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Mum & Son's Lover

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The doorbell rang early Saturday morning and I noticed the car was not on the gravel drive so I guessed my parents were out. It was Pete’s mum at the door looking somewhat nervous.

I made her a cup of tea after she assured me Pete was in no trouble and home safe and sound. I sat in the leather chair as I realised I was still wearing Mum’s bra under my baggy woolly sweater! I would have got up but Pete’s mother handed me a piece of torn coloured paper that made me sit back down with a gasp!

“I found this is one of Jeff’s porn magazines, in the readers wives section advertising ‘her’ wanting big strong, well-endowed black stallions to make her smile wider!” I turned bright red as I looked at that piece of my very private life with Pete laid bare, literally!

“I-I’m glad Pete has a special friend, I-I… I worried he would be so alone being such a difficult boy.” I bluffed and tried to act hurt and surprised she would think such things about her son and his friend. “We’re just friend’s!” I lied weakly saying that image was just a vague resemblance to my actual face!.

Pete’s mother nodded and seemed to sigh as she took something from her bag.

The photocopy printout slid to a halt on the glass coffee able as it settled against my untouched teacup. Pete was such a fucking idiot! I warned him again and again about his absent mindedness when it came to our s e c r e t and he left that in the copier in his dad’s office! I was suddenly angry and a great deal more afraid!

But Pete’s wonderful mother just smiled. “No worries son I got it ‘fore Jeff woke up. It’s you isn’t it?” I sat still as a mannequin in those shop windows.

“Trust my unique son to find a kindred rather unique friend. Oh don’t fret young man I’m more than happy about this… My son’s absent minded so keeping a s e c r e t is very hard on him but thanks to you son he’s improving.”

She blushed looking down at that photocopy, her voice returned oddly hesitant. “H-He was al… always mas… master…” She took a shuddering breath as my own breathing quickened. “Masturbated! M-Masturbated constantly… all the time morning, noon and night! We were worried and the doc’s did fuck all… But now… now…” Again that steadying breathe. “Now he seems more settled and I think it’s because of you.”

I flinched as she levelled her eyes at my red face. “He seems sexually satisfied the doctor said. ‘Has he a girlfriend?’ he asked as I sat there with my husband. He snorted and said ‘the boy only has one solitary friend in the world but he’s a boy’ I remained quiet thinking such strange thoughts… And so I ask you now to your face… do you masturbate together?”

I gasped nearly falling off the chair. “Wank… really?” I lifted my sweater to show the bra I was wearing and filling somewhat. There was a chuckle. “So that is my underwear you are wearing in that photocopy… mmmmmmm… do you make him wear a condom?” I blushed a deeper scarlet. “You should use one to safeguard yourself.”

I brewed fresh tea as she followed me into the kitchen talking. “So it was you who offered to masturbate him when he broke his hand, must have been hard!” I turned shocked as she smacked my bottom laughing! “ It… It was difficult but I. I liked being so close to an ejaculating penis, the smell the…”

A prod! “Sucked him off huh? Jeff doesn’t let me do anything less than lay still and think about dinner!” I blushed as this woman became something other than a stranger to me.

We sat in the kitchen. “so he just does you, like you’re his girl?” I nodded sipping my tea as this incredible conversation progressed. “Okay I’ll sort you out with lingerie, you know, knickers and stockings, maybe shoes to because you’re with my precious boy and you keep pinching mine!

Do you like makeup to, look like a girl?” I nodded. “Well I can do that too.” She took my hands across the table. “You only let my son fuck you… promise?” I blushed again. “Y-Yes only… only him!”

She went quiet until she finished the sandwich we had made. “I want you to fuck me ‘doggy style’… let me suck your cock hard and then you do me like a bitch in heat!” Now I went quiet, shocked to hear such things from an old woman, a mother!

“N-N-N-Now?” I stammered! Her laugh was loud and confusing for the fourteen-year-old opposite her at this round table. “Not know silly boy! In time when it can be arranged! I need to keep it from Jeff and Pete, another s e c r e t might be too much for him.” I nodded in agreement. “Also it is highly i l l e g a l as in r a p e, that’s what they’d charge me with!”

Three weeks later I staggered from Pete’s mother’s room, my penis in that new lingerie soaked in his mother’s warm cunt juices and walked into her son’s room and took her position on his bed, it was my turn to be fucked ‘doggy style’ as I took the easy position as his bitch!

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