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Retiring from relationships ???

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By JoJoSeals [Ignore] at 08,Apr,18 17:02   Pageviews: 105

Relationship ! Fuck that noise, at my age I am to emotionally dismembered to do it anymore I think ? I've survived three serious wars desguised as relationship's and I always thought"we'll get through this and move on, well we moved on just not together so now at this point in my journey I believe that I'm going to just loan myself out as a "tool" for helping other relationship's, I e had a few mmf threesome's and liked them so why not ? Lock up my emotions and be a sexual aid to couples who want to try something new, I'm very sexual, I'll do just about anything to get others off, I'm healthy and I keep my mouth shut.
so as I start my new journey as a sex toy I hope y'all will wish me.luck and give me a shout if you need the 3 for your threesome.

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By nolongercurious [Ignore] at 09,Apr,18 18:33
After 3 divorces it is so much easier to get my sexual jollies with a guy. We know what we want without all the games.
By JoJoSeals [Ignore] at 09,Apr,18 20:10
You are right, just sex and orgasms, no drama !!! Thank you for reading and your input

By jenni_k [Ignore] at 08,Apr,18 20:06
I live a high stress life professionally. Being a sex object to be used is a release. I get it.
By JoJoSeals [Ignore] at 08,Apr,18 20:13
Thank you and yes it is a relaxing and stimulating, thanx for your input

By Hotcaramel91 [Ignore] at 08,Apr,18 19:20
I know what you mean regarding relationships. I've been through two serious relationships already and both didn't go well. the man that I was with seemed sweet at first then he changed and became verbally and emotionally abusive towards me, so after a while I ended things with him because I couldn't deal with it anymore. then my most recent relationship with this beautiful girl turned out not to be what I thought it was either. last year I found out she had been cheating on me throughout our whole relationship, so that went up in flames too. So I'm pretty much right where you are as far as looking for nothing serious. sorry for the long replyjust thought I would share my thoughts regarding relationships.
By JoJoSeals [Ignore] at 08,Apr,18 19:26
Oh no, you're fine, I luv to hear how people feel and I'm sorry for your heartache, I know how much it sucks ,I'm gonna have fun while I can and I hope you do too, thanx for your time and input.

By #482237 [Ignore] at 08,Apr,18 18:51
By JoJoSeals [Ignore] at 08,Apr,18 18:58
Hello Gorgeous

By stlskating [Ignore] at 08,Apr,18 17:22
JoJoSeals-I think that is Hot as fuck, I too was in similar situations. I recently experienced my very first sexual contact with a man. I was so nervous I was literally shaking, I eventually calmed down, but becoming a sex toy sounds like an adventure I someday want to travel down this road.
By JoJoSeals [Ignore] at 08,Apr,18 17:26
Thank you for reading and I'm glad you see the adventure in this decision and I hope you can have some fun as a toy also, happy travels !!!

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