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Craigslist First Time.

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By DonVoltonus [Ignore] at 07,Apr,18 17:09   Pageviews: 106

So, I met this guy on Craigslist. When we met up, he told me not to wear underwear; I didn't. He dropped his pants as I dropped to my knees, revealing that he was wrapped and ready to go. I did a nice little bit of cock smoking to start, sucking on that thick, dark girth and rubbing those nice heavy balls. Taking him all the way did have me gagging a little, but we both enjoyed him humping my face until I was coughing. After that he pulled back an offered only two words, "Bend Over".

I obeyed, walking over to the shower. The showers here have a fold down bench and I bent over it, cushiond only by his clothes piled there, smelling of smoke, but it just made the whole thing feel more raw. I felt him come up behind me, and I heard him squirting lube in his hand, fingers rubbing on his cock before rubbing more over my tight pucker. He prodded at my tight pucker, having me adjust my stance until I was bent about 90 degrees over the bench. It's been awhile since I've taken anything, so when the head popped in I gasped in pain and had to ask him to give me a breather. He was a nice guy, so he did, using the break to hot-dog my "Phat booty" and give it a couple nice spanks.
After a moment I was ready for him, so he held my hips and pushed in nice and slow, spreading me open with that handsome ebony cock. I'm sure I felt the head rub my p-spot as he slowly started thrusting into me.

I couldn't help some little moans slipping out once he got going, mixed with begging him for more. He gave it to me for a bit before deciding to change position, having me stand and put one leg up on the bench. From there he started pumping up into me nice and hard, grunting and telling me just how nice I felt while I milked my ass on his dick best I could. After a bit he had me put my foot back to the floor, and he started speeding up. I felt his hand press my back and I bent all the way over, facedown in his wrinkled clothes, ass up high. His hips began slapping my ass hard enough for me to hear, while I was doing my best to give that thick dick a good massage with my tight hole. I had one arm laid across the piled clothing, my head resting on it. The other, was busy bracing myself against the wall he seemed determined to pound me right through.

I knew when he was going to cum because he grabbed on tight. Not just grabbing my hips tight. Full-on, reaching around, grabbing my inner thighs, pulling me onto his throbbing dick". He kept panting to me how good my "boy pussy" was, right up until he thrust hard and groaned, holding my "juicy ass" against his hips while he rode out his climax. Then he slid out and headed off without much talk, leaving me slumped over and sweaty on the bench, still catching my breath, my stretched hole feeling a bit empty, but satisfied.

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By nolongercurious [Ignore] at 08,Apr,18 16:21
By DonVoltonus [Ignore] at 09,Apr,18 20:01
Well, I did have to after

By up-for-it [Ignore] at 08,Apr,18 06:37
Sounds like a very good fuck!
I would have one like that anytime
By DonVoltonus [Ignore] at 09,Apr,18 20:01
Thanks for the comment!

By onthelose [Ignore] at 08,Apr,18 18:27
As fun as it sounded, it was rude of him to just pull out and leave. Of course if that's what you want . I really don't like it when someone uses me for a cum dump. Far to many lose their manners when they cum.
By DonVoltonus [Ignore] at 09,Apr,18 20:01
I can get where you're coming from, I personally kinda enjoyed being used.

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