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When I was as younger

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By Geodriller [Ignore] at 02,Apr,18 23:11   Pageviews: 102

The first time I had a sexual encounter was with a gloryhole... I was about 12 and was camping in Myrtle beach, in the men's shower house, was this little hole in between the stalls of the toilets. I looked thru and saw a older man stroking his cock. I got hard immediately, thinking I was sneaking a peek. Not knowing or thinking he could see me also. In the midst of my glory... a finger came through the hole... freaked me out.. but it didn't stop me from pulling on my junk... I waited, and all of a sudden a tongue poked thru the same hole. The man next door whispered "stick it in the hole"... not being one to disrespect my elders, I did... OMG!! I busted a nut in that guy's mouth so fast, my head was spinning. I sat down on the toilet, flushed with the thrill I just got, when I noticed another hole on the opposite wall of the stall, with a big cock sticking out of it. The man in that stall said to touch it... next thing I knew I had his cock in my mout

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By nakedjim [Ignore] at 16,Jun,18 20:47
The good people around my area have gotten most of the video booths closed. The few left have no holes, any more. I was in my mid 30's when I found hole in the wall pleasure. Got several suck offs B4 I got down 7 felt the wonder of having my mouth fuck & filled with some guys creamy, slippery, tasty cum. I'm a naturel cum dump, take your choise of holes.

By onthelose [Ignore] at 08,Apr,18 19:02
Not to many glory holes around here. The prudes who run the world objected. It's against their religion.

By hornydad [Ignore] at 06,Apr,18 08:37
wow i got hard thinking about how much fun you had.

By showit [Ignore] at 03,Apr,18 03:07
How many times did that happen whilst you were there

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