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The Reluctant Bride. A Porn Thriller?

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By chubbs42dd [Ignore] at 04,Apr,18 05:27   Pageviews: 38

The Reluctant Bride?

The man kept shoving me towards the old derelict house, the one where the murders took place or so the school rumour went! I wanted to run but he was quicker. “Com’on little pissy panties!” The fine drizzle made me shiver in just my school uniform as that man held my coat over his shaggy head.

I had pissed my pants and would have shit myself too if I hadn’t had that unusual big dump at school, the reason I missed my train and took a new route to the bus stop for the first time.

That’s when that man, the one on the telly, the one the programme said was dangerous, that’s when he dragged me into that long dark ally off the high street!

Of course I slipped his grip and ran, but he was quick and the punch left me bent over gasping and he said I could have more or be more cooperative! That’s when I pissed myself as he smiled rather disturbingly like in those cheesy horror films on the box.

He sniffed me as my hackles rose and said I smelt delightful now! The telly said he was dangerous, escaped from a nutter’s prison and I began to see what danger I was really in as he threw me into that vans side door...

Removing my hood as ordered I saw the house had a boarded cellar door, which he easily removed as if he had boarded it! “Don’t run off in here my fiancé, there are holes and deep drops everywhere and if I’m upset I might forget to call for an ambulance if you...” He sighed. “I’d rather fun than pain... You my petit Cherie?” I nodded my throat too tight to speak.

“That’s it Cherie now slowly up those stairs.” The odd way his hand seemed to push my bottom and finger my crotch made me gasp. It was not violent just very strange and a little pleasent!

“The marital bed my sweet Cherie. I leave it to you to dress up for our first passionate entanglement. Who knows what I may do if I am in such a fine fettle? Maybe let a little princess go?” He made a sad face, a very bad actor’s version. “The other little princess she bite, she bit something she should not and I had to let her go... so deep. She went thud not splat! I thought that odd.”

I realised to my horror the last one he took was probably killed here for not pleasing this sicko! “Oh she did not dress nice either and I gave her so much time, not even red lips.” He closed the broken door with a grunt.

“Don’t be a silly Cherie and upset your groom. Marriage isn’t a picnic mo petit Cherie!” His mouth left the broken fist-sized hole in the door and I looked about and found no escape. I was just a c h i l d really but odd enough to know he would use his penis on me, make me taste it even! I shivered at that thought. My thoughts turned to survival and in that I was somewhat lucky and of all things, actually somewhat qualified!

I wore my s i s t e r’s and mother’s dirty underwear from the bathrooms laundry basket, sniffing and playing dressed like S i s in stockings, her skirts, dresses and all! I was a little sissy fag and had even used mummy’s gold vibrator a few times when the house was quiet, even though its huge size made my bum sore after!

I saw the broken chest of drawers and I found lots of frilly women’s under things. I wanted them all, I was so excited by that discovery that my abductor’s voice made me jump! “Five minutes mon Cherie!” I remembered I was his captive...

I found a suspender belt, stockings, frilly panties and a bra and chemise all in white, or close to it and changed into them. It was like a dream but usually in my fantasies I do not open a cupboard to find a wedding dress near my size and three pairs of new white stiletto heels!

The man returned and judging by his expression, well I had gone that extra mile with the red lipstick too; I had fulfilled his carnal desire to the max! Then, as expected and so very secretly fantasised, he fucked my arse on that mouldy yellow bed, the bed springs creaking loudly like in those comedy movies on the TV!

He was a size match for mum’s vibrator but still he stretched me and I cried and moaned, mostly from the fear that if I didn’t... Well I was actually really moaning as he moved inside me! I was dressed as a bride and fulfilling my husband’s needs, a sissy’s deepest fantasy and I was still just a teenager! He repeated his bum fucking three more times before he tied me to the bed as my bottom dribbled bum-jelly and jizz!

During a wet and wild night the rooms open wall allowed the lightning to make my room like a horror story scene and being tied to the bed was not so comforting, but the rattling widowed was still glazed much to my relief!
Even with my wrists tied the wet-bottomed bride managed to wrap herself in that mouldy yellow duvet, luxuriating it its iffy smelling comfort and warmth!

In the morning he made his bride suck his penis and smile sweetly as his jiz covered her face and lips. I licked my red lipstick coated lips and leaned forward to clean his knob head, surprising my abductor as I played at being the compliant, dutiful bride! Truth be told I wasn’t playing, I was living a fantasy for I knew this one would have a less than Disney ending, but I wanted to enjoy it as long as I could!

By the third day still locked in this room I was beginning to worry. My ‘hubby’ had only fed me his sperm, in my arse and down my throat, nothing else bar some lube in my stretched bottom and water! There was no freedom on the end of this marriage game and I feared this would be my last days in this house and world!
By the fifth day I collapsed as we climaxed together on that worn bedding and awoke to find fish and chips on the chair by the bed! The still warm food along with a bottle of cola fuelled my tired body but I needed the toilet before lovemaking.

“Be careful of the collapsed floor!” He warned as I walked to the toilet in my white stilettos trying to walk sexily. His wolf whistle made my heart skip a beat, through fear or pleasure I’m still not sure. Maybe it was the steep three-story drop beside me!

My arse evacuated itself with a splutter of lube, bum-jelly , shit and spunk! Of course the toilet was dry and already full of shit buzzing with flies! But I still pulled the chain and jumped back as the rusty brown water poured on the floor!

I heard a sound as it poured below and, on my stocking knees I peered through the floor, holding my veil clear to see clearly. I stifled a cry as I saw movement below. It was a young boy like me dressed as a bride but he was dragging a dark stained leg, his stocking wet and shiny looking!

“Mon Cherie I’m waiting!” The boys face turned up and I saw the terror there as he slid back into the shadows. Had he fallen there? Been pushed or thrown? Leaning over the other hole I saw deeper to the basement maybe as something pale and dress like floated into view. I craned my neck and saw another just dipping into the murky water, the decomposing body of a small c h i l d-sized bride!

I could play no longer. I knew this man had killed and abducted kids who were never found, escaped from his metal asylum and had continued his devilry. So why was I still breathing? After a long night’s session I asked him straight, feeling reckless as I cleaned his warm penis with my tongue and smeared lipstick lips.

“Mon petit Cherie I have found my bride after such long searches, why would I want to change such an angel?” I carried on with our married charade for a week more all the time knowing that boy below was suffering, maybe even dead already as I played wifey with my hubby!

But if he’s dead why do I need to stop my survival game? But that bride in that cracked mirror looked a little too like the husband she was bedding night and day as she fixed her glossy red lips! Was I becoming so uncaring, so like him?

After a glorious morning of hard rampant sex with coffee and donuts I walked arm in arm with my doting husband to admire the sunshine across those abandoned buildings as I brushed sugar from my lips before he leant down and we kissed like a young couple in love.

I covered my ears as that piercing scream echoed off the walls as my husband hit the floor bellows edge, careering off across that void before dropping lower with a crash of timber and a sickening thud and splash of water!

I sat on the edge crying. I had pushed him, an evil c h i l d molesting murderer, pushed him to his death and I was seriously beginning to think I maybe loved him!

I stood seriously contemplating throwing my self over joining the man I maybe loved, to be together forever, always as... I heard that boy's pitiful cry for help and paused conflicted.

It saved a foolish boy’s life! I threw my vale back and climbed down to the boy in my stocking feet. he smiled as I bent to look at his wounds. "I thought you was going to jump." I nodded wiping my tears. "I was!"

I cleaned the boy’s leg and pulled on the fresher stockings I had found in the chest of drawers near his bedding before I realised how absurd that was! “Did you love him?” I turned away to hide my guilty tears.

“I heard you together, you never screamed for him to stop like we did, never cried he was hurting us?” I turned back with shameful tears to add to my already broken heart. “Yes.” I sobbed in this boy’s arms as he stroked my hair.

Together we pulled two decaying brides from the water and placed another four more beside the dead man’s cloth covered body. “How did, why did I love a monster?” The other boy a German who spoke good English shrugged. “Maybe you a sissy like you say, like men to fuck with you in loving way. Maybe he is loving you?” Stupidly I cried again as the boy hugged me.

“What you say, fucking me!” The boy held the phone with a shaking hand, it was working and the dial had the old hotels address in German? “Not German.” The boy said as he called the operator and then the police. But it took some time to be understood and it was several hours before the police helicopter appeared overhead and dropped down an officer.

The two brides led the surprised man to the lower basement, to the bodies of the missing c h i l d r e n and the open yellow duvet with no body in it! Then it was a police and media circus as the manhunt began...

My interrogation was long and in depth and they finally broke me as I admitted to loving my captor. "If indeed he was your captor?" Those two elderly women psychiatrists nearly had me pegged as a willing accomplice before that German boy rose to my defense!

I stayed with the relieved German boy’s parents for a week before returning home alone to very muted parents and an absent s i s t e r. “She’s...” Again that awkward stare and silence. “She’s staying with a friend.” For three months this ‘staying with a friend’ charade went on along with the awkward stares and strange silences.

“It says he loved that man, that vile thing, he destroyed our baby boy, took him from us!” I watched her crying on the sofa and quietly sneaked back upstairs, passed my s i s t e r’s empty room and into the ‘dead’ or was that ‘missing’ boys room to cry!

Four more months later it was Christmas time. I still had not returned to school and I was still dead or missing as far as my parents believed; dead to them anyway!

I unwrapped my one Christmas present, smiled at the dead fish eyed parents of that dead or missing boy and went upstairs to sob into my pillow! The Christmas table laid for three looked amazing and my spirits were lifted, I sat on the stair smiling. Even if S i s wasn’t here it would be...

Mother was sniffing as she took away the third setting. “Mary said she’s busy and can’t come this year, oh that girl” I saw my father comfort her as I prepared to scream. “What about me, your son!” But I bit my lip hard and went back to my room hungry. I was dead to those unfeeling fuckers, that ‘monster’ had treated my better in the end!

I looked into my bedroom mirror wearing my s i s t e r's bra, panties and white 'fuck me' wraparound dress. "You should have followed him dumb bitch!"

Clauss’s note was a cheerful as it was heart rending! “I am so spoilt by them all! The tree was balanced on the piles of presents and if they say they love me once more I may scream! “ I smiled reading the bottom of the third page. “So glad you are in the same boat and suffering such kindness, back at school two. We were two lucky brides to survive such a monstrous adventure! “ I read in my gloomy room, the present on my bed still half wrapped. “P.S. I may have developed a little crush too, wink wink. Clauss xxx.”

“I’m so glad to...” I squeezed the phone boxes big handset tightly. “I lied Clauss, I lied in all those letters! I... They...” I told him straight during that long cold conversation as I fed the call charges in. “I will find a way to get you here my family would welcome you we are not judgmental, I know two what they call gay couples in our ranks. So be patient my saviour, my friend.”

“Phone call, some man.” I took the phone from my disinterested mother. A strange man rings for her fifteen year old son, a recently kidnapped boy and nothing, not even a raised eyebrow! “Hello mon petit Cherie!” I drop the phone falling on the floor in shock! I get up badly shaken and hold the handset to my ear. Tears fall as my cry went unheard or more likely uncared for!

“I shock you, yes? Well touché Cherie. Did you push me my petit fleur?” I squeezed the handset closer keeping my voice low. “Yes to save the boy.” His voice was comforting and I began to cry and say the things I had bottled up since my return.

“I am shocked that the bride I shared a bed with is so unloved by her kinfolk, can they not see your charms?” I put the phone down and run upstairs sobbing and was as expected left alone.

Clauss phoned me and we spoke for a long time on the house phone, mum and dad were out shopping, they didn’t even bother telling me this time, was I totally gone to them now? I could speak freely and I didn’t hold back! There were so many hurdles needed to get me over there for anything other than a holiday and of course my parents agreement!

I lay on my bed with my mother’s vibrator in my arse buzzing away as I lay in mums wedding dress, in her bridal lingerie as I wanked hard, I was angry and frustrated and heartsick for a sick fuck who I now knew I loved! I left the dress on their bed wet with my jizz, wiping my wet arse and cock with her panties and stockings before dropping them on their rug.

At dinner I ate my food and dropped my finished plate in the Belfast sink my mother had recently fitted. It bounced and clattered with the knife and fork, breaking as it settled, and still they said nothing! Or about my mother’s wedding dress I ruined! Fuming I went straight to bed!

The next day I got home late and spread my new purchases on my bed unmade bed. I white wedding dress and matching underwear all in my size from the new transvestite dressing shop in town.

They were dubious saying I was too young to be twenty-one but my big tip helped as did my offer of a little modelling for a client there, who busily took Polaroid’s as I posed in those very expensive heels! They now sat on my bed too! They had let their rich client fuck me in that dress in their own changing room!

The night was dark and moonless and to add some extra mystery, tendrils of fog snaked around hill and house as the bride walked out the front door of number fourteen, her tall heeled stilettos clicking on the damp pavement as she walked briskly away into the fog. Her suitcase held only the things and memories she cherished which were much less than she ever could have imagined!

On the small hill overlooking her street, the bride sat beside a smoking man and took a drag of the cigarette between her red glossy lips. “Can’t believe you’d show up in that shop and then fuck me there!” That shop’s rich client laughed. “Anything for my mon petit Cherie!” He pinched the bride’s bottom as I yelped! “I use a walking stick thanks to my testy bride, I may spank you with it you naughty minx!”

His smiling face lit up as number fourteen blew into numbers, twelve and fifteen; the gas mixture reaching the perfect explosive point! “You do have the wild temper my Cherie and watching you house and parents burn as you take my seed into you is so wild!” He groaned thrusting up into me as I rode that penis facing my burning house down below with a hatred festered since my return!

A tremendous orgasm made me shudder as I screamed out into the hazy dark night! “Getting off on murder you are my minx, my avenging Cherie!” I released his long penis from my throat having cleaned it as his tongue finished up in my wet pussy. I turned around and our wet lips met and her tongues exchanged flavours of unbridled desire as
we snogged on the damp hill, the sirens sounding below.

I returned to Germany with my husband, keeping him from dangerous straying by satisfying his every sexual desire! I was a sex slave, a pet but I was happy being in that role. I even met with Clauss there and renewed our friendship as he fucked me everyday, the entire week my husband was away on his business!

Later Clauss moved in with us and I now have two husbands who share their marital duties nightly! As for me I am deliriously happy, but my s i s t e r won't speak to me after accusing me of her parents murder!

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