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The rustling of plastic from that snoring boy signalled his awakening from that powerful date r a p e d r u g and that tall man’s cue to depart. He held the bundle of the boys school uniform close to his groin feeling the hardness return but the boy was moaning and soon to be too awake, now was the time to go before matters… No! He would not do such a thing again; this boy knew not of his face and he did not think he would be forgiven for another life this time…

The boy who awoke to a new nightmare did not know he had just been delivered from a cruel unjust death; he just sat there crying, confused and alone…

I rose from the dirty floor on wobbly legs as that bin bag of a dress I wore crinkled loudly as I smoothed in back down covering my shamefully exposed and raped bottom. I shivered as my hands ran over the places that man had touched as he defiled my innocent body, again and again, howling with a n i m a l sounds as his disgusting penis tormented places where it should not have!

In a mirrored wall, maybe this place was a party venue or something, I saw my self as a stranger.There was a long haired girl standing where I stood. A girl with tits pushing out from her tight plastic dress, her bras outline clearly defined as her real boobs filled those black satin cups. The necklace she wore had that man’s penis ring fixed to it like an obscene trophy.

That ring I remembered had banged against my teeth as he tried to suffocate me with his cock down my throat! I shivered along with that girl as that memory resurfaced with frightening clarity.

The girl stared down at her erect penis trying to push it back inside herself, its very image that of suffering, pain and my own acceptance of that man’s dominance over me. Like a real weak sissy pussy I had let him have me again and again, not even running or fighting him. That girl got what she asked for by being so weak! I turned away when she started crying again…

I had a gut feeling my kidnapping rapist had fled the scene already having done his worst through that long tortuous night! I shuffled around the broken floorboards and looked for an exit as I tried to think of a story to tell the police. How could I live at school having been used like a girl all night?

He had even had his cock in my mouth; I could still taste that vulgar thing! I had swallowed his spunk; his sperm was inside my bulbous stomach, up my wet used bottom!

I rubbed my sore boy boobs and smiled kind of impressed I could wear, let alone fill that bra I was wearing. A bra aimed at a woman not a teenage girl! Was my big tits and long hair the reason that man had seen me as a girl, no woman?

But that big bastard’s hands had left them sore and bruised and I was certain as I looked down, he left a good couple of bite marks! There were matching sore bites on my arse too, that I was sure off and I was sure they were when he had me flat on my belly as his mouth was at my wet anus and I had felt a wet slippery tongue!

I sat down on a pile of rubble and winced with the pain of my swollen arse hole against cold rough plaster. At some point I had howled like him, he was doing something too disgusting to say and I was howling with pleasure? I nodded my hands cupping my plastic coated boobs in their well-fitting bra and forming quite the cleavage; he had found the perfect sissy inside of me.

Maybe that fat “Sissy Boy”, “Titty Girl”, “Oi Boobs” or “Fat Girl” tormented in the gym showers was really the dirty faggot those boys taunted? Did I really not like that man’s penis inside me at all?

I had looked up and I had seen his rugged but handsome face, his goatee of a brown beard, his green eyes with those long lashes as he looked down at his handiwork feeling superior to that boy he had just raped for the forth or fifth time!

That “MAN OF STEEL” tattoo I would never forget; it was level with my eyes as he moved back and forth, his fat penis used my mouth like he had used my arse hole! Holding me against that wall he had fucked my face like it was another girls fanny; my gasping, puking mouth a cunt for his cock!

He had a wiry, fit slim body; some easily remembered scars and pierced nipples. Those things fascinated me as he forced himself upon me. Maybe in a drunken state he had failed to realise his date-r a p e drunken boy had recovered and only out of complete fear was remaining meek and mild!

Although I think at some point he spoke to me as I suckled on those ringed nipples of his, but that may have been more dream than real? Had I at anytime willingly gave him my body, certainly I could have fought more, maybe won, but I had not had I!

Something inside me said that accepting his advances, his abuse was preferable to the alternative! I had read and seen missing raped kids and stuff on the TV and I think I could have been one, maybe still if I don’t get up!

I found the stairway and carefully walked down the four flights to reach the bottom, all the time listening to every sound in case he was still around. But the thing making my heart hammer behind my sweaty plastic dress was the proliferation of foreign graffiti and worse still, official building notices!

My defiled arse hole released more wetness as I began to feel afraid of something too terrible to imagine! I wiped my arse with my hand and looked at the pinkish and yellow jelly-like mucus covering it. “No shit?” I asked of myself

I sat down hard on the step my face red as a beetroot! That hand and the many times it had delved into my opened anus had been lapped clean! I licked my lips staring at that clean hand. That stuff from my arse had smelt so sweet and inviting I had dipped my quivering tongue and then… the shame made my face burn again! That man had made me into a sissy pervert of the lowest bottom feeding, literally, kind! He had turned this innocent schoolboy into this bin bagged slut whore!

Outside the sun warmed me instantly, even though the air was harsh and cold; my breath showed as I walked slowly along the rough dirt street keeping to the shadows thankful for my dark bin bag dress. Why was I still wearing that bra and his cock ring around my neck? I didn’t know about the necklace but the bra leant a comforting hug to a lonely boy out here in the open.

The jingle and clinking of my necklace was the only sound save for birds and the occasional moan of the wind through alleyways and broken windows. This place was foreign, of that I had no more doubts and deserted!

The shadows became too cold and soon I was boldly walking straight along the sunny side of those dirt-road streets. And yet I came across nothing more than more rows of industrial and abandoned dwellings. It was in one of those empty industrial centres I found the only piece of wearable clothing in a rusting changing room. The single white bra looked as if it was rusting and offered up to my own breasts seemed a good fit.

I really was a boy with woman’s tits after all! The lockers had all been crudely forced and were empty of anything I could use in my current dire situation, but the old vibrator made me smile in the most dire of circumstances!

I crossed the skybridge worriedly avoiding the many holes where that dirty street looked far down and awfully hard. I was wondering if I should go back for that bra, it would make my chest warmer I kidded myself.

Truth was I had discovered something about myself something suspected and because of my kidnapping, now confirmed. It was confirmed even more when I realised I was only looking in the women’s changing rooms and toilets for clothing; I wanted dresses not male attire?

Then to my utter amazement and some very wrong glee I saw a pink locker at the end of the women’s changing room as the sun began to dip, my brain failed to register the newness of this freshly painted locker as I turned its forgotten key! A right-minded individual would have smelt a rat here but I was hardly in a right-minded frame of mind!

My bin bag dress lay torn on the floor with my warm bra as I fitted the new black lace one with a smile, even if it was a little emptier than the other smaller one. Stockings followed and those red ladies’ court shoes, shiny red leather and heels, low by sexy standards but fine for a stimulated boy! No suspender belt left me disappointed until I held that satin corset in my arms!

The fitting instructions had an English section and good drawings to follow as I moaned and groaned pulling those laces behind my back unseen. I breathed in as my waist was pulled in tight and my chest swelled upwards filling that bras sheer lace cups with my new breasts! I fished out the “Man of Steel’s” cock ring from my deep cleavage and attached the fitted suspenders and lastly those black lace and gold trimmed panties were pulled on and tented by my hard erection!

I washed my face and arms with the hygienic face cloths, foreign but the pictures were fairly easy to follow. I tied my hair back and followed those drawings in the makeup box starting with foundation, then eye shadow, mascara and finally red lipstick and a glittery lip-gloss to finish. I used the clips and things to tidy back my long 70’s hair and looked at the woman in the mirror. Oh my God she looked sexy! Like those women in dad’s porno magazines, but more like that woman with a penis I saw in Mum’s underwear drawer, in one of her “Tranny” mags!

Was I a ‘tranny’ maybe? The red glitter dress fitted by wrapping it around, much like Mum’s party dress when she went out without Dad! I felt gorgeous. Mere minutes ago I was a scared bin bagged sissy boy, now I was a tall glittering babe, a glamour model but had my situation really changed? I smiled sexily at the woman in the tall dusty mirror-tiled wall.

Sure I realised I may have gone a little nuts but whatever happens I knew this moment was for me, my own satisfaction, what would follow I had not a clue. I was a boy, no a sissy boy, possibly a tranny in a foreign land at the mercy of whomever supplied my new attire. Was it Mr Man of Steel?

A flash made me jump! “Be like that’s… Yeah babes smile we taken pix you be sexy yes?” The hooded photographer had two huge burly minders who were not masked just wearing mirror glasses to hide their eyes. “Play with ball yes?” I nodded unsure but I figured ‘playing ball ‘ was better than playing the ball to those two huge fuckers! Besides posing dressed so sexily was not exactly without some enjoyment! “Waiting, wait! Not be wanting hardness in photo, soften pleases!” Like I could control that part of me!

“Now you suck black cocks, I picture you at him, yeah?” I could hardly refuse those big mean looking bastards as that black man strolled in, hooded and hugely erect! I did as my fairly coherent English-speaking photographer said and choked as he tried to go deep into my throat. They gave me something with some sort of clear liquor and I found it possible to take him balls deep into my throat!

Of course the arse fucking was deep and amazing; amazing in that not only could I swallow that thing with help but also I could take that fat length balls deep in my arse without any help! Well, maybe a little lube, but Wow! He fucked me hard and with the most powerful, rhythmic thrusts along to a Reggie beat he was humming as I howled in ecstasy but the cruellest of blows followed such an amazing and life changing event…

The photographer was gone, along with his goons and that magnificent black fucker of my body, they had walked away as I lay sated and too exhausted to move. Half asleep I watched them leave me alone in the dark empty room.

The dimmest of light from the setting Sun enabled me to see the pathetic made up whore pick her fallen dress off the floor and attempt to re-glamorise herself. Those panties were pulled up damp legs, wet from my dripping anus, sore after such a long deep anal probing! I was alone, cold, wet and now it was getting dark…

Winter came hard with a deep snow followed by a very cold misty gloom as I wandered among those empty buildings. I had no clue where in the world I was if indeed I was still in that world of mine? I had survived for three months and the sparkle had long since faded from my hooker dress and those shoes were heelless and holed now along with my threadbare corset!

Looking down to the dirty greasy cleavage between my bigger breasts I fished out that warm ring and wondered about my kidnappers fate. I had not seen or heard a sole since that day so many days ago when I was the star of my first and only porno photo shoot!

I had found a lodge, a Swiss lodge that defiantly wasn’t in the Alps or even Switzerland, let alone on a hill! But it had two weather-tight rooms and one with a huge log fire, which was blazing thanks to the piles of old rotting wood outside. I looked up as that strange whistling siren played out by that old abandoned Cold War bunker entrance

A two-mile trek made easier thanks to Nordic skis I had found along with boots and an animal pelt, bear or something that I fashioned into a crude coat, also found at that place. I arrived breathing hard it was a cold night but seemed too bright, like I was way up North? Again there was that ration pack of meds and food, some fresh, most tinned or dry. Someone was keeping me out in this abandoned town or city, alone but sort of cared for!

The ‘fun pack’ was always yellow and had a balloon in it and some frivolous gifts, but this time I found a shiny chrome vibrator with batteries aplenty, a big thick brown realistic dildo, a good ten-incher with realistic balls, some foreign porno mags and a tranny mag with me on the cover!

The me that day in the red dress adorned the double page cover, front and back! I was staring into the greedy eyes of the reader as that black cock, obviously deep in my throat, had it balls under my smooth saliva-coated and dripping chin! It was a thirty-two page full-colour special with a fold out poster inside and no attempt had been made to cover my face or obvious pleasure!

That photo shoot was repeated at least five more times before I realised the spring was starting to remove the snow from my town, my lonely town… my prison! But other things had changed to over the many months I had lived this weird existence.

It started when an army unit moved into the town for training or something. Neither Russian nor German but somewhere in that area these young men had quickly captured me. Captured not rescued, the drink flowed freely as their drunken sissy whore serviced all those young hard cocks night after night.

A single phrase delivered in drunken and very heavily accented Euro-English stuck in my mind after those heady nights ended. “Titty it has to be fuck no? Big pussy needing guy milk… Fill bags of flesh she bend much… like sow!” They left me alone, a used whore; sore but sated and still dripping they’re cum from her gaping anus as those big green trucks disappeared into the morning mist, never to return.

It was strangely convenient that before their visit a package containing new lingerie and this fine red corset providing support for my ever-expanding chest was delivered along with extra rations, including sweets and chocolate. No doubt to trap young soldier’s dick! But iI was the honey trap!

My days of solitary existence ended one morning when a Russian woman in furs and too much makeup smiled with thick red lips as I was turned around by her minders and bent over. Her English was not unexpectedly good. “They say you have a well developed boy pussy and I can say I’m impressed. Yes, yes most impressed!” I was turned to a profile in yellow stockings and corset sans the fur coat I usually wore to keep the chill out.

The woman laid her white leather gloves on my very ample cleavage and poked and kneaded the soft flesh of my boy boobs. “These are huge, bigger than he said. Soft natural woman’s breasts on such a pretty boy I’m in love!” She laughed and I sort of smiled. Where was this going?

The man smiled broadly, he had paid his hard-earned money for the opportunity to meet Madam’s new ‘gurl’ before she is put to work in her exclusive new brothel. “Tits big and proud, a smooth cuddly body, a huge soft peach of a bottom, an alluring smile on soft lips, long auburn hair to pull on as your mount her padded rear. Oh yes sir, this is my new treasure!” Madam winked at the thin but powerful man as he handed over many notes. “I have it on good authority she can swallow ten and bed eleven plus between soft buttocks, to the balls deep as you gentlemen say!”

The man looked at my smiling photo in his hands and chuckled. “Come far this boy after I first taste.” Madam stared wide-eyed at the man. “So is fate you meet her as girl after you took cherry of boy?”

The new ‘gurl’ was clean, perfumed and totally naked on that satin bed as ordered when the naked man walked in with a determined stride. “Closing mouth or I fucks there firsts?” I stared first at his missing tooth grin, there was a gold one there now and then my eyes found that massive penis below his “MAN OF STEEL” tattoo.

He was my kidnapper and rapist and now my first customer! But his penis looked far less intimidating now that I possessed the skills and equipment to sate any rough-looking man!

“A tooth for cherry, trade fair yes?” I nodded his balls in my mouth as I slowly wanked his loose foreskin. “Now you gorgeous as girl, big tits to lure many mens to heaven.” Again I nodded as his sperm erupting penis soaked my moving hand.

I closed my lips over the wet spurting head and drank down my kidnapper’s semen, loudly slurping as he moaned f o r c i n g my head down.. I didn’t raise my head again until I had brought a new hardness to his, now pierced penis and released it as my saliva hung to his silver ring.

This time as he buried the ring inside me he cupped my tits with a reverent touch, he lifted me back as his pelvis delivered a series of lightning hammer thrust followed by long, deep and slow thrusts as he ground against my soft arse.

At some point, while we were busy, Madam came in and sat in the stained chair I had been sitting in earlier to suck my deep fucker’s cock!

"I think you will be the star of my harem Miss Peach Blossom... Yes you make me rich I think and treated like a princess you will be leading a rich life too!"

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