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Dear Diary.

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By chubbs42dd [Ignore] at 03,Apr,18 05:08   Pageviews: 42

Dear diary.

Mother wanted to hang my latest drawing in the passage down stairs in plain view of even the postman when he called, in fact anytime the door was open!

I managed to convince her to hang it with the others in her bedroom; ‘Mummy’s little angel’ was not ready for the public. As usual I kept the fact of her being banged up for it low key, a police visit to our house would be rather damaging to us both!

At school I am an average teenage boy, although I do wear girls' knickers when there’s no gym. I’m seen as that shy skinny boy with the long hair and waddling walk, I have wider hips than most, genetic we were told; girls hips one doctor said with a smirk as he... more later on that!

This normal schoolboy hangs his uniform in a cupboards full of uniforms; nurse, French maid, catsuits, etc! Underneath a row of ladies sandals and court shoes all with high stiletto heels, some with ankle cuffs and padlocks! But all are in my size, my feet in sheer stockings size!

My chest of drawers is also not for the faint hearted, not my schoolboy one I should say! The one with the top dressing table and makeup boxes has four deep drawers. First is subdivided into toys on one side and... well pornography, books, etc on the other.

I have a huge collection of vibrators and dildos in sizes ranging from big to massive.! Mother trained me from age nine to think six inches was a joke! The porn is all about black men’s huge cocks and those who take them deep! Another taste given to me by my mother!

The second starts my lingerie collection, including numerous full lingerie sets; bras (with real-feel prosthetic C-cup boobs!), suspender belt and sheer stockings, knickers, garter belts and matching coloured stiletto heels and makeup.

Some even have wigs! The other drawers are full of various panties, bras and stockings and tights that mother has bought for me over the years.

The bottom drawer has black bondage gear in it. A small collection so far as Mother says it’s expensive stuff and, “We haven’t got a dungeon yet sweetie, have we?”

Okay so I am telling an old story again but fuck it! This is my diary and I like to inform the present me about things, sometimes impossibly big things! Private joke to myself, whose the only one reading this I hope!!!

Okay... As I have endlessly repeated in this diary I have my Mother’s graving for nigger cock, those big chocolate coloured men do things to the white innocent me. Okay ‘innocent’ no! But I’m hardly the whore my mother is... I think! But I’m catching up!

Mother loves anal but hates anything bigger than a finger in her own arse-hole. So one day she brought her young son into the bedroom and watched her son become her anal substitute, much to her clients delight!

The drawing my mother wanted displayed by the front door is of Muttahe Seline, spelling may be off! A big Middle Eastern brown bear of a man with a cock as thick as my calf! His body is muscular but in strange proportion, a huge bum, thick thighs, a powerful thick torso and a chest so bulging I couldn’t draw him with out it looking like he had a big rack like a woman!

He left mother lying on the bed with her vagina gaping like a wet cave before he peeled off a condom a horse could use and waited for the son to work his magic. He wasn’t a client and only came once a month; mother couldn’t handle any earlier and I struggled after his administrations, hence he only came Friday nights!

His hard man’s tits had huge nipples and were pierced with thick gold rings as was his massive manhood’s tan helmet which my lips struggled to enclose as he began to swell.

As his nine inch member thickened mother pulled the obscenely large rubber butt plug from my bottom with a wet smacking sound as I gasped loudly! I was now ready to take him, maybe successfully this time!

Slowly he pushed against my gaping and heavily lubed red boy pussy, grunting as he pulled me back by my shoulders as my eyes bulged! I could feel it squeezing past my anus and expanding as it gained an almost unwilling entry as air was forced past my open mouth. Gasping and panting I felt my bottom spreading so wide I wondered if I’d walk again!

He stopped pulling me back as I felt his wiry pubes between my spread hairless buttocks touch my wet pussy lips; my boy pussy now violated beyond measure!

He let me feel his massive presence for a few seconds before he put his heavily muscled thighs to good use. First short strokes as he watched me watching his face in the mirror! Then longer and longer strokes began to rock my young body as I felt my stomach bulge with each deep push and felt it sucked in with every withdrawal!

It was only seven minutes my mother had told me after, but to this young lad it felt like an exquisitely long agonising eternity! I still can’t imagine that thing inside me, surly it was far too big for any human to take anally? Length I could handle okay, mother’s foot-long boys had seen to that deep education, but a girth so huge? No way!

That Friday evening was the first time he got to finish inside me as my mother filled herself with her fave black dildo watching me! He pulled out slow as my rosebud bloomed into a big massive red flower as that fat member finally pulled clear amid a stream of mucus and sperm! I buried my face on the mattress and cried utterly spent!

“You got a whore’s arse!” Mother said as she applied some soothing lotion to my red and very sore anus! “Not anus, pussy, boy-pussy.” She pulled up my pink latex panties as I let my short skirted dress fall back down before heading out into the garden to read under my big straw hat on the sun lounger. Mother joined me later, two girls together...

At the end of summer I was able to sunbath in a girls bikini as my breasts had begun to become very prominent, although the huge soft nipples were not what I really wanted, but my ‘C’cup boobs were natural and my treasures!

I looked sufficiently like a girl to shop as one with mother in the nearby town, where I wouldn’t run into schoolmates; makeup wasn’t camouflage enough!

Muttahe Seline was back in the country and he took me as a girl in Mother’s bedroom as a group of her clients watched that amazing penis in action! They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but does it make a dick bigger! I pitched a screaming fit on my back as that insane phallus spread me even wider and deeper than before, wrecking my arse in the process!

I had the week off school after that viewing became a nine-man BBC gangbang, starring my mouth and over a b u s e d boi-hole!!!

“Yer back son.” The Nigerian school keeper smirked as he wiped. “nigger loving whore!” from my grey school locker. “I pointed at myself and he laughed. “I think it’s aimed at your nigger loving slut of a mother not her even sluttier, er boy?” I blushed even though we were alone at this time. “You should know you plough my ‘pusse’ enough!” He roared with laughter. “You talk like whore but are blushing!”

I told mother when I got home and she just smirked pointing upstairs. “just arrived... Mr Abdul he says call him, he paid up front but I’m afraid your old mum is scared of 14-inches of black dick, me! Huge balls for a scrawny fellow though, bet he’ll fill your up if you get what I mean!” Mother being coy and funny meant she was scared of this new client. “After last weeks ganger I reckon you’ll handle anything short of a horse!”

As I stepped from the shower and mothers 12-inch black rubber dildo mounted inside the cubicle I began to wonder why she couldn’t handle him... unless he only wanted anal!

My answer came when I walked into the bedroom in my pink silk wraparound. He was scrawny because most of his b l o o d and food intake was used to feed that third leg hanging between skinny thighs! Fuck it was enormous, more horse than human and those horse-sized bollocks... I nearly walked back out!

“Mother said boy like anal girl, take me when she cannot she say?” I nodded dropping my wrap on the carpet and reached for the lube then rummaged around for a condom, for a horse! “I have size here pussy boi.” I slipped that soft black condom over his fist and forearm disguised as a dick and climbed on the bed and spread like I’d never spread before; I was shaking!

He was inside me, those hard hot balls tight against me as his horse-sized cock distended my belly like in that horror film, my arms shock as I gasped and panted for breath. This was insane! Or so I thought, but those skinny thighs had hidden power and he began to thrust away with slow by firm measure, building up to a life-changing rhythmic anal pounding this lad would never forget! Mr Seline’s small childish dick almost forgotten!

He pulled out from me as I fell flat on the bed all supportive power leaving my fucked body. I felt like I had just given birth! I sighed as I heard him lubing his thick pole of a cock. “You amazing pussy of boy but I think I need more easy yes?” I didn’t have the energy to nod...

It felt like I was hanging off that cock as his pistoning obscenity of a human penis both inflated and deflated my hanging belly as his hands squeezed my not insignificant boy tits hard!

Boy did I need that second lube job! The phallic shaped minute hand of mother’s porno-clock moved passed five minutes and still he was an engine of anal destruction inside me, where was his energy coming from, me? I was the one beginning to flag as my arse hole became my entire being!

I felt mother’s hands supporting my belly as that huge thing moved inside it. She was saying encouraging things as the second five-minutes passed and still Mr Abdul was a rampant steam hammer at my bloated boy pussy! It wasn’t a rose bud it was the whole bush! A third lubing nearly blew my cock addled mind!

When he came those balls of his delivered such pressure that his extra thick massive horse-condom was in tatters pulling free from my over distended, puffy red anal prolapse! It was still spurting thick yellowish sperm over me, as the wetness on my back became my last memory before I fainted!

“Couple’a days off eh? ‘eard ol’ Abdul’s stallion dick been busy in a new arse, never dreamed it’d be you son!” He looked me up and down. “where’d d’ya take it under your chin? Fiften inches of that stallion’s meat an you ain’t yet fifteen yourself boy!”

I sighed distending my smooth white belly as I opened his trouser fly. “Bet he’s fat knob head was between those girl titties of yours!” I smiled and nodded as I sucked his tan knob head between my lips. I good draw of fresh nigger semen really dose set a white pussy-boy up for the school day...

When I got home I got a surprise and a portent of what was to be my 15th birthday surprise! “Abdul left them for you, horse cock dildos, very realistic if you check out those videos he left!” I just stared at the pink rubber monster on the bed and the tape measure my mother had left beside it. It was just a shade under 19-inches and thick as fuck!

“That’s the flare on the head, it swells up so he doesn’t fall out the mare when he mounts her!” I read the silently communicated ‘or you’ in her eyes with a gaping mouth! Mother had done research!

The second had a bigger flare and was over 20-inches! “It’s a perfect copy of the stallion’s actual penis, flare an all; Abdul knows the owner... He’s not so far away either!” The last part gave me pause; is she really going to let an adult stallion, a fucking horse mount her teenage boy in a field?

I gathered these free monster dildos were training aids for my extra special birthday ‘not so’ surprise!But could I really be expected to take a stallion's cock all the way? Its head, flare would be in my mouth!!!

The school caretaker returned from his trip home after my birthday but he did not miss anything thanks to mum’s video shop friend, oh he’s black of course! “I’m surprised you can sit there after what I saw! Mind boggling I can’t believe these old peepers son!”

He wiped his forehead after fucking my moist arse before school started. “Did you even feel it after you had a stallion in yer boy?” I laughed. “Your no tiny thing Jes and you don’t just poke away you drive me like a pro!” He nodded. “Man your puss don’t even spit out anymore, my jizz so satisfying?” I chuckled. “Tastiest I know!”

Those big horse dicks I only used once a month so as not to spoil my other fuckers with a vacant red love-tunnel too stretched to close tight around those paying cocks! I know, playing the virgin is long gone but hey I try!

Breaking from tradition I have discovered the wife of our neighbour three doors down loves to fuck me wearing those horse dicks as strap-ons! She has a bit of a lezzie crush on mum and does her with her black dildos as I get to watch wanking before she does my arse raw!

She also has a Great Dane that two days ago, while hubby was on a business trip, had my arse on her living room rug! “I know people who are always in need of a zoophile’s bottom, I bet they’d pay too!” it was those words that my mother picked up on as she watched her son and that large dog breeding him!

The next month together we made some serious money. Horse bred boys go for serious VHS money and some even pay to watch live, some surprisingly famous types off the TV! Mother was delighted with her celebrity signatures...

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