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By chubbs42dd [Ignore] at 04,Apr,18 05:38   Pageviews: 75

It Started with those PiNK PaNTiES!

I stared at those pink knickers, I stared intently at the shape of that adult penis inside them and for some reason licked my sudden dry lips and swallowed painfully. He returned my stare with a neutral calm gaze, his big hairless belly slowly moving in and out as he breathed. Nothing was said in that moment as time slowed to a crawl.

I ran, pushing my bike as I fled down the street, forgetting even to ride it until I was safely behind my latched bedroom door!

I sat on my bed breathing hard, the image of that pink pantied penis burned forever into my young innocent eyes. My first adult penis looked so big compared to the other boys at school in the gym showers and I lay back on my bed with glazed eyes as my hand strayed into my shorts and found hardness there. It was the first time I had wanked, the boys at school talked and joked about doing it and now I was! my breathing was ragged and I moaned more often and louder than I should have as spunk spurted straight up, landing back down on my heaving belly as I cried out! It was okay for a teenage boy to wank wasn’t it, but it was those bulging pink panties that fuelled my adolescent ardour!

I passed that house twice a day as I cycled to school. “Hey boy you dropped something!” I turned and saw that man slip something into my saddlebag. I muttered something and snatched it away and finished my journey home. “Rude boys at that age.” The man nodded to his elderly neighbour. “Yes Mary they are.” His eyes twinkled as he watched the boy cycling away.

I took the small envelope from my saddlebag and rushed upstairs and locked my bedroom door before turning it over with a trembling hand. “To my sweet boy.” I dropped the envelope with a startled cry and got a tap from my s i s t e r’s room. “Keep yer wanking quiet some of us got homework!” Her voice filtered by the thin wall turned my face red as I hid that envelope!

It was a big photo, four inches by four and I gasped, quietly this time as my hand rubbed my bulging pants. I wanted to feel that bulge in those strange see-through pants, to cup it in my hand as... there was no more but I knew I was excited by that image and to the naked hairless man who wore those things.

The instant photo had a white backing stuck to the usually black backing.

“My sweet boy can you imagine the feel of that softness as you touch and stroke that stretched material? The manly sweetness as your pretty face nuzzles against me? Your mouth exploring as we both sigh and you kiss me right there… it is just my sweet fantasy… but is it just mine?“

I wiped my wet slimy cock with a tissue and looked again at that photo suddenly aware of my spunky wet finger in my mouth as I sucked on it. I liked it? I had my first wet dream that night and woke with spunked pj’s and a shitty finger up my arse hole! I carefully hid that photo before I went to school.

I accidentally left before the last lesson, that dream had messed me up and I didn’t realise until I was freewheeling down the long hill from school and I was too embarrassed to head back! I was also reluctant to head home too early lacking a credible excuse for bunking school! Wandering around I found myself outside of that man’s front gate wondering if I had the balls to ring his doorbell or just turn up by his back garden where I had first seen those pink panties!

I was back on the public footpath that ran beside his garden walking slowly towards the wall of his house. I climbed the overgrown stile with my bike still trying for stealth but ended up failing miserably!

“Hello my sweet boy.” That man appeared and leant against his wall as I let my bike fall from my hands, stunned by so much naked flesh and my first sight of a adult man’s hard cock!

His smooth hairless body glowed in the sun as his exposed knob head glistened and I stood rigid staring. His body was like mine only much larger, did he have problems having tits like mine? I felt my own larger bumps under my baggy shirt as I watched his huge belly push in and out as he breathed steadily. That huge fat penis stood straight out, a hard pole with a deep pinkish head that made my stomach churn uncomfortably as I shivered. “It’s easier if you just kiss it sweet boy.” He pointed to the folded towel at his feet. I remembered what s i s had told me in one of her naughty moments whispering in my room. “ I guess it’s up to your slightly elder s i s t e r to teach you how to be the perfect lil sissy. If he wants a good blow don’t forget to remove your top first... a spunky bra is easier to wash than a blouse... or shirt fag boy!” I shook my head. ‘fag boy’ just cause I looked through that queer mag she had! “Kneel down here and enjoy, there’s nothing wrong if we’re both consenting is there?” I starred at his chubby grandpa face and saw kind eyes and I tilted my head as I pulled my shirt over my head and threw it to join my blazer over my fallen bike. I was going to do a ‘blow job’.

My first kiss my s i s t e r had taken when she had made me touch my lips to her ‘pussy’ last Christmas. She got into trouble for pinching the parent’s booze! But it wasn’t her arse that Mum’s expensive vibrator had been up! Did she make me queer? Now as I slobbered and licked like a total amateur at this strange man’s warm hard penis I wondered where I was going. I gagged and coughed a few times but that man smiled down at me as I looked up offering encouraging words as he motioned me back onto him. I lost sense of my surroundings, as that cock in my mouth became the centre of my tiny universe and with his help I buried my red face into the soft flesh of his crotch. “Well done amazing boy, Mr Penis is getting so excited!” I briefly paused as saliva dribbled onto my naked chest and belly; ‘Mr Penis’ just what was I doing during school time?

He started to move his hips and soon my head, which he now held against him bounced into his abdomen and he groaned as I gagged and gargled! “Gah... Gah... Gah... Gah... Gah... Gah... Gah... Gah... Gah... Gah... Cough sputter Gah... Gah... Gah... Gah...” Was he fucking my face? I could feel my face burning as he slapped into me again and again as his hands gripped my long hair in makeshift pigtails painfully as my own were on my thighs as I knelt in supplication at the alter of his cock! “Yeah, yeah! Dirty fucking cunt slut bitch whore!” His language got dirtier as he intensified this face-fucking and damn near suffocated me holding my face into him as something warm trickled down the back of my throat!

Back home that evening I lay on my bed listening to the groans of my older s i s t e r as she played with her too noisy vibrator! I smirked at the thin wall separating us. “ I let a man fuck my mouth like it was your fanny and he spunked me up... My belly is full of his sperm swimming in there!” Her groaning intensified as my hand wanked my firm penis. Of course she never heard my whisper... I did whisper didn’t I?

I heard my name from under the bed so I moved it and listened by the air vent. “ I guessed you for a fag after you pinched my panties again and my vibro smelt of arse you queer!” I gasped; she heard me? The tap on the door answered that! I ducked back under the covers before she came in and sat on the bed beside me. Her hand fell on the damp patch on my tented sheet. “ I guessed right little stiffy!” She patted my penis as I blushed. “ I guess it’s up to your slightly elder s i s t e r to teach you how to be the perfect lil sissy fuck bunny for your new man... Better have these, I don’t wear those pink ones anymore and they’re unwashed but at least let me leave before you sniff them perv!” She handed me a gold vibrator twisting the bottom part as it vibrated. “ It’s yours bro... girlfriend got me a bigger one.” She sniffed at it wrinkling her nose. “ It still smells of your arse you queer so’s you might’as use it to train your arse pussy!”

School was sorted with a note from my mother, I had to say I had a doctor’s appointment I forgot; well I did see an older man and he did give me some oral medication! But I was buzzing from what S i s had taught me, not just that vibrator up my bottom as I cycled rather haphazardly towards that public footpath on a free day off! The school boilers had been left on so the school was an oven and we were freed! Thank you caretaker man! I was so ready to be a good girl she had said as she pushed that vibro in and out after my shower enema, what a strange word and stranger S i s t e r!

“Round the back sweet boy, there’s some jelly on the table for your tight butt-cunt... Butter up and join me on the patio floor!” I left my clothes and vibrator on the kitchen table and slipped some of that banana-scented buttery cream inside me.

I walked slowly and he beckoned me to sit in plane view of that block of flats and the public footpath. I bit my lip as I sat across his lap and sank onto his thick hard cock, all the way, balls-deep as they say! I closed my eyes with a gasp and felt his hot breath on my lips as his tongue parted mine as we kissed.

Last week I was a virgin, hadn’t even wanked much and now I was snogging a married man as his penis pulsed rhythmically in my increasingly wetter boy hole! We kissed and sucked nipples for ages as he fucked my soaking wet slimy arse hole deeper and harder. I squeezed my eyes shut gritting my teeth as I felt a rising scream welling up from my very bowels!

He turned me around and fucked my bouncing arse as I was forced to let the world see my shaming on the end of this man’s penis. I starred shocked and transfixed at the man smoking a cigarette on the footpath as I rose and fell. I was out in the open being watched! I felt a hand leave my shoulder and in the corner of my eye, saw it beckoning towards that stranger! I cried out as he heaved me high and dropped me deep onto his sperm injecting penis, moving slow and deep as I sagged against his warm belly gasping, my mouth as open as my arse hole!

Without a hello or anything the stranger fell down on his naked hairy arse in the marks left by my man’s sweaty bottom, opened his legs, with his jeans and black pants down around his ankles and finished his beer as I was dropped back onto his big cock! It was an order of magnitude bigger and fatter than that smooth man’s and I opened my mouth to scream as that penis fresh from my arse was shoved straight in as I gagged! I was trapped between two men now, my body an extension of their two penis’s, one boring deeper than I imagined into my sore bottom as the other, more familiar fucked my red face again!

It was my S i s t e r that surprised me when I got home. “You stink of cum you little fuck whore!” I blushed red and sort of let that slide; it was a weird relationship I had with her anyway! I ran upstairs and grabbed my dressing gown for a quick shower before dinner. I squirmed a lot on my chair as my bottom felt sort of uncomfortable after that stranger’s giant cock and stretched me in both directions! I garnered quite a few odd looks as I ate and obvious smirks from S i s!

“I bet you’d love a huge spurt up your pud?” I stared at my mother as my face felt hot from my glaring blush! “... cream on your pudding dear!” I nodded feeling so embarrassed I just stared at the bowl as the custard was poured and quickly finished so I could hide in my room!

The phone ran late at 9.30 pm, not unusual in itself but my mother answered it straight from the bathroom as the shower ran without her in it! But the shocker was her lack of clothing; her loose bath towel was draped around her ankles as she whispered into the handset to an unknown caller just loud enough for an inquisitive boy eavesdropping to just about decipher.

“ It’s you!” I edged down the stair a little to hear better. “ ... Poor boy couldn’t sit still at dinner!” I gasped quickly holding my hand over my mouth as my mother paused looking around. “ ... nothing I thought I heard our little fuck bunny about.” I edged down the staircase a little further trying to come to terms with what I was hearing from my mother! “ ... Marcus was there; you let Marcus fuck my virgin boy! He’s too big a boy for my arse Mike!” I began to feel a little sick as my safe world began to crumple around me

Now my father was holding the phone and he was wearing my mother’s underwear, stocking and all! His voice sounded odd as he spoke softly. ... Yes I serve you and Marcus always and my role is to be you vassal; I live to receive your divine seed inside me master!” Fuck! What I was now hearing from my father... he was queer and owned by that man, men who... me? I ran upstairs not caring to be quiet, slammed my door and hid under the blankets.

The new life-size drawing staring at me as I clipped my new black lace suspender belt to my Cuban heeled stockings made me shiver as I remembered that fateful night those six years before. My s i s t e r had been the one, as always to educate her younger sibling to the shocking truth of my shame everyday existence!

Now I smiled at that painting as I adjusted my natural tits in my matching 36C cup bra. “He caught your expression that day.” I turned as my s i s t e r appeared in the white version on my lingerie set in those massive heels to match my height in my black 5-inch heeled stilettos. “I was thinking that he had a fucking big cock!” She nudged me laughing.

We sat on the double bed I now had in my new bedroom. “Your tits bulge a cup size over mine b’atch and so do your panties!” we fooled around laughing and kissing until my father appeared at the door. “Your bookings at seven you two... Come on I gotta drive you.” He was wearing that pink sissy dress that mum made him wear to drive us to the club and judging by his weak knees and long wire running from under the dress skirt, Mother was driving him with her remote butt plug again!

I was a girl now, well a girl packing cock, but a girl never the less; my S i s t e r’s dream made reality with hormones and creams. “You had tits from early on, did you know mum dosed you from a babe?” It was old news now and I was actually grateful for her bad parenting. “S i s I love cum and I love getting it from all those hard cocks... and I love whoring myself out with my beautiful s is t e r!”

I followed big S i s to Dad’s limo smiling at the telltale bulge of her black jewelled butt plug as her lacy rara skirt rode up as she clambered in first! Her small plug was a good deal smaller than the huge custom-made one I wore with a sparkling real diamond. The jeweller’s shop had a big staff and I had satisfied them all, including the six girls!

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