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Kidnapped BDSM Fantasy

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By chubbs42dd [Ignore] at 03,Apr,18 04:58   Pageviews: 22

“You are my muse... my inspiration... My art sells to an exclusive clientele and I must provide fresh good works my new pet.” The master favoured his new pet with a rub on the head, his hands straying downwards. “Such smooth and developed breasts... so young... such an exquisite treasure.”

He showed his pet the latest artwork. “Oh that face wont do young pet!” an agonising four hour spanking session was his pet’s punishment for ‘negative thinkings’ as he chanted turning my young bottom bright red!

He had me for two months now, his BDSM slave and pet with more sexual experience than probably anyone in my school including those teachers! I was kidnapped ten days before a white Christmas and missed the whole experience for the first time in my life!

At first I was terrified and fought back and things were bad but now I’ve found if I play along my master is quite pleasant and the bondage work is quite okay and secretly I’ve found the spankings rather satisfying!

Do I admire my master’s work? Well he is quite talented and being his muse and model in too interesting to complain about, that said, he does seem to paint me as a girl?

“You are so very smooth and pretty my angel and such lovely girlish boobies on such a slim shapely body... Why would I not see you as feminine? Dose your smooth pink pussy not satisfy your master, does he not groan when he is inside his angel?”

Oh yes, he’s been fucking me since the first day I was brought here! A painful and pretty horrific nightmare for a teenage boy... But ‘Angel’ doesn’t have those bad memories, ‘she’ loves to please her master...

I liked being master’s pussy for the day, his ‘cat with a pussy’! The posing is nice and the things I wear; I am beginning to look forward to those dressing up days. Today master returned from the printers with a present. A frilly red latex dress with matching panties, stockings and shiny pink stiletto heels. It will be an exciting night!

He made me pose on the bed when he said “My muses are calling me sweet Angel.” He smiled as I muttered something about being his muse! My bottom was a lot redder than his art showed after he had finished with it!

That leather paddle was so loud as it made my bum sing, but I still spunked into those red latex panties, so it wasn’t so unpleasant! Master put a much bigger load of warm sperm into my open bottom as I purred like a kitten.

It had taken many hard and painful sessions for a young Angel to be so open for such a big man!

Was ten inches so big for a man? I had no experience other than seeing those boy’s cocks in the gym showers or those men that time my father took me for a shower on holiday! But I never imagined I would see such a thing as something I’d want to caress and take between my lips, let along take all the way down my throat!

“Tonight master is hosting a small intimate social gathering of colleagues and like minded fellows and he’d like to show off his prized Angel. Will you comply?” I had learnt the hard way that ‘comply’ was absolutely the thing you never declined!

It was that time I learned what the ‘SM’ in BDSM meant! Sadomasochism was a scary word and in my case it meant my arse being whipped so hard it left scars that are still faintly visible!

I was crying, screaming behind that cruel penis-gag as he whipped my panties to shreds, but he carried on like a robot, remote and cold as I pissed myself in terror!

My position as a kidnapped sex slave to this man was made very clear that day. Yet a week later he was all smiles and spoiling his precious Angel again!

The party started around seven in the long winter evening and master prepared his Angel with care. “Smooth as silk, clean and sparkly inside and out and Mr Peepee locked away for the night!”

I locked down at the row of tiny rings that stitched my ball sac together to hide my small penis and balls. That small pinkish mound looked a lot like my sisters fanny that one time I saw it! I had a faux pussy!

My long manicured nails were painted red to match my glossy lips and I was wearing open-bottom fishnet tights and my six-inch stiletto heels with the lockable ankle cuffs. Those shiny padlocks jingled as I walked into the side parlour with my master. “From here you’ll be collared and whom ever holds the lead is your master to obey without question!

Remember my pet, all men have magnificent huge penises and amazing balls and the woman; amazing breasts, lovely nipples and the most delicious pussies, even if they taste like rotten fish!” with that I entered the party chamber.

Five hours later I was pictured lying on the pink carpet exhibition area in a state of exhaustion and inebriation! I had subbed on wive’s pussies and their husbands and lovers sperm swum around my deep filled colon as the rest filled my empty stomach! I was a used whores panties, a teens dirty, used tissues, a filled discarded condom; I was a used angel!

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