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Why you such a freak ???

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By JoJoSeals [Ignore] at 05,Apr,18 23:30   Pageviews: 138

That's right kids, daddy is a freak !!! I wish I had a dollar for every time I've heard something like that when I was talking about my sexcapades,luckily not from the women I've had sex with, I've had the pleasure of being able to get together with some pretty freaky females which is what I need because ! Yes there is something wrong with me or so I've been told, "You what ? Share your woman !!!" Well,yes I do "But why ?" Well cause I like to watch them have fun and cum like crazy ! "Why are you such a pervert ?" Uuhhh cause its fun here in pervert land ! I honestly don't know when it started, I've been thinking about deviant sex for as long as I can remember, things I shouldn't have been thinking about cause I didn't know anything about it but it was in my head , I knew I wanted to lick a pussy when I was way to young but fuck it needed to be licked , thats all I know.I don't have the time or room here to tell stories so just shoot me a message if you wanna know something, but i wanted to talk about sexual behavior and what is acceptable ? Well I figure if no one loses an eye or anything major ,if it feels good then fucking do it (no I'm not talking about **** shit, there are limits to perversion) just freaky, nasty make your ole lady blush kinda kink ! Its OK if you got a dirty thought, its OK if your partner has a dirty thought or your parents, siblings, friends hell its sex people, interesting sex that fucking feels amazing not just physically but mentally as well, sometimes just the thought of doing something kinky will empower your orgasm !!! So yes I like to share my women and I'll do pretty much anything once, how Ade you gonna know what really gets you going if you don't experiment a little, or a lot !if I'm fucked up then so be it ! I'm gonna have fun and always look for ways to make cumming better for myself and my partner but now listen to me, this kind of shit ain't for everyone so please be respectful of your partner and talk it out, see what they would or wouldn't like to do ,don't ever **** or coorce someone into doing something that they aren't ready for or maybe they just ain't into it, please ,please talk about these things though, communication can make or break a relationship, do it together whatever it may be, sometimes talking about it is just as thrilling as doing it, this site proves that by the chats we have and the orgasms that follow. I think I'll continue to be a freak and if anyone wants to join me in my perversions well, let's go 😎 I would like to hear what you think ! Just let me know thanx

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By 7uncutinchez [Ignore] at 20,Jul,18 05:33
Sex is dirty,nasty and sometimes unsanitary...if your doing it right
By JoJoSeals [Ignore] at 26,Jul,18 00:53
Damn straight 👍

By shlim [Ignore] at 07,Apr,18 08:27
By JoJoSeals [Ignore] at 07,Apr,18 08:35
Absolutely 😎😎😎

By stlskating [Ignore] at 06,Apr,18 12:35
Unfortunately I have never been in a relationship where this was possible, but I really think it is hot to watch. Everyone has a freakish side and like you said if know one is getting hurt and all in agreement then so be it. I wish I could have been more open-minded sexually years ago the thought of what I have missed sexually because I was so close mined. I say whatever your sexual desires or fantasies are should be fulfilled.
By JoJoSeals [Ignore] at 06,Apr,18 12:50
Thank you, you are so right, I was luxky at the age of 17 my 17 year old gf was a freak and she taught me alot, so I've always been able to play. Thank you for reading and you input

By Hotcaramel91 [Ignore] at 06,Apr,18 12:34
hey I say let your freak flag fly.
By JoJoSeals [Ignore] at 06,Apr,18 12:46
Amen ****, have fun !!! Thanx for reading and your comment

By cumonme1 [Ignore] at 06,Apr,18 06:36
I would like to watch my wife have sex with others while I watch or her watch me .
By JoJoSeals [Ignore] at 06,Apr,18 06:40
Yes !!! Its a very horny thought isn't it ? Id say that there are alot of people that feel the same but are ashamed to admit it, I'm not saying its right or healthy but it makes me horny . thanx for reading and your comment.

By #482237 [Ignore] at 06,Apr,18 06:03
Sharing your partner is kinky? Fuck,,,,,I'm kinky,
By JoJoSeals [Ignore] at 06,Apr,18 06:13
I know baby me too ,and I luv it

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