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The old Abandoned estate

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By chubbs42dd [Ignore] at 03,Apr,18 05:01   Pageviews: 28

There were many old houses on the estate I had just discovered a long twenty plus minute ride from my house. I loved old ruins and had collected many good photos from them. Mostly of porno art and graffiti left by, mostly horny teens like me!

But unlike them, I was more interested in the old chests of drawers and wardrobes where passion for ladies under things was often sated.

I had a good collection of lingerie under my bed at home, even mini skirts and tops but never, so far, any shoes that fitted my big feet! I was wearing my pink camisole under my boy clothes as I hid my bike and examined the first house.

I took some photos of a couple of lewd drawings and had a wank on the old broken double bed. I had the previous occupants scratched silver dildo up my arse as I spurted on her old bed!

I left with some good lingerie wrapped tightly in her silver dress, six old but still in there packets of sheer, Cuban heeled black stockings made my heart race. The previous occupant was a sexy woman!

The next house was locked and boarded and after a boring empty one pissed me off I saw the large one among those big trees almost hiding it. The front rooms were too open for any wanking fun and it was well used by the local kids, lots of immature drawings and graffiti!

I wandered around pushing my bike as leaving seemed too risky in this open house. A quick tip upstairs netted nothing. The only knickers I found almost fell apart in my hands and the sole hanging bra in that metal wardrobe was as rusty as the hangers!

There was a vibrator on the floor but a bored k i d had stamped on it to break it! I was a pissed off horny teenage crossdresser as I searched those mostly empty drawers, and what was there was torn or damaged! Fucking cunts!

But to my delight I glimpsed another property through an open window, abandoned yes, but I had found those with intact windows upstairs were usually rich pickings for knickers and stuff! Excited I ran done and grabbed my bike.

Opening the big faded red front door I was confronted with an amazing scene! My camera snapped some twenty odd times in this hallway alone! So much cock, spurting spunk and a couple of well drawn sissy boys getting a man’s cock, sucking too!

The “Faggot’s dun - gen” was disappointingly empty save for a rusty broken leather bench. One blue room had a painting hanging, looking way out of place in such dirty surroundings! It was arty but fucking sexy! I think it was a tranny with real tits? But there was noway I could get that framed art home on me bike!

There was more big art on the stairs and an amazing red headed tranny getting massive black cocks leaving her arse-hole huge and open! My own cock was heard as fuck looking at all this!

“Nigger dick up this way white boys!” I read it climbing slowly up those steps shielding my eyes from the blinding sunlit landing window.

I stopped by a white door with a massive black spunking cock on it and took a photo, it was so bright I didn’t need the flash cube!

It had no handle and I reached down to push it when I stopped. I could hear whimpering from inside. I swung it open fearing a lost or hurt k i d and froze to the spot!

Two schoolboys were staring in my direction, red tear stained eyes pleading for help as my mouth gaped!

They were gagged, their hands out in front of them bound and tied across the old bed like they were tied to it! Behind them two naked black men looked at me in surprise as I suspected they had their huge black penises inside those whimpering boys! And further I guessed those boys were not volunteering either!

I steeped back slowly, my heart hammering in my chest and turned into a naked black man’s hard muscled stomach! “Fresh white meat!” he said with a bizarre expression.

Outside the rain fell hard as my bike was wheeled into the house and the front door secured with new padlocks and chains. I was on my own in the dark room as the occasional lighting flashes lit my prison!

Yes I was their prisoner. Dressed to thrill in that sexy black lingerie I had rescued from that house earlier and tied belly down on that old four poster bed, I bit down on that pony gags hard rubber bit as a black mans fat member opened my virgin arse-hole wide! He was deep too, so deep I felt him in my stomach amoung those stampeding butterflies from earlier!!

The cries and whimpers of those other boys was echoed by my own as the six men drilled my teenage arse and filled me with their hot spunk! All throughout that storm I was on their fat cocks, sucking them and sometimes both at the same time!

Those two boys left before me as their two fellows wanted at the new arse too! They watched me as I got dressed, some smoking as I packed my stuff in my bike.

Bending over I was struck by the familiar way I was with them. “Dem boi got a wet fanny!” One giggled, as I blushed pulling up those panties I wore for my ride.. “Cyun sit here lil white whore.” I was directed to a large cock poking out between big thighs and I sat with my back to the man squeezing my eyes shut as that big thing filled me.

He stood up holding my legs apart as I was suspended on his penis, eyes still shut as another kissed my lips. I was eyes wide in surprise having never been kissed before!

But then I realised that below my recently stretched arse was now expanding over two black penis heads as I sank down gasping. I was bumped up and down as those two big cocks violated my poor boy cunt to the extreme as the others shouted encouragement!

It was unreal and it was mind blowing as i was jerked up and then down on those combined s e v e n t e e n inches of hard teenage cock!

It was some two hours before I felt I could ride home after my legs had collapsed after such an epic, amazing fucking! And it was dusk when I was finally ready to mount that saddle with such a sore, used arse!

“Take care of that sweet fanny boi!” One said as I rolled down the grassy path the scent of masculine sweat and spunk on my clothes. I could taste those black cocks on my lips as I sped away. But before I left I turned back to look hard at that house I did not want to ever forget!

Black men had fucked me; I was one of those white boys who loved nigger cock according to some of that graffiti I photographed and I realised I had not exactly fought them after my initial struggle.

In fact that double-cock encore was all too willingly accepted by me and my amazing, stretchable boy pussy!! Was I a nigger whore already? A black man in a van tooted me at the lights and winked like he knew I took nigger seed inside me! I wobbled off and noticed he had stopped in a lay-by

“Look tired son need a ride?” His wink made me blush and the surprise on his face turned to a keen interest as he opened up the back and put my bike in.

As I climbed in he grabbed my shorts and pulled them down. “Panties, wow sonny you’re just my cup of life!” I gulped as he pulled them down and stuck his tongue where those others had. Was this a black man thing? I cried out as I let loose a huge spurt of spunk onto the matting inside his van, but a huge discharge from my arse froze me in worry!

The van driver finished coughing and slapped my wet bottom. “Fuck son that was a mouthful of jizz outta that puffy pussy! You been gangbanged recently?” I spoke with a dry throat. “S-seven... no, no Eight b-black... nig... er guys!” The driver smiled as I looked back. “I know the place they hang out. So they had you eh? Willingly?"

He smiled at my silence. "Oh it wasn't but now your big white ass has tasted nigger seed it wants more. You no they say when you go black there's no turning!"

I was fucked long and slow in the back of that van as cars passed just beyond those trees. It was my first solo with a man and quite a lot more relaxing and sexual than my nigger gangbang earlier!

He fucked me on my side as he held my leg back and I found this to be an amazing position, especially seeing my Cuban-heeled stockings so well fitted!

We fucked three times, each time I brought back his hardness with my mouth and tongue before lying back and allowing him to take me anyway he desired!

“What size sweetie?” I looked as we drove along the road. “Shoes?” I looked down surprised. “Eleven.” He smiled. “Gonna get yer a pair of shiny black stiletto heels boy and a red silk bow for that pretty hair of yours. Don’t cut it son okay?”

I nodded as we approached my road. “Thanks for that gorgeous.” He lent over and we kissed again. “Getting better gurl, need more practice though!” he smiled as he shut the door and drove off. I fished out the thing he had put down my knickers. “Dave Malcom’s Patios and Gardening.” I turned the card over and saw the personal number underlined. “Personal calls; 01 687 3457”

Just over two weeks later Dave Malcom’s Patios and Gardening.” Was doing my parents front drive! Seeing the man who had fucked me talking to my parents was more than a little strange to say the least! But then they went out leaving me to see to the builders needs!

“Nice room you got, where’d d’ya hide your naughties?” I reached under the bed as Mike’s trousers fell around his ankles followed by his musty pants! I gobbled his cock as he gobbled his sandwiches above me spilling crumbs! He brushed them off my head as I deep-throated his fat brown cock with loud sloppy noises!

He delivered a hot load down my throat and over my tongue as he withdrew slowly. I sucked that swollen brown head to extract every precious drop of his seed as he groaned.

“Sorry for making you blow as I ate but times short and Dave’s a real stickler for time! But I have good news!”

I watched out my bedroom window as the two men worked in the sunshine, their backs bare. Mike’s gold nipple rings caught the sun as I watched. I had licked and nibbled on those big pierced nipples!

On my bed, and laid out with care was the two hundred pounds worth of lingerie Mike had bought for me! Including two pairs of stiletto heels and a very big gold vibrator! This was what I had always dreamed of and this weekend Mike would have me for the entire week as my parents think I'm going to camp with the school!

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