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Pool Day Revelation.

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By chubbs42dd [Ignore] at 04,Apr,18 05:34   Pageviews: 79

I was the last boy to change in the local pool and for my troubles the fat k i d got to see something really tantalising. I didn’t know the meaning of that word until this moment! I was astonished and more than a little captivated by that huge adult penis hanging out from that man’s towel!

I watched slowly drying myself and rubbing my crotch a little too much as I licked my lips imagining what I wanted to do to that thing and... For that I was without knowledge but I seemed to like the idea of being ‘done up the bum’ as they teased in school. “With your tits and girl’s bum they’d ‘ave you chubby tits!” Funny thing was I was feeling ready to let him have me as I watched that cock shaking as his body shook with his drying movements...

I stared barely breathing as I watched that big adult cock bounce. I wondered what that lovely head tasted like. Was it was hot and rough, slimy and cold or...? I just stared as my lips went dry.

I became aware he had stopped moving and I looked up to see him looking across the changing room to where I sat opposite the shower cubical! I gasped my throat drier than before as the man winked at me! I looked down and noticed my own tiny hard prick pointing up accusingly!

I looked back and saw that wide smile as he pulled back that green towel as if to say it was okay for me to feast on his thick long adult man cock!

His face seemed to become vacant as he slowly opened his towel letting me see more. I was going to remember this day every time I wank reading mum’s fashion catalogues underwear section, but his image will fuel my dirtiest wet dreams no doubt about that!

He was undoubtedly giving me a show and it was making my brain feel very strange. My hands shook as I imagined him asking me over to touch it and... In the opposite mirrored wall I saw my reflection. A fat pudding of a b o y with a Buddha belly and huge fat tits and the reddest face I had ever seen! Tears filled my eyes as I saw that embarrassing lump of a human. What would that Adonis want with a lard arse?

He walked closer his towel open as I watched that thick penis sway from side to side in an erotic, hypnotic dance, his balls making shy appearances peeking out behind that thick trunk!

The towel enclosed me as my world turned dark and the only warmth came from that penis inches from my lips. My lips parted and I moved forward and tasted that thick head, it went in deeper than I imagined it would before I choked and pulled back, but his firm hands forced my back into him! I struggled as he held me hard into his wet groin as I choked on that deep invading penis!

I thought he was trying to kill me but, eventually he relented and I pulled back gasping under that towel!

“Now we can talk about your future.” His first spoken words surprised the youth under his towel as he was forced to swallow deeper and deeper, those strong hands on the back of his head f o r c i n g him down into damp pubic hair! “Your mouth is my fanny, vagina, vag, slit, pussy… Feel my balls under your double chins as I fuck that red bloated face my mouth whore!” I wasn’t struggling anymore I was too tired and that thick cock sliding in my opened throat was too much to take, my brain was too fried to think clearly!

That torment as his mouth-whore became an agony, or ecstasy I was too young in years to know which; I just endured his attentions. Head tilted back still under that suffocating damp towel felt every inch of that hot throbbing stiff penis moving in my open throat, my mouth slack and gaping. I breathed erratically through my snot-frothing nose as continued without respite, his hands still firmly on my head, driving me back and forth…

At last he stalled and I felt a hot discharge as the towel-man groaned loudly his hands releasing me as he pulled back and I got a shot of his spunk in my face as his penis pulled out with a long mucus trail dropping and clinging to my naked body. I coughed up his spunk and my phlegm and instinctively licked his cock clean before the towel was removed and I saw the light again!

We went into the shower to clean off and there he taught me two things. One; how to give myself an enema and why it was needed and two; how to bend over and take a man’s deep anal love ...

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