussy.

The amount of cum, considering how many times we'd had sex was amazing. She just smiled and put her fingers in and rubbed it around.

End of stay and hours of sex later....totally cum free a tthis point - we left, had breakfast and home!

Amazing stay! Going to do it again....

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By up-for-it [Ignore] at 02,Apr,18 06:03
Definitely a hot night! WOW man
By Derby_Dong [Ignore] at 02,Apr,18 18:48
It was amazing!

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